Oblivion and Buddha Walkthrough
December 4th 2011

Looney Tunes

Market Square : ssd;ent subway;2u;10es

se5n;pick backdoor;open backdoor;


Tweety Wonders around: (hoop)
2n: Cat(Perfume Bottle) Fudd (Musket)
e: Gonzales(cheese)
n: Foghorn (Firecracker) Chickenhawk (Coil)
w: Coyote(ACME) Roadrunner(feet) Lepew(odor) Bunny(skin)
sw: Son(Lid) Duck(Sleeves)
s: Sylvester(Paws)
2n: Taz(Claws) Granny(Skirt)
n: Pig(Basket) Sam(Guns) Martian(Helmet)
e: Porky(Bowtie)

Eq Stats:

Tweety: Tweety's Hula-Hoop (ac8 damroll3 hit25 finger)
Cat: A Perfume Bottle (liquid container)
Fudd: An Old Musket (hit20 hitroll2 wand/hold)
Gonzales: A Piece of Swiss Cheese (Dex2 Hitroll2 hold)
Foghorn: Firecracker (damroll2 hitroll2 light)
Chickenhawk: Coil (dr3 hr3 ac6 wrist)
Coyote: ACME (con4 wis4 hold)
Roadrunner: Feet (ac8 move65 hp50 feet)
Lepew: Odor (ac10 dr2 hp50 about)
Bunny: Skin (ac10 dr3 armor-5 body)
Son: Lid (ac10 dr2 hr2 shield)
Duck: Sleeves (ac6 dr2 hr3 arms)
Sylvester: Paws (ac5 dr3 armor-5 hands)
Taz: Claws (2x 5d5 dr4 hr4 berserk/haste wield)
Granny: Skirt (legs ac8 dr2 hr2 detect-evil)
Pig: Basket (hold container)
Sam: Guns (2x 5d5 blast dr4 hr4 haste)
Martian: Helmet (head ac10 dr2 hr2 detect-magic
Porky: Bowtie (neck ac6 dr3 hr3 

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