Directions from market:
..4e5s;enter ship; .6w6s2ws2w3d3s3wsw3s;
..3w [be careful here not to overstep into maze];
open gate (start of maze)
..wssenew3ne (wandering aggros, need to speedwalk)
[in this maze, there's a shrieker with *brass knuckles*]
(Shades recommends using a sleep/summon technique with a naked druid to sleep all the spirits.
I think its easier to just put one stunner on each.)
n: 2 spirits[aggro, hot rooms, flee]
e: 5 spirits
e: 2 spirits
e, s: spirit *skeleton key*
unl/op slab n
op armor n, n: famine [aggro, can cloak/blind, dispellable] *rusted rod*
op cabinet e, e: slaughter[same] *gold rod*
op drawer w, w: plague [same] *ivory rod*
2e, unl window e, have naked char e, get rod, use insignia, get rod back
w, unl/op portal u, u: conquest [dispellable]
unl/op window n, n: hydra [breath, scavenge, aggro, see in dark], 2 spirits
(spirits/hydras wander around and flee, so use peek)
w: same
n: same
e: spirit
s: 2 spirits, hydra
w: spirit
s: hydra, spirit
e: hydra head [not aggro, acids]
w, w: hydra, spirit
e, unl/op weeds n, (be really careful in the sink to end rooms) 2n, w: 2 mystic warriors [aggro, cloak/blindable/dispellable, block, no magic, sinks to end] n: 2 spiritual guardians [dispel/blind, not aggro]
n, op rocks n, all n, op portcullis, n: hydras (wander, aggro, maim, scavenge, flee, breath, gustable, dont see cloak)
all u (sink rooms, sink to bottom of the mountain) n, d, 2w: guardian [not aggro, dispellable] unl/op gates, n: spirit, n: spirit, w: 2 spirits, n: spirit, e: spirit, n: 2 hell hounds [aggro, cloak/blindable], all e, all n, 2w: hell hound, all w: hell hound 2e, n, op corral n, taunt/gust/scare morbis out of there, close corral and kill him *Morbis's Bit and Bridle* (note: hell hounds will wander out)
go all s, all e, all s, w to door n, unl/op door n, n, all u: mystic warrior [aggro]
slide s, w, slide n: Grim Reaper [blocks_get, aggro?, reflects, no magic] *black key*
unl/op trapdoor d, d: *The Unholy Shield of Satan, Boots of Mercury*, in chest: *Blackjack, 10mil*
(the grim reaper is tricky... bring some equinoxed druids
good idea might be to flee grim reaper north with a naked char and then portal/summon there: it's a magic room
could also just set wimpy max and flee to quaff, but he hits pretty hard)
Brass knuckles: 10AC 4DR 7HR ??
Scythe of the Grim Reaper: 6d10 10DR 5HR 3-attack
Boots of Mercury: 12AC 5HR 5DR, invis, druid-usable
The Unholy Shield of Satan: -20AC 6DR
Morbis's Bit and Bridle: 12AC 5HR 5DR, neck
Blackjack: magical, around 7d7 6/6, 3-hitter, advanced, no min level
Helm of Acid Resistance: ??, anti-acid
Helm of Reverse Alignment: ??, reverses alignment while eq'd

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