Gargoyles and Ghost are aggro thru rune, King, Queen, Priest and 
Peasant are not. 
once at Quest entrance go north, kill 2 gargoyles, go all north 
(killing ghosts on the way),east,north,kill king(uses spells and 
hits kinda hard so be sure to quaff), 
get key,south,west,south, 
all west,all north, unlock/open door, kill priest(same as king), 
get key, 3south(i think ;), all east, all north, up, all north 
(killing ghosts), open/unlock door, no(killing ghosts), open/unlock door, north, kill queen(same as king), 
get key, all south, down, all west, open/unlock door, south, 
kill peasant(same as king), 
north, all east, all north, 
unlock/open throne, north, down, west, PRAY GOD HERO!!! Ta da!! 

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