Yupa's Building of Nerds! Walkthrough
Version 1.0, October 28, 2002

You will need:  2 Advanced Stunners
Recommended: More Stunners

From Market:  13w, all n, u, 2s, e, enter pocket

A. Webbed Breastplate.

   1. 2n, 2u, 3n, 2w: Bubba <frost, scavenge>, *a platinum keycard*
   2. unlock/open platinum, 2n:  administrator <scavenge, flame, bolt, maim>, 
      *mars bar*

   3. unlock/open portrait, n, u, 2s:  2 Nerd Mutants <Aggro, frost>,
      Spider of Nerds <Aggro, Acid!>

B. Taped Glasses

   1. open cobwebs, s, 2e, n: Prof. Larsen <Aggro, cloak/spellable>, *An 
      Adamantium key* 
   2. s, e, n: Prof of Sex Ed <Aggro, cloak/spellable>, *A Keycard with a bomb 

   3. s, unlock admantium e, open admantium, e, s, unlock door w, open door w

    >>> No Magic/Quaff rooms for rest of zone <<<

   4. w: 4 Nerd Mutants <Aggro, assist, 4 obliterates>

C. The Ace of Spades

   1. s: 4 Nerd Mutants, Prof Shitforbrains <flame, frost, block, bolt>

   2. w: 5 Nerd Mutants, Prof Homer Simpson <flame, frost, bolt, block>

   3. n, (Up is DT!) d, s, e, s: 2 Nerd Mutants, Rygar's Booger <Aggro, 5 

   4. s, e: Doufis Mcgillicutty <Aggro, flame, frost, gas, Acids, bolts, Maims, 
      attack weaker>

   >>> Run back to beginning of no magic area to recall, bomb goes off in 2 
       ticks! <<<  

EQ Mobs

Spider of Nerds:      A Webbed Breastplate (AC 14, 5/6 Body)
Nerd Mutant:          A pair of taped glasses (3/6 Head)
Doufis McGillicutty:  The Ace of Spades (9D4, 7/5, 3-Attack Pierce Weapon)

Yupa's Notes:

1. There are some other items in this zone, but they're not really great, and 
   not difficult to figure out either.  If anything, go poke around for the CBM 

2. Most of the mobs don't see cloak, but be warned, several rooms are cold/hot, 
   so it's moot.

3. When Doufis dies, you've got about 2 tics before the bomb goes off.  I had 
   an un-equipped character stand there once, it only did about 200 points of 
   damage.  Still, to be safe, I recommend getting out of the zone before it    blows, just in case.

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