Pizza Hut
EQ: Manager shirt, Pizza Pan, Black Pants, Roling Pin, Credit card,=20
Cook's Apron, Pizza Hut Badges, and Misplaced Wallets.

SACCERS:  Billy, Janitors, and applicants.=20
DEATH TRAPS:  There are few deaths traps, and rooms that make you stuck.

DIRECTION:  M[], all east, n and follow path

STAGE 1:  The first mob you come to will be the hostess.  This mob blocks,
so you will need to kill her.  She carrys the menu key which you won't need=
(unless you want the rollerblades).  Rollerblades sucks, so I usually skip
it.  If you want to get the blades goto the end of this file for directions=
on how to get there.  Okay after hostess you will go west, then all south.
Make sure to peek south for aggressive mobs:  Fat Pizza boy.  Then wander=20
around so you should watch out for them, they hit a bit hard.  From all
south go west until you come to the BusBoy mob, he has key and headphones. =
Kill Busboy for the Back door key.  Once dead go back up to where you
killed the Hostess, all east all north and 1 east. From the Hostess mob,
with the key go all north then east and follow path.  You have to kill some=
of the customers, but not all.  Some of the customers only block certain
directions so to save you some time, try to see if you can walk by them.
If not kill the customers, they easy. Once you get to the end of the path,
you will end up with the Rotten Vegatable mob.  Kill mob for the carrot
key.  He hits hard and flees alot. Once you get the Carrot Key go to
where the Juke Box decription is at. This room should be all north from
the Hostess.  From the Juke Box go all west.  Open the Steel door north with=
the Back door Key.  Get someone high enough to summon eveyone in group to
walk pass the janitors.  Janitors SAC, I usually get a cloaked person to
walk through.  They are aggressive, but do not block.  You can tank the
janitors if you want but there are usually 3 to 4 of them, and its time
consuming.  From the steel door go n, all east, n, and west until you come
to a room with no mobs.  There should be 3 directions in the room, east
(janitors), west (waitress mobs) and south
(more janitors).  I forgot the name of the room, but its the room 1 east=20
of the Waitress Station.  Summon your group back.  Everyone must leave
the zone inorder to be summoned, zone is anti summon if you are in the
area.  n the Waitress Station there are usually about 3 waitress mobs in a=
Some of the mobs block certain directions.  If you can get a shadowed
druid to blind the mobs it would help, but take a while since they take
long to spell up.  If your group is large enough, get everyone to tank a
waitress mob.  They flee very easily.  Once they flee, you can Backstab
them to make them flee again if there are too many mobs in a room.  Find
the waitress mob with the Waitress Tray, that is key to next mob.  You
would have to kill all of them to get the tray since they flee alot and
block.  Follow the path in the waitress station, you will end up going
all east.

All east will take you to a locked panel.  Unlock panel with the waitress
tray key.  Next mob is Jack Nickson, maintence man, he hits hard and alot
of you will miss trash.  Jack has screwdriver key which leads to the
Credit Card, that will be discussed later.  After Jack dies the room east
of it is 2 person room, after the 2 person room is the one of the
Assistant Manager's.  Ask eveyone to walk q
uickly  east and south and trash/tank mob.  Manager has the Manager's Shirt,=
 make sure your groupcomes in and trashes, because he hits hard.  Room is=
 Hot or cold room. =20
After you get the Manager's shirt go 1 west to where Jack Nickson's corpse

>From there go west until you see a door north (forgot what the name
of the door is) unlock the door.  The next mobs, Table workers, is a 2
person room, so get 2 people with alot of hp to tank.  You can flee and
quaff from these mobs, make sure to set wimpynear high.  After the 3
table workers are dead, go east and tell your group to come all north and
east.  Eveyone should be together for re-grouping.  Follow the path, and
kill the rest of the table workers.  One of the workers will have Pizza
slice Key, this will open door to Cutter. Next part you will end up in a=
 room with=20east and west and south.  South was where you came from=
 killings all the workers along the path.  Fromthat room go all east, unlock=
 door east (think name of door is wall), then
go east and all south, to the next mob.  This will be the Pizza oven mob,
since you are inside an oven room, will be Hot.  Kill mob to get the Key
(oven key I think)  then from oven mob go east and all north to the table
cutter mob who has the Pizza Cutter. =20

After cutter go back to where the open panel or wall was (from cutter mob=
 thats all south, west, 2 north,and west). From the Panel or wall door go=
 all west ( there might be still some tableworkers wandering around ) there=
 should be a door to the west,=20
dishwasher. This leads to Cook's Apron and Lid key to get to the next part. =
dishwasher and follow path.  Kill the mob, (think name is dishwasher mob)
to get the lid key.  You can skip the Cook's apron if you like, but if you
want the apron, just continue along the path until you come to the mob
Rowanda. Rowanda hits hard, and you will miss alot of trashs.  Get key and
apron and go back to the dishwasher door.  From the dishwasher door go east=
 and look north until you see a desciption about some reinforced door. =
 Unlock reinforced with the lid key you got from the dishwasher mob.

Next phase are the employees mobs.  Kill them, they don't hit hard,
usually about 2-3 in a room, go all north from there.  You will come
accross a dead end, but each direction are locked doors.  Look to the
east you will see a description about a walk, pick it.  If there are too
many employees mob in 1 room (about 4) wait a few seconds until they walk
out.  Go 2 east to get the crowbar.  The crowbar is guarded by 1 tabl
e worker mob and 1 pizza employee (if it didin't wander out)  kill it.  The
go all west, back to where the locked doors are.  With crowbar unlock
Dough door which is to your left (west).  There will be more employees.
Go all west and then north to tank the Dough mixer mob.  He hits as hard
as Rowanda, get the ball dough that is key.  Then go back to the locked

>From the room with the locked doors (not locked now, only 1 should be
locked) unlock the brass with the dough ball key.  This next part will
lead to another assistant manager.  Go 1 north from the brass door and
post a high avatar there, this room will be the only room where you can
use magic and quaff.
>From there you will go all north and all west to where the manager is
located.  Make sure to kill all the employees around the area since they
block.  If an employee and manager is in the same room, either wait for
the employee to wander out or either get a shadowed druid to blind it.
Manager takes awhile to blind. If you got a large group then you don't
need to blind manager.  If you got a small group make sure to set wimpy
high and once you flee go quickly all east and all south to heal (where
avatar was posted). Manager will hunt the last person who fleed. Also
managers blocks North and south so make sure you get to the room first to
heal or else manager will block your way.  Manager should have Pizza
shield, and a few daggers (trash). =20

After you killed one of the managers, from the posted avatar go all north
and all west (to where the manager was located before)  go north and all
up.  This is nearing the end of the zone.  The next set of blocking mobs
are the pizza applicants, they sacc so don't die :)  After you come all
up, go north and all west (kill applicants).  Usually there are 2
applicants in a room and they hit kinda hard, so pair up your group to
tank 1 applicant and the other set tank 2.applicant.  Keep doing this
until all applicants are dead, you will come to Manager's office.  The
Assistant Manager with the Pizza Shield should have the key to unlock the
office (Key name is Manager's Keycard).  Unlock manager is the name of the
door.  From the manager's door, all north will be where the Manager and=
 Peite are
located.  Get a shadow druid to blind either one of the mob, blind peite I
would suggesst.  Manager doesn't hit hard, but Peite does.  Manager should
have black pants, but it might be at limit.  Last I check there was none.
After these two mobs are dead, open cobweb.  The Big Ass Cockroach is next
guarding the Rolling pin weapon.  You can either kill the mob (very hard
mob) or get a shadowed druid to create clone.  Make sure to clone in room
outside of the cockroad.  Let the mob go north along with the shadowed
druid and order the clone to pick up pin.  After clone picks up pin you
have to gust him out, since mob blocks.  The druid will have to leave by
using their insignia.  Then kill clone and get the rolling pin :)

Last phase Credit Card mob.  Get eveyone to recall, and walk back to where
the juke box descriptionis.  This should be all north from where the
Hostess mob was, from Juke box go east and follow path until you come to a
dead end.  Unlock the vent from the screwdrive you got from Jack.  Go east
and kill rodents.  Follow path until you come to exits up and down.  Down
is DT! go all up and kill those rodents.  Okay this next part is a tricky
maze if you forgot which way you went you will have to recall out and
start over.  Once you go all up, go east, south, west, down, north, east
and up.  Kill all rodents that you come accross.  Next mob is very tough,
but you can get a shadowed or cloaked druid/assassin to blind Safe door
mob and guinness it.  Make sure to post someone south of Safe door mob.
Mob have evenome with holds the Credit Card.  After the credit card, go
north to kill the last 2 rodents, and get all.  Missed placed wallets and
some gold.That is the end of Pizza Hut.  I enjoy doing, and re-doing this=
Everyone who's with you in the group should walk away with some satisfied
eq, gold, and probably gained a few levels (if ya didn't die).  Welp, hope
you enjoy my directions.  Please feel free for any comments or suggests or
errors I made while typing this walk through.  E-mail:

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