Yupa's Final Fantasy 8 Walkthrough
Version 1.1, January 25, 2003

From Market Square: s, 3e, 2s, 2w, 4s, e, 2n

A. Ehrgeiz, Random EQ: Glimmering, Hyper Wrist, Lionheart, Cid Glasses
   (Watch for dogs, <aggro, maim, wander>. 1 in Balamb, 1 in Timber)

   1. 2w, n, open door, e: Zell's Mom <reflect>
   2. u: Zell <reflect>

   3. d, w, all n, all e, s, 3e

   4. 2e, n
a. There are 3 grenades that wander here <aggro, wander, reflect, flame>.

   5. n: Ifrit <aggro, maim, flame>

   6. 2s, all w, all n: Balamb Garden Guard

   7. open gate, 2n, w, n, w: 2 Garden Faculty <Aggro, assist, block>

   8. w: Selphie Tilmitt <reflect>

   9. 2e, n, e, n: 2 Garden Faculty
   10. open door n, n: Squall Leonhart <reflect>

   11. 2s, w, 2s, e, open door n, n, s, w, open door w, w: Quistis Trepe <reflect>
*A Yellow Keycard*

   12. 2e, unlock/open door e, e, n: 2 Garden Faculty

   13. s, w, open door n, n, open hatch, d, open door s, s: 2 Garden Faculty

   14. w: Garden Master NORG <aggro, reflect>, *A Blue Keycard*

   15. e, n, u, s, e, n, unlock/open door, n: Headmaster Cid <bolt>

   16. 2s, w, n, 6s, all w, all s, all w, n, ent train

B. Back Issue, Shooting Star
-If you want to skip to here, just walk to FF8, go all w, n, ent train, and you 
can skip the previous section.

   1. Galbadian Soldier <reflect, assist, block>

   2. s: Soldier

   3. e, open door e, 2e: Editor of Timber Maniacs

   4. 2w, s: Soldier

   5. s, d: Soldier

   6. open door n, n, open backdoor, 2n, u: Soldier

   7. u: 2 Soldiers 

   8. open door n, n: President Victor Deling <flee, maim>, *A Red Keycard*

   9. s, 2d, 3s, u, s: Soldier

   10. u, n
a. There's a cupboard here with Phoenix Downs; you need to do the Desert part 
           w/ Red Keycard first, then get that key and come back here for it.

   11. s, d, 2n, open door e, e: A Resistance Member <block, reflect>

   12. u: Rinoa Heartilly <reflect>

   13. d, w, s, d, ent train to Desert

C. Cactus Thorn, Random EQ: Tireless
-You can also get to the Desert quickly by going to Timber, s, ent train, then 
ent desert.

   1. Jumbo Cactaur
a. He wanders.  Just walk around til you find him. Hits Hard, watch out.

   2. Wander n and w, until you're Outside the D-District Prison

   3. Open hatch, n: 2 Prison Guards <aggro, assist>

   4. n, unlock/open cell, n: An Activist <no magic>, *The Bronze Key to the Cupboard*

   5. s, ent cell, open cell s, s
a. One person rooms, so send each person individually thru the cell.

   6. e: 2 Prison Guards

   7. open door, n: The Warden <aggro, reflect, scavenge>

   8. Work your way s, all w, ent cell, all s, and wander the desert til you find the 
      train link again, or just recall and walk back to the zone, the easier choice.

D. Tonics

   1. From zone start, all w, n, ent train, s, ent train

   2. 2n: Soldier

   3. n: 2 Soldiers

   4. e: Soldier

   5. n: Soldier

   6. n: Soldier

   7. w for potions shop, e for weapon shop

E. Gaea Ring, Rune Armlet

   1. From entering train to Deling, 2n, w, n: 2 Soldiers
   2. open gate w, w: Soldier

   3. Open door w, w, n: Caraway

   4. Open bust, w
a. Sink Area, don't die cause there's an aggro mob in destination room.
b. Creeps wander this sewer area.  Block, assist, but don't see cloak.
   5. Work your way d, 2n, w
a. s, w leads to sink room destination and: Diablos

   6. w, 2n, 2e, s, e, 3s, 3e, u: 2 Soldiers

   7. n, u: 2 Iguions <hunt in, maim, assist>

   8. 2u, e, n, open panel d, d, e: Irvine <reflect>
   9. s, 2n: Seifer <aggro, reflect>, Edea <aggro>

F. Hungry Cookpot, Adamantine

   1. From Deling Station, 2n, w, s: 2 Soldiers
   2. Next part's fun.  The grassland area's full of hunting/wandering mobs.
a. Imps.  Annoying buggers, but they don't see cloak.
b. Tonberry.  He hunts in too, but does see through cloak.
c. Couple other types, a T-Rex and some bird thing.  Not a problem if you
  clear out the Imps/Tonberry and cloak past the others.
   3. 2s, 3, s, 3e, 3s, ent shuttle: PuPu <Aggro>

   4. Open shuttle, d, 4n, 4e, e: 2 Imps <hunt in>

   5. e
a. Next area has wandering mobs called Blobras.  They wander, assist, reflect,
  and block.  Kill or wait, just make sure you know what you're doing.

   6. Head to the absolute south point of this cavern: Phantom Minotaur

   7. Head to the absolute east point of this cavern, pull lever, head to the absolute
      north point of this cavern, pull chain.  

   8. Head to the middle of the cavern, a door should know be opened near the middle.
      When ready, go 2e (bottleneck): Sacred <aggro>, Minotaur <aggro>

EQ Mobs
Zell:             Ehrgeiz (AC 9, 5/3 Hands)
Ifrit:  Random EQ: Glimmering
Selphie:          Hyper Wrist (AC 7, DR 4/HP 50 Wrist)
Squall:           Lionheart (8D6, 5/4 2-Attack Cut Weapon)
Cid:              Headmaster Cid's Glasses (AC 7, DR 3/HP 30 Head/Eye)
Editor:           Issue of Timber Maniacs (AC 9, 4/4 Hold)
Rinoa:            Shooting Star (HR 5/Mana 55 Light)
Jumbo Cactaur:    Cactus Thorn (AC 9, DR 5/Dex 3 Ring)
Warden:  Random EQ: Tireless
Irvine:           Gaea Ring (AC 13, 4/4 Ring)
Edea:             Rune Armlet (AC 11, HR 5/Mana 100 Arm)
PuPu:             Hungry Cookpot (Ego/Str Container, Holdable)
Minotaur:         Adamantine (AC 14, DR 6/Armor -5 About)

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