after enter ship, 6w6s2ws2w3d3s3e3sw(use speed walk cause of thugs),=
enter hole(slide),open tiny e, 5e,s open mushroom d,d, kill mushroom boys
(no magic, flee able),u,w,s,unlock mushroom/open mushroom,d,kill mushroom=
u,w,unlock/open mushroom d, d, kill mushroom boys, u, n,2wn2w (or 2w not=
,unlock/open mushroom d, d, kill mushroom boys,u, 4e,n,e, unlock/open stem,=
open cap, u, kill capterpiller, enter hookah, 2es2, (set wimpy max attack 3=
flee and set wimpy low and kill the mob tha hunted u), go like n,e,=
gate,e,kill baby ( 1 backstab should do it, baby is blk_magic), kill=
e, kill cook, open backdoor, go east until u see  mouse and north when u=
north, goto mouse and hare, (DO NOT USE THE WORD MOB at hare or hatter),=
hare,e,kill hatter, alleast,unlock/open hedge e,white knight is no magic no=
use summon backstab for both knights, south is way to jabberwock, after u=
the white and red knight, all east, 2s , w, unlock/open wood(key from a one=
the blocking mobs,n 2u w, kill ringtail cat, one west of mob is a DT (would=
summon backstab if small group), e 2d s, go south until u see croquette=
all 1 way links and no magic room, every mob except 9th wicket is NOT anti=
rune,all 1 way links and no magic room, every mob except 9th wicket is NOT=
rune,after u kil 9th, e , pick/open portcullis, e, pick/open portcullis,hun=
(kill all the the king's man the area first, captain is NOT anti rune, but a
acid mob), rest i never maped, but u can hunt to mobs and stuff,

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