Yupa's Acid Repair Walkthrough
Version 1.0, October 30, 2002

You will need:  1-2 Advanced Stunners
At least 1 cloakable Character that can blind

From Market Square, s, all e, enter train, all s, w, all s, w, all s, all e, 
3w, open door s, s: Manager <aggro, no magic room>, invitation (key)

n, all e, 2w, all n, unlock/open entrance, 2w:  4 agents <aggro, assist, cloak/blindable>

2s:  3 agents

s, w: 2 agents

n:  Cook <blocks>

w, 2s: acid repair man

Yupa's Note: Bring lots of cash. :P
Yupa's Note 2:  Do a regular repair after doing acid; the item's condition is returned to its intial, which in some cases, might be almost on the verge of breaking.

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