Canals WT
written by Wilder

(A) to (E) can be done with 3 stunners, 1 druid, if you know what you're doing
(F) to end requires 6-8 stunners and 1 druid to be safe
an archie is also helpful for foresight/portal
Note: can do parts (A) to (H) in any order you like
zone only pops on reboot/crash
Keys are all rentable, so you don't have to do the zone all at once to get the CoL

s7e, ent train, s3wn: 4 tourists (assist, 3 disintegrates, pretty easy)
n:gloria *canaltrip ticket*
2s3es3ws, unl/op boat w, w, n, ent door,n, e: 3 SS {aggro, don't see cloak, blindable, spellable}
n: 3 SS; u: 3 SS; w: 3 SS
u: SS Officer {2 person room, can be spelled by naked cloaked arch/druid that quits out, no-magic room}
ent page, e, n through wandering prisoners {not aggro, sac}, guards (aggro, don't see cloak, don't block, disarm, spellable}
[easiest to just blind any guards in your way, take the group up to the officer, and hope that no guards wander in]
[be careful, plenty of DTs around here, plus prisoners sac]
: officer {spellable, aggro?}

(A) Star of David, The Key to the Treasure
2n: commander {blocks, aggro, spellable}
n: mengele {aggro, fairly dangerous} <antidote>
[anne is also here, thus don't use mob; anne acids and sacs, but you don't have to fight her]
have a naked char hold antidote, use antidote anne, tell anne safe <Star of David, The Key to the Treasure>
2s, ent way, w, n: **ground floor of canals** [from here, zone is modular and you can pick whatever area you want, except for the Guru's whiskers and CoL]

(B) Gunner's Boots, Hand of Napoleon, Key
n: provoost [breathes fire, dispellable, aggro]
ent waterloo, watch out for aggro wandering assisting soldiers
w,s,e (taunting soldiers as needed): officer *charge order*
w,n,all e: unl/op barricades, all n: more soldiers, taunt as needed
2e: cannonier <Cannonier's Boots>
all w, 2n, op tent e: 3 wandering officers [aggro, dispellable, tauntable]
(be careful... they wander and 2 at once hits hard)
e,n: napoleon [aggro, spellable] <The Hand of Napoleon>
e: Josephine <Key>, n, s **ground floor**

(C) Mummy's Bandage, Spirit Dagger, Key
w: provoost
ent sarcophagus: wandering egyptians [not aggro, don't see cloak]
n,w,n: priest [aggro, spellable]
d: get key (water room, 1 person, no exit, use insignia and summon back )
s,e,s,e, unl/op pyramid e, e:2 guards [aggro, see cloak]
[watch out here: curse wanders, not aggro, but sacs: if you see him, taunt and take him out]
e:2 guards [aggro, see cloak], n:2 guards [aggro, see cloak] <spirit dagger and spirit dagger key>
curse has *hieroglyph*
2e,unl tomb n, n: mummy [aggro, spellable] <Mummy's Bandage, Key>
n,e: **groundfloor**

(D) Tiger Stripe, Shaman's Holy Belt, Key
e: provoost
ent fire, 2w, n: look for ox with *branch*, sleep/blind the others
(one tiger in the ox area: tiger [aggro, wander, hit pretty hard, tauntable])
back to first room, s, s, e: 3 tigers wander here, peek/taunt as needed  <Tiger Stripe>
s, unl/op limb w, w:bog mob *pebble*
e,n,w,2n, n: wandering cavemen (mobname?), assist
e, unl boulder n, n: shaman <Shaman's Holy Belt, Key>
n,w: **groundfloor**

(E) Rembrandt's Brush, Reality Check, Key
u,n: provoost
have one strong char ent nightwatch, slide once
op strand in all dirs: one exit is a DT, one is a flying DT: move into room that says Hovering Over Reality
s: 2 shards [disarm, dpunch, block, no magic, sinks to nightwatch portal room, low hp]
n: watch out for twilights [aggro, wander]
get portalled to: rest of group join you
[best idea here is to clear out the path up to picnic basket with an eq'd char; bring a naked char,
quiting and re-summoning if he's not on the right path,up to the room with twilights, 
and portal to him there; bring your whole group through]
[alternatively, you could bring the entire group through 1 by 1; but there is more than one sliding strand, more than 1 room 
with the 2 shards, and killing your entire group on the shards or in DTs  might not make your group happy]
kill wandering twilights, e, group rests
n: 15 shards [cannot envenom or decay, resist fire storm, but can flee] <reality check>
[here it is recommended that you either use backstab, fire storm, or chi strike with eq'd chars, with use wimpy max; 
fleeing puts you in the picnic basket room; get liquor out of picnic basket to for healing; go n, e, n to shard room]
in room with 15 shards: Rembrandt's Ghost <Rembrandt's Brush>
n,s(?): **first floor**

(F) Logical Conclusion, Key
s: provoost
ent red (central room, can quaff here)
n: 1 red flake [aggro, see cloak]
s,e: 2 white flakes [aggro, see cloak, reflect, sanced]
w,s: 3 blue flakes [aggro, see cloak]
n,s: 4 blue flakes [aggro, see cloak]
n,e: 5 white flakes [aggro, see cloak, reflect, sanced]
w,n: 6 red flakes [aggro, see cloak]
s,w: 7 yellow flakes [aggro, see cloak]
e(? check with peek): logic <logical conclusion>
n,n (?): **first floor**

(G) Circle of Stars, Pointed Tooth, Key
w: provoost
ent vangogh: fox [aggro?, pretty easy]
e: gentleman [aggro]
n: 25 ravens [can't envenom or decay, ~3 annihilates]
[a couple options: can take a naked druid in and flash a couple times, then bring the party in and have everyone spam assist;
or use backstab/wizard fire/chi strike/fire storm/dragon breath with an eq'd char and suck up a couple con there]
once all dead, from raven room, go:
s: 4 hails [aggro, sac, see cloak, pretty easy tho]
e: mob ; w: mob; w: mob; s: mob; n: mob; e: mob; e: creator <pointed tooth> [all aggro]
n,e: **first floor**

(H) Moment of Inspiration, Key
e: provoost
ent Magritte: tears [wander, aggro, assist, tauntable]
wander on the square path 3 on a side to find the tear with borax
go to the room at 3 o'clock on the square, unl/op drain w
2(?)w: Iris, w, d: 5 sponges [aggro, sac, assist, cast solar flare, not too hard]
e, all n, fighting neurons [aggro, hit hard, wander, tauntable]
u: inspiration [aggro,  blocks] <moment of inspiration, key>
n(?), w: **first floor**

(I) Guru's Whiskers, Crystal of Light
(make sure you have all 8 keys before starting this part)
dunno exact mobs; starts with 2 hoarders and increased by one hoarder each floor;
the other mobs are not aggro, except for the 3 chaos mobs
the 3 chaos mobs reflect a lot, so have at least 1 druid ghealing and have everyone turn color off
the final room, unlocked by the Key of Treasure, has ~11 hoarders, BUT these guys can be taunted/wander out
Hoarders are aggro, sac, and die in a wrath or wizard fire, maybe 1 backstab
Best approach is to put one stunner per hoarder just to be sure, you don't want to be sacced here
Mob in second to last room has the whiskers.
Work your way up to the famed CoL!


Minimum Level: None, AC-apply is 13 

Minimum Level: None, AC-apply is 12

Light Intensity: Dim, DAMROLL By  6,  HITROLL By 5

Gunner's Boots: AC14 5DR 5HR

AC: 12, Affects: DAMROLL: 5 HITROLL: 5

AC: 12, Affects: DAMROLL: 6 HITROLL: 5

Spirit Dagger: wield/hold, 6D6 5DR 5HR, 2 hitter, thief-only, no min level
(the uncolored dagger is a no-rent dagger, but it has the same stats as the colored one)

Mummy Bandage: body, 6DR 4HR, AC18, 1 bit (good for monks)

Shamans Holy Belt: waiste, about AC12 DR6 HR4

Moment of Inspiration: head, about 100MANA 6DR 15AC, druid/arch only

AC: 11,  Affects: DAMROLL: 6 HITROLL: 4

Tiger Stripe, TAKE FINGER, FLY
AC: 6,  Affects: DAMROLL: 5 HITROLL: 6

Circle of Stars: wrist, AC10 DR5 MANA60

Crystal of Light: wield, 8DR 5HR, between 8d8 and 9d9, rune haste, SMITE!

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