Yupa's Mortal Kombat Walkthrough
Version 1.0, April 19, 2003

You will need:  Advanced Player or Two
Cloaking makes it supa-easy.

From Market Square:  6w, 3n, 2e, 5n, 3e, 5s, 3e, all up, 7n , open throne, d, n, 
    pick entrance, d, open gate

A. Ring of Frost

   1. n (Designating this as Starting Room)

   2. 3w:  2 abominable snowmen <Aggro> *ice pick*
   3. unlock/open freezer, w:  Subzero <Aggro, frost>

   4. 4e:  Back to starting room

B. Reptilian Boots

   1. 2n, e, n, open grass, d:  3 baby reptiles <acid, no magic room>
   2. d:  Reptile <aggro, acid, no magic room>

   3. Back to starting room (u, w, 2s)

C.  Wristband of LuiKang

   1. 2n, 2w, n, 4w, 3n:  3 monks <assist>

   2. 3u:  Kung Lao, No-Magic Room

   3. open gate, n:  LiuKang <blocks>, No-Magic Room

   4. open secret, u, open door, s 

D. Mask of Kano, Fan of Defense

   1. w:  Baliff <scavenge>, *Key#1*

   2. unlock/open cell, w:  Kano <Aggro w/out Rune, 2-Person Room>

   3. 5e: Baliff, *Key#2*

   4. unlock cell, e:  Sonya <2-Person room>, The Bone Key

   5. 3w, 3n, unlock bonegate, 3n: Baraka <Aggro>

   6. u, 2e:  Smoke Dragon <flame>

   7. e:  Smoke 

   8. u, 3w:  Mileena 

   9. u:  Kitana

E. Belt of Goro, Robe of ShangTsung, Collar of Kintaro

   1. u:  NoobSaibot <Aggro>, *The Bloody Key*

   2. n, unlock/open gate, 3n, open chair, 

   3. Clear out demons <Wander, Aggro> as you go.

   4. d, s, 2e, e, n, e, 2e, open hatch, up:  Keeper of the Gates (aka Shrine)
      <Aggro>, *Dragon Key*

   5. unlock gate, w ,5n:  Goro <Aggro, flame>, No-Magic Room

   6. n:  ShangTsung <flame>, No-Magic Room

   7. e:  Kintaro <flame>, No-Magic Room

F. Spear of the Underworld, Fists of Mortal Kombat

   8. pick exit e, e:  Shao Kahn <berserks>

   9. open treasure, d, get fists.

   10. u, 2w, all s, recall.

EQ Mobs

Subzero:          Ring of Frost (5, 5/4 Ring)
Reptile:          Reptilian Boots  (8, 5/3 Feet)
LiuKang:          Wristband of LuiKang (5, 4/5 Wrist)
Kano:             Mask of Kano (10, DR 5/HP 25 Head)
Kitana:           Fan of Defense  (5/5, Wield/Hold weapon)
Goro:             Belt of Goro (10, DR 5/HP 25 Waist)
ShangTsung:       Robe of ShangTsung (15, DR 5/Mana 100 About)
Kintaro:          Spiked Collar of Kintaro  (8, DR 5/Move 30 Neck)
ShaoKahn:         The Spear of the Underworld (5/5, 3-Attack Pierce Weapon)
Treasure Room:    Fists of Mortal Kombat (10, 4/4 Hands)

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