Mechanoid Crystal

s,3e,2s,5w,4n,e,n,4w,3d,e,4d,s,<enter rift>
that brings you to the entrance of rifts
<open hatch>,u,3e,n,<open hole>,d,s,2w,n,2w,2s,w,2n,w,n,w,s
<open vent>,s,d,<open pedestal>,d,<unl/open rift>
and mech is north
you have to go thru zone cloaked tho
and key needed is called "runic scroll"
key is from ithan section
from the entrance it's <open hatch>,u,s,<open bush>,d,s,w,w,w,w
but there are avatars in that zone
I usually just go into the room with the mob with the key....spell it up'
and summon in my tankers and hammerers
so I'm sure not to flee out into avatars
key mob name 'shifter'

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