From Market Square: s3e2s5w4n, slide w, ed
General's Mark
A) From "Back at Market Square" go s3ws
B) Pick/open tent e. There are 3 nazi guards.. Kill em
C) east are again 3 guards..
D) east are 3 guards and nazi leader... leader aint agro if u have rune.
so kill guard's and then leader.. get key from leaders corpse..
E) go 3w and unlock/open kitchen.
F) s is nazi soup leader.. reflects and acids
G) up is seinfeld and hitler.. seinfeld is agro and reflects, hitler aint.
F) get the stuff and enter the portal
STuDD's Toupee
A) Go all east and north. Kill the mob.
B) Go w/up and look at the mob. Then I think you tell him rent
or something, get the key once he's dead. Go back to market square and
go 4east and then unlock/open north. North is a mob, kill it. Go nwn I
think and there's nixodorf. Kill him.
C) Use a giant to shockwave, once all the bunnies are down
take them 1 by 1. Be careful, they acid.
D) enter portal to 1 person room, enter portal again, stunn studd (aggro)

west, north from market.. cleric guild get key off cleric. unlock sanctuary north. kill liru
A) s/2e unlock thief. South is a guard, who's easy
B) two east and south and you're at some thiefs. This part's easy, just
take nekkid druid 4'" and cloak them, run in and guiness all the thiefs
in the room (more wander in) They'll keep following you and eventually
they'll fall over sleeping when they follow you.
C) They don't have anti rune, kill them t's a big cluster fuck but it's fun.
They steal eq so make sure you'er watching what's going on.
D) Keep going s, killing thiefs, one of them has a key.
Finally you get to a door called slive, unlock, open it. South is
Slive. He's a asshole. You need to maim him first off, he has good AC,
second, he's really speedy. Anyways, kill him
Warriors Guild (A Double-Edged Sword)
A) go to the warriors guild south is a guard
B) east then south are young knights. They might wander, but don't see
cloak so go in and blind/dispel them then kill them quick like.
C) Keep going all south killing knights in the same way. One of them has a key
D) all south is a door, unlock and open it
E) Kruik is 2 south from the door. Aggro thru rune, get group ready and
kill his ass. Enter portal when done.
Mage Guild (Rapsu's Tattered Robes)
A) 3w unlock/open south. Kill the guard south
B) Now go south east I think it is. South are Magi's. They're aggro-anti
rune and wander. But die fast. So do it however you want. One of them
has a key.
C) Along the south wall of the maze is a door called inferno. Use the key
'illusion' to open the inferno. 2s is raspu and 3 apparations. The
apparations are aggro and anti rune and see thru cloak. Raspu is
sleeping. So go in, kill the apparations and then spell raspu up and
kill him. Enter portal after this.
An Anti-Matter Containment Suit
A) go 4w and neil armstrong is north. He sacs but is easy as hell. kill him
B) Now next part is a maze. Send a nekkid char nwuweenu and then portal to him.
C) East is Milkyway monster.. Fucker spits acid but is weak.
D) Next is a famous bottle neck part of PM.
1) Frist roossm up is one person and has 1 Nebula
2) Second room up is 2 person and has 2 mobs.
3) Third room up has no limit on chars and has 4 mobs
4) Fourth room up has no limit on chars and has 4 mobs
E) I'm doing this from memory, but I think the room east from the top room
is clear. So go in there. North is another mob, kill it. maims
*** There is some stupid proc wich can blind your ass and you end ***
*** up fighting with some mob(s). These mobs aint hard so kill em ***
F) Now up is a one person room with Gas of mars in there. Envenom and Decay
all of the gas but do it quick, cuz they're aggro and balefire and
stuff. Dbreath/whirl is also ok. But do it quick!
G) Once the gasses are dead, send the group 3u/s.
H) Now go north and kill the mob. Get the suit and key and enter portal
((Eye)) of the Storm
A) Go 2n. DO NOT ATTACK!!!!
1) Neither mob is agressive. But you only have to kill the human
2) It's smart to blind the priest because he sacs.
B) Once human is dead, there's two hidden exits in this room. West is fido
and up is cloud
C) Go west and get all from the fridge. They're Sky Potions and Cloud Key
1) Sky potions give breathe_water. Hold onto them, you'll need em.
D) Go back to the room with priest in it. Up is another bottle neck part
1) First room is one person and has one mob in it
2) Second room is two person and has two mobs in it.
3) Third room has no charater limit and has 4 mobs in it.
4) Fourth room is same as thirdroom.
unlock sky u open sky nimbus hunts d
A) you got a key from someone called bozos, so unlock bozos and open it as
soon as you get to market
B) Now this is tricky. first room is 1 person only, and has 1 flying fish.
so tanker go kills that. one up from there has 2 flying fish and is 2 person.
1 up from the two person room has 4 flying fish and dosent have a limit
on chars. I don't know of a good way to do the 3rd room since it's a
bottle neck. So do your best I supose.
C) up from here is master and a clown. the master is aggressive and clown
isn't. The clown sacs. So when you go up there, have the group kill the
master, and have someone blind the clown, the blinder has to be wearing
eq. After they're both dead, enter the portal.
A) This is a breathe-water area. Believe me when I say that
you want all the people in your group to have breathe-water. Luckily
there's about 20 breathe-water sky rations provided within the zone.
Go 2n and kill the slave, I think it's the slave anyways. Then go west
and they're in some kinda fridge or something. Anyways, they're 2n/w from
market square.
B) Now back to the Mausoleum. This part's like Bozo's only harder.
Breathe-Water, The Zephyr's maim and your eq drops to the room before
dax. So it's important not to die, because if you do, you're in a
really really bad way.make self good so mudders dont attack
Galaxis : An Anti-Matter Containment Suit (20/DR:6/HR:6/Body)
Liru : The Golden Wings of Liru (15/HR:6/DEX:4/Arms)
Slive : Ring of the Dark Omen (15/DR:5/HR:5/Finger)
Hitler : The General's Mark (7/HR:3/AC:-7/Tattoo/Brand)
Kruik : A Double-Edged Sword (DR:6/HP:75/3-attack Slash/Wield)
Rapsu : Rapsu's Tattered Robes (About)
Nimbus : ((Eye)) of the Storm (HR:6/AC:-11/Light)
Dax : Bracers of Eternity (15/DR:6/HR:5/Wrist)
STuDD : STuDD's Toupee (14/DR:6/HP:100/Head)

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