Narshe - Part I 

From Mkt [] 11w, n, 3u. This is the top of the mountain. To the 
south is the airship where Paladins Shield comes from. 

Lower Level Area: 
North of the top of the mountain is an area where players of 
lvl 20+-30+ can get good exp. Also in this area are Genji gloves, 
Offering, and Thornlet helmet. The mobs with the eq. are for mid 
to high level non-avatars... though I would suggest grouping to kill 
them as a non-avatar. 

Higher Level Areas: Deep 13. From mountain top, n, 5w, open rock 
2n, 3e, d, n, open secret. This is where Old invention Exchange 
is on Joel Robinson. Have good hp or group, because there are many 
no magic, aggro. mobs. 

Temple... 4n, e, n, open secret, d. 
This area has Urd, Belldandy, Skuld, etc. You have to get keys 
etc. and the rooms for many of the mobs are no_magic. 

Mikey....Satellite of Love... 13n, open secret, d, kill mob, n. 
Mike Nelson has Jumpsuit. 

Narshe - Part II 
from Market Square 
11w,n,3u - (Narshe Entrance or [NE]) 
Celes: [NE]- 13n,u,2n,4w,n,u,n,2e,s (FORCE ARMOR). 
Void: [NE]- 8n,e,n,open secret down,d (EVERYTHING DROPS TO VOID) 
Ranma/Akane/Genma: [NE]- open passageway west,w,4n,4e,2n, 
w - Happosai (KEY), 2e - Kodachi (KEY), 
w,2s,2e,unlock door north, hunt Ranma, 
Akane(BELT), & Genma(WEAPON). 
Ukyou: [NE]- open passageway west,w,4n,4w,n (UKYOU SPATULA). 
Ryouga: from south of Ukyou- 2e,2n (KEY), 2s,3w, open gate north, 
hunt Ryouga (BACKPACK). 



     Narshe & Ranma 1/2: from Market Square
     11w,n,3u - (Narshe Entrance or NE)
     Celes: NE- 13n,u,2n,4w,n,u,n,2e,s (FORCE ARMOR).
     Void: NE- 8n,e,n,open secret down,d (EVERYTHING DROPS 
     TO VOID)
     Nelson: NE- 13n,open secret down,d,n,
     Deep 13: NE- n,5w,open rock,2n,3e,d,n,open secret 
     Urd/Belldandy: NE- 4n,e,n,open secret down,4n (URDS
     3s,unlock door east,e (BELLDANDY'S COLLAR).
     Ranma/Akane/Genma: NE- open passageway 
     w - Happosai (KEY), 2e - Kodachi (KEY),
     w,2s,2e,unlock door north, hunt Ranma,
     Akane(BELT), & Genma(WEAPON).
     Ukyou: NE- open passageway west,w,4n,4w,n (UKYOU
     Ryouga: from south of Ukyou- 2e,2n (KEY), 2s,3w, open
     gate north,hunt Ryouga (BACKPACK).

     Illumina Sword
     Top of Narshe
     hunt Mantodea, blind Mantodeas, kill Mantodeas, cloak  
     and go spellup Emperor, kill Emperor, 3 or so north, 
     kill Atma, north is flying DT so make sure you have 
     fly, kill Kefka, corpse sinks, just cross the first 4 
     way junction, at the 2nd go east then north, and open      secret, d, get all Kefka

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