Yupa's Castle Northwind Walkthrough
Version 1.0, October 28, 2002

You will need:  4 Advanced Players (That's 2 stunners each; you'll probably     
                want at least 7+ stunning characters total)
Recommended:    More Stunners, particularly for the first part.
       More Druids

From Market: 7w, 6s, 4e, u 

A. Getting through the Front Gates

   1. n (flying DT, all have fly), the next room's the toughie.

   2. n: 3 Gusts of Wind <Aggro, assist, 2 vaporize, frost, dpunch, kick, 
      disarm>, 5 arrows <aggro, hunt in>
a. This part's basically the worst.  There's 3 aggro mobs (gusts) in 
           the room.  Once you step in the room, however, there's 5 arrow mobs 
           that will hunt in to attack you!  That's 8 aggro mobs to deal with  

   3. If you survive, congrats.  Rearm whoever died, then go n, w, 3u.
a. open door up.  3 more arrows will hunt in!  Just do the splits, and 
           spam as soon as you open the door.

   4. u: A Skilled Ranger.  <Aggro, Reflect>,  *A key to darkness*

B. The Mark of Death

   1. 4d, 2e, slide d:  A Wall of Darkness  

   2. unlock/open darkness e, e, 2n:  Master Torturer

   3. open pit d, d, get *A Gate key....*, ent gate/portal

C. Diamond Bands of Force 
   1. unlock Gate n, open gate:  2 Arrows <hunt in>
a. Last set of arrows.  2 hunt in this time.
   2. n: 2 Berserkers <aggro, assist>

   3. n: 2 berserkers 

   3. n: 3 berserkers

   4. n: 2 Rays <Aggro, bolt>, Crystal Golem <Not Aggro, reflect>

D. Bladed Shield

   1. e, e: 4 A Novice Swordman <block, assist, Aggro w/out rune>

   2. n: 5 A Man of the Staff <assist, disarm, dpunch, 2 channels>

   3. e: 2 Students <Aggro, assist, 2 summons>, 4 Daggers <Aggro, 2 screams>

   **Note:  Up next, the most complicated maze EVER!**

   4. e, n: 2 A Nasty Maze Monster <Aggro, assist, 5 Summons(?)>

   5. w: A Nasty Maze Monster

   6. w: 2 A Nasty Maze Monster

   7. w: 3 A Nasty Maze Monster 

   8. 2n: The Weaponsmaster <Aggro, maim, reflect>

E. A Bit of Force
   1. enter portal, n, u:  2 A Lightning Bolt <Aggro, 1 howl>

   2. u:  1 Bolt

   3. 2u:  A Swirling Wall of Force <reflects>

F. Supple Leather Boots

   1. ent green, n:  A Lightning Bolt, A Bolt of Energy

   2. n, e: Force of Magics <Aggro w/out rune, assist, gustable>

   3. n: more Force of Magics

   4. w, n: 2 Knights <aggro, assist>

   5. n: Lord Northwind <Aggro, Sacs!, frost, maims, reflects>, *A key to 

   6. n, enter portal

G. Coil of Rope

   1. enter blue, 3n: rats <wander, Aggro, flee> 

   2. n: 3 Guards <aggro, assist>

   3. n: A Man of MaDDnESS <Aggro, frost, reflect, maim>

   4. n, enter portal

H. Bloody Ear (This parts a bit iffy, be careful.  Also doesn't have to be done)
   1. Ent red; to the n, there's a set of rooms with wandering mobs; these guys 
      sac, so just make sure you kill em good; I think it's a block of 6 rooms, 
      3 x 2. Clear em all out first

   2. After the block is clear, go the the middle; to the n, there should be a 
      room w/ 2 other mobs; this is a 2 person room, so send your 2 bad-ass 
      stunners to take the mobs out.

   3. When clear, have everyone go n, u to the Preacher; remember, it's a 2-
      person bottleneck, so move fast. 

I. Sawtooth Dagger, Wind Badge

   1. Unlock hidden, open hidden, n

   2. slide d
a. You end up in either the room with The Guardian <aggro, frost, 
           dpunch, reflect>, or an adjacent room.  If in an adjacent room, take 
           the only exit, it will lead to the mob.

   3. ent portal, ent white to return to town.

EQ Mobs
The Master Torturer:       The Mark of Death (AC 5, 2/3 Tattoo)
Crystal Golem:             Diamond Bands of Force  (AC 10, 5/6 Wrist)
Weaponsmaster:             Bladed Shield (AC 15, 6/8 Shield)
A Swirling Wall of Force:  A Bit of Force (5/6 Light)
Lord Northwind:            Supple Leather Boots (AC 13, 5/6 Boots)
Man of MADness:            Coil of Rope (AC 8, DR 5/Armor -10 Waist)
Preacher:                  Bloody Ear (Forget Stats, Earring)
The Guardian:              Sawtooth Dagger (8D7, 6/7 3-Attack Stab Weapon)
                  The Wind Badge (Forget stats, Badge)

Yupa's Notes

1. This is a fun little zone.  Watch out for the first rooms.

2. A good sized group is recommended for starters.  Maybe 4+ advanced players.  
   Once you get it down, you can trim the group size accordingly.

3. There's one more piece of EQ, Rune of Magic; I never bothered to get it, so 
   I dunno the stats or what kind of mobs you face to get it. Sorry.

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