Yupa's Avatar Graveyard Walkthrough
Version 1.0, October 30, 2002

You will need:  3 Advanced Players
Recommended:    A Post Char 1 room before the zone (whole zone is no summon)
         More stunners/druids never hurt.

From Market Square:  s, 4e, 3s, ent ship, 5w, 6s, 2w, s, 2w, 3d, 3s, 3e, 5s, 
                     3e, 3s, e, 2n, open gate, leave post here.

A. Getting In

   1. n: Ghouls <aggro, see cloak, wander>, Skeletons <aggro, see cloak, wander>
a. Wander area, find mob w/ *A stone key & A tiny key*, look for a
           room w/ purple desc, should say: “You notice a strange glow coming
           from one of the Headstones here.”

   2. Unlock/open headstone, d:  Angry Spirit <Aggro, see cloak, scavenge>, 
      *A Coffin Nail*

   3. Unlock/open coffin, d, w, 2d, 3w:  Spirits <aggro, see cloak, wander>

   4. s:  2 Soul Guards <aggro, see cloak, scavenge, assist>

   5. open gate e, e:  Evil Sorter <aggro, see cloak, scavenge, maim, \
      no memory>, Good Sorter <aggro, see cloak, scavenge, maim>
a.  I think these guys block get.  Gotta get em both at the same time.

B. The Fun Part

   1. open light, open flames, d:  Unknown Sorter

   2. open trapdoor, d, 2e, n:  Spirits <aggro, see cloak, wander area>

   3. [s, n, w, s, 2e, n, w, s] {=key to all mazes}, n, w, n, e:  2 Party Guards

   4. open gate, n:  3 Spirits

   5. e:  Beetlejuice <aggro, frost, see cloak, reflect, maim>, *White key card*

B. The Good Part

   1. n (back to sorting room), u, w, u, w, u:  Spirits

   2. s, n, w, s, 2e, n, w, s, n, u:  Spirits

   3. n, u:  2 Angel Guards

   4. open door, n:  3 corpses

   5. open door, n:  Gabriel <aggro, bolt, reflect, maim, see cloak>, *Red key 

   6. unlock/open safe using the White key card from Beetlejuice, d, get all.

C. The Bad Part

   1. u, w (back to sorting room), n, d, w, open grate, d:  Spirits

   2. s, n, w, s, 2e, n, w, s, n, w:  2 Demon Guards

   3. Open Cage, d:  2 Dark Creatures <aggro, scavenge, see cloak>, 
      A tortured woman <not aggro, sacs!>
a. Fun part.  Take out the 2 Dark Creatures, since they're aggro.  
           Don't die, tortured woman sacs!

   4. Open onyx, n:  The Great Imp <aggro, frost, reflect, maim, see cloak>,  
      *Blue key card*

   5. Unlock/open safe using the red key card from Gabriel, d, get all.  

D. Back to the Fun Stuff

   1. u, e, 2d, 3e, n, s, n, w, s, 2e, n, w, s, n, w, n, e, n, e, unlock/open 
      safe using the blue key card from The Great Imp, d, get all. 

EQ Rooms

White: The All-Seeing Eye (AC 10, HR 1/HP 35 Eye)
        The Ring of Wizardry (AC 14, HR 6/Mana 100 Ring)
        The Shield of -->>>(((GOD)))<<<---  (AC 20, HR 5/Mana 100 Shield)

Red:   A Suit of Demon Armor (AC 15, 6/6 Body)
Unholy Demon’s Scratches (AC 10, 2/2 Rune)
Demon’s Feet (AC 14, 5/6 foot)
Black Scimitar (11D6, 6/6 3-Attack Slash Auto-Hit Weapon)

Blue: A Grinning Skull Tattoo (ac 12, 1/3 Tattoo)
Tree of Life (AC 10, DR 3/Speed 1 Brand)
Badge of Human Skin (AC 10, 3/2 Badge)
Black Tux & Tails (AC 20, DR 5/HP 100 About)

Yupa's Notes
1. Cute thing about this zone; none of the mobs carry EQ.  Gotta get keys to 
   Treasure Room type places, which each carry several pieces of EQ.  

2. It's basically 3 similar sections; mazes are the same, small mobs act the 
   same, gotta get past guards, then the big boss key mob.

3. Lot of it is no magic, so watch the mana.  Also, whole zone is no summon.  
   Oh yeah, some sink rooms too, anything that sinks ends up in one of those  
   treasure rooms w/ the EQ.

4. FYI. Don't drink from the fountains.  I know one or two of em will pretty 
   much kill ya.

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