From m[] go 1n,5e,1u,9e,3n,2e,2n,1w,2n,1u,4w,4n,7e,2s,3e,3s,3w,3u,4e,6n,4w,
3s,2e,2n,enter pool. From the shores of melnibone go 1w,1n, kill erekose,
1u,1w, kill hawkmoon enter wheel, 1n,1e,1n,1e, unlock and open
irregularblackopening, 2s to gagak, kill gagak, enter pool to agak, kill
agak enter pool back to ship where packet of time is located. Make sure to
have rune_protection when going to gagak and agak because there are several
aggro mobs on the way. Also be sure not to leave items in your inventory
because they may be destroyed by gagak+agaks breath weapons.

From MS..
n; Erekose (irregular black key)
uw;enter wheel;Torments
nene;unlock/open IrregularBlackOpening
enter pool;Agak (glowing sphere)


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