Gilgamesh Walkthruough

2 person zone. One with good AC as tanker is recomended. If possible, post summoner somewhere inside the zone.

From m[] s4es.

Between rooms are agro mobs with low HP. Some of them hunts. It's possible to run through fast, before they attack.

1. Hunter Gloves
   * Scientist.
   * w, open timemachine.
   * w,s,w,n - Harlot (dispel). Get The City Gates Key.
   * s,w,2n,e - 2 Lion (agro, maim, reflect).
   * n - 2 Lion (agro, maim, reflect).
   * n,2w,s,w (be careful where you go - wrong step and you gonna sink. It's possible to summon out from there.) - Hunter's Son (agro, kill first) and Hunter.
   * open hide w, w - Hunter's Son (no magic room, it's possible to scare him out). Get gloves.

2. Ninsun Ring
   * e,2s - Beggar (agro).
   * s - 2 Beggar.
   * w - 6 Guard (dispel them. They assists, disarm).
   * unlock/open gate w,w - 3 slave (block, assist).  (Also from now on till Sidur's part there are Man who block).
   * n - Rogue (you can leave this part if you don't want Ninsun).
   * 2n,u - 2 Priestess/Ninsun 

3. Anu Skyshield
   * d,4s - Rogue (If you want to leave ninsun part alone, go s).
   * s - 2 Priest/Anu

4. Paintbrush
   * 2n,w - slave (block).
   * 4w,n - Rogue (If you want to leave Skyshield part and ninsun, go 5w,n for Rogue).
   * n,w - 2 Priest/Ea. Get Paintbrush.

5. Enlil Spirit
   * e,2s - Rogue.
   * s - Priest/Enlil (flee). Get Enlil.

6. Enkidu Pants
   * 2n,3e,2n - 3 Guard.
   * n - Bodyguard.
   * w - Enkidu. Get pants.

7. Gilgamesh Armor
   * e,open door n,n - 6 Guard (dispel).
   * unlock/open bedroom e,e - Priest (agro, reflect) and Gilgamesh (block to get eq, set wimpy high). Get Gilgamesh and random.

8. Siduri Earring
   * w,4s,6w,open hole w,w,s - Man/Woman.
   * unlock/open mountain s,s,w,2s,3w - Siduri. Get Earring.

9. Utnapishtim Ligh
   * n - Urshanabi.
   * n,w,2n,2e - Utnapishtim. Get Light.

10. Shamash Circle and Humbaba's Head
   * 2w,2s,e,2s,3e,2n,e,5n, open cedar (sleeptrap), open cedar - Humbaba***. Get head.
   * 2n,w,n,w,2n Shamash (flee). Get Sun.

11. Ishtar Necklace
   * open heaven e,e,s,s - Bull.
   * s - Ishtar (dispel, flee). Get Necklace.

***Humbaba: Humbaba wanders around here, you have to look for him, then go back to this point
          and fol dirs to Shamash.  Also be careful, around the edges of the woods are midget
     type mobs that will attack you, avoid them as best you can.

EQ List:
Hunter Gloves: 5dam 4hit 10ac 25dual hands
Ninsun Ring: 5dam 5hit 10ac 30adv ring
Anu Skyshield: 5dam 6hit 20ac 10adv shield
Paintbrush:        6d6 3attack 5dam 5hit 10adv weapon
Enlil Spirit: Boots 5dam 5hit 12ac 30adv feet
Enkidu Pants: 5dam 4hit 15ac 20adv legs
Gilgamesh Armor: 5dam 6hit 20ac 20adv body
Siduri Earring: 2dam 8ac 40mana 10adv ear
Utnapishtim Light: 6dam -10armor 30adv light
Shamash Circle: 5dam 6hit 8ac 25adv belt
Humbaba's Head: container rentreducer towelIshtar Necklace: 5dam 10ac 35hp 20adv neck

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