Yupa's Earth Prime Walkthrough
Version 1.1, May 23, 2007 (improved by lohe)

You will need:  2 Advanced Stunners
A Druid (Group Heal, Equinox, and Shadow)
Recommended:   More Stunners is always nice.
    More Druids

From Market Square:  5wu2w6s4ed

A. Shiny ID Badge, Quartz Ring

   1. Go 5n, e: Warhawk  <hits hard, fleeable, blocks magic against him>
   2. Next, go u (gust cops that block), 2n, e: Caliber <dispel> *Key to the Sewers*, (Quartz ring)

B. Core's Tattoo, .45 Vest Auto, and Some Cool Shades (Optional, go back to 
   Warhawk's room otherwise)

     (gust cops on the way)
   1. w, s, d: 2 Jailers <aggro>
   2. n: Core <agro, cannot dispel> (Core's Tattoo)
   3. s, 2u, 3n: Chief <flames, dispel him>.  *Office Key*
   4. s, unlock/open office w, w: Cortez <dispel> (.45 Vest Auto)
   5. e, unlock/open office e, e: ESP <cannot dispel> Key to sewers
   6. Go back to Warhawk's room (w, 2s, d, s, d)

C. Through the Sewers

   1. From Warhawk's room, w, unlock/open covering, d, s: 2 Slayers.  They     
      assist, freeze and block.
   2. w: 2 Slayers. Same deal.
   3. w, n: 3 Slayers. 2-person room.  
   4. Send everyone 3n

D. A Billowing Cape (can be skipped)

   1. e: Wrath.  Wrath sacs, so be careful <flame, cannot dispel>.
   2. n: Avenger <lightning, flames, can dispel>
      After he's done, go n again, it'll take you back to the room
      before Wrath.

E. IPC and beyond

   1. Go w. There's 2 ways to go from here: n, to 4 drones; w, to 2 drones.  
      Guess which one you should do?  
a. Go w, the 2 drones are aggro and assist.  
   2. n: Template. He's aggro, but can't see cloak.
   3. enter portal, send a cloaked char e: 2 Legionarres. They're aggro, 
      assist, but can be blinded by a cloaker. Go e and kill when ready.
   4. n: 1 Legionarre.
   5. e: 4 Legionarres. Definitely good to blind here.
   6. 2n, s: 2 Kreeghors. Like Legionarres, except they hit harder. Cloak/Blind 
   7. n: Sikorski <dispel him, agro>
   8. u: Derner <cannot dispel>
   9. enter portal

F. The Rest (Redemption's Power Harness, Silver Cross, Samus' Cosmic Gauntlet, 
   The BURNER, Rune of Immense Power)

   1. First of all, there will be a ton of angels in this area.  They wander 
      alot, block, can hit hard....but you can gust if you like.  If you decide 
      to kill, make sure you don't end up fighting more than 1 at a time, in 
      the event that they wander in.
   2. Go 3n, 2w, n, w, d: Redemption
a. Redemption's a pain in the ass.  For starters, it's a No Magic 
           Room.  Second, Redemption is aggresive, maims, reflects, and blocks 
           get.  Leave a post character before going down.
b. Recommended: Send a cloaked druid/arch down, spell Redemption up.  
           Now, equinox a druid or two, and go in and kill, group healing as 
           necessary. ()
   3. u, e, s, 2e, 3n, 2e, u: Gabriel.  *Key to the airlock* (Silver Cross)
a. No magic room, otherwise not too bad.
   4. d, 2w, 2n: Samus
a. Samus is just like Redemption; aggro, No Magic room, maim, etc.  Do 
           it the same way, stay one room back, send a cloaked druid to spell 
           up, equinox up, then go in guns blazing.
   5. Unlock/open airlock. Now, to make this easier, send a cloaked druid d, 
      n.  The Weapon is here.  He's aggro, and would normally hunt if you go d 
      with your group.  Luckily, he can't see cloak.  It's a No Magic room; 
      blind/dispel/etc. him, and he's a snap.  When he's blind, bring the group 
      d, n and kill.  Go south when done to recall.

EQ Mobs

Warhawk:      Shiny ID Badge  (AC 10, 2/1 Badge)
Core:         Core's Tattoo (AC 10, DR 2/HP 15 Tattoo)
Caliber:      Quartz Ring  (dr 3, hr 5 Ring)
Cortez:       .45 Vest Auto (dr 6, hr 5 2-Attack Blast Weapon, Wield/Hold)
ESP:          Some Cool Shades (AC 10, HP 20/Mana 25 Eye), 
              20 skittles
Avenger:      A billowing Cape (AC 20, DR 5/HP 50 About
Template:     Inter-Personal Combat Armor (AC 23, 6/2 Body)
Redemption:   Redemption's Power Harness (AC 10, DR 6/HP 75 Arm - male only)
Gabriel:      Silver Cross (AC 10, DR 2/HP 15 Earring)
Samus:        Samus's Cosmic Gauntlet (AC 8, dr 6, hr3 Hands)
The Weapon:   Rune of Immense Power (DR 2/ARMOR/AC by 14 Applied Rune), 
     The Burner (7/7 3-Attack Blast Weapon, Wield/Hold)

Yupa's Notes

1. This is a fairly good starter zone for those who would like to hone their
   zoning/leading skills.  There's only 1 saccer in the zone, and a couple of 
   trouble spots to watch out for, like Redemption and Samus.  Otherwise, it's  
   a pretty safe zone that introduces you to using skills/spells effectively, 
   but doesn't necessarily require a massive group or major amount of time to 

2. You can make a decent amount of money here too.  I estimate roughly 70-80 
   mil if you hit all of the money mobs.

3. All the EQ in this zone is magical.  Totally gay.  You'll have to figure out
   the stats the hard way, if you're wondering about up/down.

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