Yupa's Mt. Everest Walkthrough

You will need: 4 Advanced Players (Stunners and Druids)
      1 Equipped Archmage (for 1 part)
Recommended:   Acid EQ

From Market Square:  11w, n, all u, all n, 2u, open death

A. Ring of Ice

   1. n: trendy <aggro, reflect>, 3 rookies <aggro>, Yaks <not aggro, wander, 
      no attack>

   2. e: 4 rookies

   3. e: 5 (or 6?) rookies, national geographic reporter <not aggro, assist,   
      block, blindable>

   4. e: 2 rookies, 3 reporters

   5. e: 2 apprentice cooks <aggro, sac!>, Singh-ho <aggro, reflect>

B. Climbing Pack

   1. 4w, 2n: 3 rookies, Shrine <don’t attack, ignore it>

   2. 2n: 3 Taiwanese <aggro, hurl balefire!>

   3. w: 3 rookies, 2 trendys

   4. s: 3 taiwanese Climbers

   5. s, w: 3 taiwanese, South African climber <not aggro, wander, scavenge>

   6. d: Yeti <aggro, reflect, maims, dispellable>, *Aluminum Ladder*

C. Goggles, Badge, Cloud Piercing

   1. u, e, 2n, e, unlock/open trench: 

   2. The next part is a 2 person maze.
a. go n: Reporter, 2 delusional climbers hunt in <aggro, frost, acid>
b. Next, n, 2e, n, w, killing rookies, taiwanese, etc. as you go.

   3. Once you make it to this room, have 1 char remove immune summon eq.  Have
      an equipped archmage with the rest of the group portal.  Everyone's gonna
      enter portal when they can and help for the next part (remember,  
      destination room is 2 person).
   4. e: 2 Sherpas <aggro, sac>.  

   5. e: 3 sherpas

   6. s, w: 2 sherpas

   7. s: 2 sherpas, 1 taiwanese

   8. s: 2 sherpas <aggro, maim, sac>, *Climbing Rope*
a. These aren't your ordianary sherpas.  Keep em stunned and hit em 

D. Steel Crampons

   1. e, 2n, unlock/open mountainside n, n:  4 sherpas, frostbitten climbers 
      <aggro, wander?>
a. These sherpas don't sac, don't worry.  Watch out for wandering 

b. Next part, watch for wandering frostbittens.  South African climbers 
           too, but they're not aggro; they do scavenge.  Kill only when 
           necessary, gust or scare otherwise.

   2. 3n, w: reporter, 2 rookies

   3. w: 3 rookies

   4. This next part's a bit redundant; if you clear all n, all w, or some 
      variant therin, you probably won't have to do so much backtracking.  It's 
      written like this cause some south african climbers scavenged someone's 
      gear the time i made this WT, and that's how much walking we had to do 
      before we got it all.

s:  2 trendys

e:  2 sherpas

w, 3n:  3 trendys

2n:  2 Taiwanese

w:  2 Taiwanese

n, e:  2 Taiwanese

e:  2 trendys

w, n:  2 Taiwanese

e:  2 Taiwanese

2w:  2 Taiwanese

w:  South African Guide <aggro, reflect>

E. Gore-Tex, Himalayan Mitt, Ice Axe

   1. Grab an Oxygen Cannister, 1 per person

   2. 3e, n, u: 2 delusional climbers

   3. u: 3 delusionals

   4. u: 4 delusionals

   5. u: Sagarmatha <aggro, bolt, reflect, no see cloak>

   6. 2d: 2 Reporters, 3-4 wandering delusionals wander in 

   7. d: 3 wanderings

   8. d: 4 wanderings

   9. Slide d: Scott Fisher <aggro?, dunno what else>

EQ Mobs

Sing-Ho:              Ring of Ice (AC 12, 6/4 Ring)
Yeti:                 Climbing Pack (Armor -10, HR 6 Arm container)
Delusional 1:         Goggles (AC ?, DR 5/Armor ? Visor)
Delusional 2:         Goggles (??)
Sherpa:               Mt. Everest Badge (AC 6, Armor -5/Armor -5 Badge)
?:                    Cloud Piercing (AC 10, DR 3/Mana 50 Rune/Earring)
South African Guide:  Steel Crampons (AC? 5/6 Foot)
Sagarmatha:           Gore-Tex Jacket (AC 25, 5/5 Body)
Delusional 3:         Himalayan Mitt (AC?, DR6/HP 100 Hand)
Scott Fisher:         Ice Axe (9D6, 7/8, 3-Attack Pierce Weapon, Wield/Hold)

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