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Minimum: 2 Stunners (if possible 1 with summon)
Recomended: 2 Stunners and 1 druid (more stunners, easier to do).

From Market[]:
5eu9e3n2e2nw2nu4w4n7e2s3e3s3w3u4e6n4w3s4e;open rock;n4de3ds2e3s3w2se

You can post someone d from here to make sure zone will not repop or place mark (with hero) right here to avoid walking all the way back here. Also moste reliable rooms to post summoner are eq mobs rooms.

Between eq mob's rooms there are little mobs with very small HP, kill them the way you feel best. Note! They are agros, block and wonder around (mostly gustable, simplest way is to kill them).

1. A Pulsating Strand of Lava
   * Go d,4e,2n,d,e (Little mobs).
   * e is A Guardian of Hell (hell) - agro, maims, cant dispel, has lot's of HP.
   * unlock/open door n. n,w,3s,e,s (again - little mobs, block and agro - wonder around).
   * d 2 Hellions - disarm, sac, can't dispel and hit real hard (not agro, not assist), you can envenom/constrict them.
   * d Beast - agro, disarm (if you have stunners and druid, let druid dispel all eq mobs). Get key/lava.

2. The Vorpal Blade of Death
   * 2u,n,e,2n,w,3n,e,3n,w,2n (Little mobs). n is no magic room and bottleneck, but not hot.
   * Have your team members go e (small mobs) from n. Then 2e. (or just go 3e killing).
   * s are 2 Hellions.
   * unlock/open door e,
   * e, kill Vorpalist, disarm (same as beast). Get key/vorpal.

3. The Mystical Cloak of Ezekial
   * w,n,3w (small mobs may be there). It's bottleneck room.
   * 3w. n are 2 Hellions.
   * Unlock/open door w.
   * w is Ezekial - agro, disarm, maim (dispel him). Get key/cloak.

4. The Amulet of Leviathon (hot zone is over)
   * unlock/open door w.
   * w is Guardian (hell) - look upper level of WT. Get key.
   * unlock/open portal w.
   * w,2e,s,u,s (small agro mobs).
   * s are 2 Hellions
   * u Leviathon - agro, disarm (dispel). Get key/amulet.

5. The Pitch Wings of Bane
   * Unlock/open door e.
   * e is Guardian (hell). Get key.
   * unlock/open portal s. s,4u,3e (small agro mobs).
   * n are 2 Hellions.
   * n is Bane - agro, disarm (dispel). Get key/bane.

6. The Crown of Hellicia
   * 2s,6w,3u,n,3e (small agro mobs).
   * e is KEEPER - agro, disarm (can dispel, no eq). Get key.
   * unlock/open gates n.
   * 2n,e,2n,2w (small agro mobs).
   * n are (KILL FIRST, cause agro!) Guardian and 2 Hellions.
   * unlock/open door n.
   * n is Hellicia - agro, disarm (dispel). Get crown.

EQ List:
Beast A Pulsating Strand of Lava (AC-applay 7, DR 5, HR 4. Haste, lim.) - take waist
Vorpalist The Vorpal Blade of Death (DR 5, HR 6. Lim.) - take light
Ezekial The Mystical Cloak of Ezekial (AC-applay 18, DR 5, Hit 50. Immune_summon, lim.) - take about
Leviathon The Amulet of Leviathon (AC-applay 10, DR 5, HR 4. Immune_silence, lim.) - take wrist
Bane The Pitch Wings of Bane (AC-applay 8, DR 5, HR 6. Fly, lim.) - take arms
Hellicia The Crown of Hellicia (AC-applay 12, DR 6, HR 5. Invisible, lim.) - take head

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