Yupa's Hockey walkthrough
Version 1.0, October 28, 2002

You will need:  A Mid-High Level Dual Group
Recommended:  2 Advanced Stunners

From Market: s,4w,3s,w

A. Start and Golden Puck

   1. buy/drop/enter ticket, 3e, s, e: 2 Hockey Fans <assist>

   2. s: Little Punk <aggro w/out rune, gas>

   3. s: Wandering persons <wander, assist?>

   4. e, 2s, 2e, s, e, s, e, s: 2 Bad Ass Guards

   5. unlock/open door w, s: Piece of Sh*t

   6. open vent u, u: 3 Annoying Insects <aggro, assist>

   7. s: 3 insects

   8. s: 3 insects

   9. open boards, d: Old retired referee

B. JC Penny jacket

   1. u, 2n, d, n, w, 2s, w, s:  News reporter <aggro>, News Cameraman <not 

   2. w: reporter, cameraman

   3. w: reporter, cameraman, *Key*

   4. unlock/open door w, w: reporter, cameraman

   5. look sign - password: 36754345, n: reporter, cameraman

   6. w: reporter, cameraman

   7. n: Bouncer

   8. enter password, n: Annoncer <aggro>

C. Toupee
   1. 2s, e, s, e, s: 2 reporters, 2 cameramen

   2. s: 2 Bad Ass Guards

   3. unlock/open door e, e: Bench warmers <block, wander, assist>

   4. 3e: warmers

   5. e, open door e, e: Skates <spec proc footgear, must wear to get on the ice>

   6. open door n, n: Manager <aggro, flame, bolt>

D. Hockey Jersey, Gatorade bottle

   1. s, w, 4s, 2e: 2 Bad Ass Guards

   2. unlock/open door e, slide e: Hockey Players <aggro, wander>

   3. 4s, e: Hockey Star

   4. 3s: Goalie <aggro>

E. Autographed Hockey stick, Hockey gloves, Goalie pads..

   1. 2s: Zamboni

   2. s: 4 Bad Ass Guards, *Silver Key*

   3. unlock/open door s, s: NHL Commisioner <aggro>
   4. 3n, slide n, n, w, n, w: warmers

   5. 2n: Warmers

   6. n: warmers, warmest bench warmer

   7. slide e, 2n, e, n: Goalie <aggro>

   8. 3s, w, 4s, e, n, e, slide e to Market Square

EQ Mobs

Old Retired Referee:   Golden Puck (5D5, 4/3 1-Attack Hold Weapon)
Announcer:             JC Penny Jacket (AC 3, 3/5 Body)
Manager:               A toupee (AC 15, 4/5 Head)
Hockey Star:           Hockey Jersey (AC 10, 3/5 About)
Goalie:                Gatorade Bottle (Filled with Gatorade)
NHL Commisioner:       Autographed Hockey stick.. (5D9, 4/4 2-Attack Weapon)
Warmest Bench Warmer:  Hockey Gloves (AC 5, 3/3 Hands)
Goalie:                Goalie pads.. (AC 10, DR 3/HP 30 Body)

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