Mantra/Wolff's Castle Spulzeer Walkthrough
Version 1.0, December 10, 2002
You will need:  Advanced Players

*Note: This is a 2-person zone.  Plan accordingly.

From Market Square: 5w, u, 8w, 2s, w, s, w, s, 2w, s, w, n, e, u
A)  Getting to the Castle.
  1)  From the above directions go 4n, w.
       a) Kill the rogues, they're non aggro, but they assist.
  2)  w are 7 more rogues, kill them.
       *NOTE* From this point every room in the zone is 2 person.

  3)  With a giant who has shockwave enter portal, go 2n from
      there and enter destiny, then go south.
  4)  Speedwalk 3s.
       a) Shockwave the shades.
       b) Kill the shades.
  5)  Go south.  East are 2 wyverns.
       a) Wyverns are tough, aggro, maim like bastards.
       b) Kill them.

B) The Mark of Beauty
  1)  Go all east and unlock/open n, 2n are 3 petals and 1 rose.
       a) petals are aggro.  you have to kill them.
       b) Roses aren't aggro, but acid.  you don't have to kill them.
  2)  Go n again and there's 2 petals.
  3)  Go n again and there's 3 petals
  4)  Go e and there's 3 petals.
  5)  s is the lady of the garden.
       a)  Lady reflects but is in a magic room.  Kill her
  6)  Get back to the room before the rose garden.

C) Tarnished Breastplate
  1)  with a cloaked char, unlock/open oaken, go east, and close the oaken.
       a)  If you don't do this quickly, or don't close the oaken behind
           yourself, you're going to have a big mess on your hands, because
           the skeleton guards hunt out of the room.
       b)  Sleep the skeleton guards.
       c)  Kill the skeleton guards.
  2)  Go e and kill the captain of the guard.
  3)  Cloak and go s and dispel the 2 guards.  Split them up and kill em.
  4)  Go s/w/u and either shockwave or sleep the gargoyles, pick them off
      one at a time.
  5)  Go e and shockwave/sleep the gargoyles again.
  6)  Same thing.  Go e and do it again.
  7)  E is a really nasty mob named Gnell.  Kill him.
       a)  Gnell acids
       b)  Gnell maims
       c)  Gnell reflects
       d)  E from gnell is a DT!
  8)  Go back to the room you killed the captain of the guard in.
  9)  Go up.
  10)  for the rest of the WT I'm going to refer to this room as "staircase"

D)  Dunslans Ring.
  1)  From "staircase" cloak, and go 2s.  There's two servants here.
         a) Servants sac.
         b) Servants flee
         c) Servants can be blinded.
  2)  Kill the servants, or just make them flee, makes no differance.
  3)  W is dunslan.
         a) Dunslan dosen't see cloak
         b) Dunslan reflects.
  4)  Once dunslan is dead, go back to "staircase"

E)  Scuffed Boots.
  1)  e from "staircase" are 8 mobs named apparation...
         a)  I find that the best way to deal with these mobs is to
             send a naked lich in, and decay them and wait for them to
             die.  Or a naked assassin and envenom them.
  2)  from the room with the apparations, go e/s and you're in the room with the
      head steward.
         a)  Head Steward's like Dunslan.  Kill him.

F)  Marbles Robes.  
  1)  From "staircase" go 2n.  There's 2 mobs in this room.
         a)  You can sleep 1, and kill the other.  They're not agressive.
  2)  Once they're dead go w, and there's 2 more.
  3)  3n from this room is marble.
         a)  You can cloak and cast most spells on marble.  blind/dispel etc.
  4)  Once marble is dead go back to staircase

G)  Mallefluent.
  1)  From "staircase" go 2n/e.  and there's two mobs, kill them.
  2)  N from this room is mallefluent.  Kill him.

H)  Ethereal Plate.
  1) from "staircase" cloak and go dse.  and dispel the 2 guards.
  2) Once they're dead go sd and there's a mob named yagasfull or something.
  3) Once it's dead there's a hidden door e.  It's name is hidden or secret
       forget which one.
  4) Go e and unlock/open the chest that's in the room.  g all chest.  Go back
     to "staircase"
  5) Unlock/open u.  Go up.
  6) Unlock/open n.  North are 2 minions.
       a) Minions are hard.
       b) Kill them.
  7) North from minions is kartak spulzeer.  Kill him.


missing part of this zone
from great hall ;unlock door e (key from captain)
open shelf east
chardath not agro
backflame 7,6 8d7 haste anti neuter 3x


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