Land of Eternal Choices Walkthrough
Version 1.1, April 20, 2003

You will need:  Advanced Player or 2.
Cloaking makes it Supa-easy.

From Market Square: 7w, 6s, 4e, n    

A. Sack of Grass, Razor Sided Leggings of the Poison Orc Clan

   1. n: 2 ravens <aggro>

   2. w: raven, 2 Frost Ents <aggro>

   3. n: Ent, Arctic Wyvern <aggro>, 2 person room

   4. open boulder, w: 3 wyverns <not aggro>, sack of grass

   5. e, n: 2 Ents, 2 Ice cats <block>

   6. n: raven, ice cat

   7. n: A swirling wind <block>, 2 ice cats

   8. e: swirling wind, ice cat

   9. u: 2 ravens, ice cat

   10. e: 2 rotted corpses, *a rotted rib key*

   11. w, d, unlock/open door e, slide e, 2s: 2 Orc Tunnlers
   12. s: 2 Orc Tunnlers

   13. w: 2 Orc Tunnlers

   14. w: The Foreman Orc <Aggro>

B. Core of the Oak, Bracers of Shodas (Speedwalk: nw4ne, slide e, 3s2ws - Oblivion room)

   1. s: The Touch of Oblivion <Aggro>

   2. 3s: Orc Tunnler

   3. s: 2 Portal Beasts, *a small portal key*

   4. unlock/open portal s, s: A Sand Soul

   5. w: 2 Sand Souls

   6. w: 3 Sand Souls

   7. n: Sand Soul

   8. e: 2 Sand Souls

   9. n: Sand Soul

   10. n: Sand Soul

   11. 2s, e: 4 Sand Souls

   12. e: Oak of Reverance, <aggro>, a shimmering distortion key.

   13. 4 w: 4 Sand soul, a Sand Key

   14. 2e, 4n: 4 Shodite Guardians <aggro, frost>, a wooden tower key.

C. SoulClash, Endless Bottle (Speedwalk: nw4ne, slide e, 3s2w6s2wne5n - open door n room)

   1. n, unlock/open door, n: Sand soul

   2. 2u: Sand Soul

   3. unlock/open slab, u: Essence of Thress <aggro, scav> 

   4. unlock/open distortion, u, 3n, w: Shadow Dragon

   5. unlock/open sandpit, d: PREYER <1 person>

   6. n: PREYER <no limit room>

   7. n: Oblivion, 2 Preyer

   8. n: Time distortion <sac>, Terran Lord

D. Wooden Ring of Justice, Iron Collar of Existance (Speedwalk: nw4ne, slide e, 3s2w6s2wne6n4u3nwd3n - Terran Lord room)
   1. Next part: Kill or scare distortions, Kill or sleep oblivions and preyers, and 
      work your way:

   2. e, n, w, u, all e, s, u: Justice <aggro>, Ring

   3. d, n, all w, s, u: Madness, Key to Safety (Time and prayer between)

   4. d, n, 2u: Humanity 

   5. 2d, all e, u, unlock/open crack, u: Existance <aggro>,Market key.

   6. unlock/open trapdoor, u, unlock door, n to return to Town

EQ Mobs

Arctic Wyvern:     a sack of frozen grass (PK-hold, non-limited container)
Foreman Orc:       the razor sided leggings of the Poison Orc Clan (15, 4/4 Leg)
Oak of reverance:  core of the oak (25, DR 4/Sav_Breath -20 Body, About)
Shodite:           the bracer of Shodas (15, DR 5/Mana 40 Wrist)
Thress:            "SoulClash" the Battle-Axe of Shodas (6d7, 6/5 3-Attack Wield, Slash)
Shadow Dragon:     a bloody dragon's skull (15, DR 4/HP 40 Head)
Terran Lord:       endless bottle (really darn cool)
JUSTICE:           the wooden ring of harsh and eternal justice (15, 4/5 Ring)
EXISTANCE:         the iron collar of existance and time (10, 5/4 Neck)

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