Yupa's Benden Weyr Walkthrough
Version 1.0, November 18, 2002 

You will need:  2 Advanced Players
Recommended:    More of everything never hurts
       Acid EQ

From Market Square:  6w, 3n, 2e, 5n, 3e, 2n, e, n, w, n, e, n, w, enter rip, w, s, w, 2n, 
                     open cupboards, get *wooden key*, unlock/open window, e, d, e

A. K'nebel

   1. s: 3 green weyrlings <aggro, assist>, 3 green dragonettes
a. Don't attack dragonettes.  They've got a proc that they'll die when their corresponding
  weyrling does.

   2. s: 3 blue weyrlings <aggro, assist>, 3 blue dragonettes

   3. s: 3 bronze werylings <aggro, assist, reflect>, 3 bronze dragonettes

   4. w: K’nebel <aggro?>, *fence key*

B. The Threads of Pern

   1. Fun Time!  In this next area, there's 2 types of wandering mobs; Threads, and Wherries.
a. Wherry will block, wander, assist, but aren't aggro.  They can be blinded if you
  want to kill em, otherwise use gust to clear em.
b. Threads.  Bleh, Threads suck.  Highly Aggro, wandering, reflecting mobs that Acid!
  Strap on any Acid EQ you got, and take em out.  If you have the man power, have 
  someone sit out in the event that another thread wanders in.

   2. Taking out Threads and gusting wherries, go: 2w, n, w, unlock/open gate s, s, 3w, enter break

C. Runnerbeasts & Dragonettes

   1. n: 4 runnerbeasts <not aggro, hit HARD>
a. They're not high on HP.  they don't asssist.  But they hit like a ton of bricks.  Easiest
  way to take em out is have one person start the attack on one runnerbeast, then everyone
  assist.  It'll only take a hit or two to kill em.  If you have everyone stun, you'll get
    creamed if you miss your attack.
   2. w: 4 runnerbeasts

   3. w: Masterherder Briaret <2 person room>, *The hatching key*
a. 2 Person room.  I think it's no magic/quaff.  Send in an unequipped druid to spell him
  up first if you want, then send your 2 solid stunners to kill him. 

   4. n, e, n, unlock/open Great, e
a. Have everyone come this way, past the 2 person room.  You'll be back out in the bowl again,
      so if you didn't kill all the threads earlier, be on your guard.

   5. e: 5 dragonettes <aggro, see cloak>
a. Just have everyone take a mob.

   6. 2s: 5 dragonettes

   7. e, s: 5 dragonettes

   8. s, e: 5 dragonettes

   9. 2s: 5 dragonettes

D. Wansor
   1. Next up is a maze.  There's some mobs in it, so best thing to do is to run a druid or a newbie
      character thru.  Use a newbie char only if you have an equipped Archie that can portal, 
      otherwise you'll have to send a druid in, then summon everyone when he's clear.

   2. e, enter fissure, d, e, look at room desc, find one w/ Red Star Passes1 at end of desc.  
      From this room, e, 2s, 2n, e - looking to slide into Old Timers room, enter hole

   3. You're now in Wansor's chamber.  He ain't aggro thru rune.  Summon/portal the group in.

   4. Kill Starsmith Wansor <not aggro, reflect>

E. Dragonriders

   1. ent hidden, u: 3 dragonriders <aggro, see cloak>
    a. Simple enough, make sure all the mobs are stunned.
b. Don't stray from the path.  I think there are DTs.

   2. u: 2 dragonriders

   3. u: 3 dragonriders

F. The Big Bosses

   1. Go up.  This is the Safe Room.  From here on in, there's gonna be a proc that'll do
      200 points of damage everytime it happens.  If you need to heal up and stuff, come back
      to this room after beating a mob.

   2.  Go n: F’lar <aggro, think reflect>

   3. n: Mnementh <aggro, reflect>

   4. w: Lessa <Aggro>

   5. s:  Ramoth <aggro, reflect>

   6. You're done.  Make sure you got everything and recall.

H. Bonus:  Benden Wine and Healer's Ring

   *Note: This part could actually have been done first; It's a side area away from the majority
   of the zone.  Not alot of people know it though, so it's not done quite as much.  The 
   directions are also very vague cause I'm writing it off the top of my head.*

   1. Follow the directions to Benden Weyr, stop before part A (in other words, don't go south
      to the room with the weyrlings)
   2. Instead, you're going to go to the north area.
a. Wandering/aggro mobs here.  Go in when there's only a few in the room; they flee.
  Go ahead and taunt if you want
b. You're gonna go n, w, then n-ish again.  Can't remember exact directions at the moment.
    Look at the exits, you're looking for a Kitchen or something other than Dining Room.

   3. Go n to the Kitchen room.  1 n of there, should be some mobs called Drudges.
a. Drudges wander, are aggro, are like cleaners, and I think maim.  Just keep em stunned.
  They'll flee, taunt in.  Clear the room, taunt the ones from the west, then the east.
  One of them should have a *key*.

   4. Next, you're going e, n, w.  I think it's a nsw room.  N and S will have dogs.  Go north,
      stun em all.  Follow the path and kill dogs til you reach a diff. room.

   5. Follow the path, looking down.  There should be a room w/ a door down. Unlock/open door.
a. d: 3 Worms.  Like dogs.  Just keep em stunned. Get a *key*.
  b. Go u. Unlock/open door s.  South is a 1-person room, non aggro mob.  Should be a 
  magic/quaff room.  Send your best guy and kill the mob, get the *key*, go n.
c. Unlock/open door n.  2-person room this time. Same deal, kill, get *key*.
d. Come back s, unlock/open door u.  2-person yet again.  Have your 2 guys go up.
- Enter curtain.  Kill Robinton.
- Enter curtain, back down to the group.

   6. Follow the path east.  Eventually there'll be a south exit, with 3 mobs in it.
a. They're aggro and stuff.  Keep em all stunned.
b. This is followed by several more rooms of the same type, only the mobs 
  get a bit harder each time.
c. Follow the path and clear the rooms until you don't see those mobs anymore.

   7. Now, for the last part of the section.
a. 3 mobs; Master Oldive, Sharra, and a firelizard.
b. Sharra's aggro, take her out first.
c. Oldive has a proc where he'll heal Sharra.  Just keep dishing the damage.
d. When Sharra's done, kill Oldive
e. Don't mess with the lizard, he's harmless.  It does scavenge though, so 
  should you die or maim yourself, you'll have to fight him then.
f. No magic room

   8. Going north takes you back to the room before they weyrlings, recall.

EQ Mobs

Wansor:       Far Seer (DR 5, Armor -15 Light)
Dragonrider:  A Wingleader's Badge (2/3 Badge)
Dragonrider:  A Tattooed Scar (2/3 Tattoo)
F'lar:        Weyrhide Cap (Acid EQ!)
Mnementh:     Bronze Scale (AC 15, 5/6 Leg)
Lessa:        A Weyrhide Jacket (AC 25, HR 6, Mana 100 Body)
Ramoth:       A Tridactyl Claw (7/7, 3-Hit Pound Weapon)
Robinton:     Benden Wine Sack
Oldive:       Healer's Ring (AC 12, HR 6/ Mana 100 Ring. Proc: Miracle % up!)

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