Yupa's Darwin's Keep Walkthrough
Version 1.1, January 25, 2003

You will need:  3 Advanced Players for the Bean
Otherwise: Eh, low advanced, even duals for the rest

From Market Square, 10e, s, e, n, e,

A. Castle

   1. n, all e, open portcullis

   2. all e: Princess Darwin
   3. u: Prince Darwin

   4. d, 3w, u, all e: King Darwin

   5. all w: Queen Darwin

B. Amazing Jumping Bean

   1. go to bridge, d, w, pick/open hole, d
a. Mobs in this area are Evil Eye <wander, sac>, and Ghost of a Servant 
           <aggro w/out Rune, scavenge, wander>.  I hear servants give good exp 
           for advanced players;  don't need to kill either if you're going for 
           the Bean though.

   2. s, w, n, open trapdoor u, u, n, e, n, e, open trapdoor u, u, 2e, s.  Or, just
      hunt nightmare, opening the trapdoors when you get stuck.  Go up to the third
      level, hunt again, but don't open the last trapdoor until you're ready!

   3. Now open trapdoor u, u: 5 Creeping Shadows <aggro, maim, 
      scavenge, block get, 3 obliterates>, Your Worst Nightmare <maim, sac, 

EQ Mobs

Princess Darwin: A Jewelry Box  (Hold/Belt Container, ~300 Midgets)
Prince Darwin: Big Fluffy Pillow  (AC 8, 3/3 Arm/Leg)
King Darwin: Crown of King Darwin (AC 7, 3/4 Head)
Queen Darwin: Nail-Biter (AC 9, 3/4 Ring)
Your Worst Nightmare:   The Amazing Jumping Bean! (AC 8, 3/5 Hold, Spec Proc)

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