By Ruinan updated by Sir

LIST OF ACID SPITTERS:  Drunken Immortals, Goofy Wizard

LIST OF SACCERS:  (In order of appearance) Blue Mockingbirds, Intel
Employees, Tiny Electrons, Gigantic Magnet, Fusebox, Bill Gates, and Binary

LIST OF EQUIPMENT:  (In order of availability) Exoskeleton Armor, Axe of
Negative Infinity, The Power of the Atom, Sticky Data Tape, Weird
Hollowed-Out Fuses, A Pair of Dorky Glasses, Cyber Cloak, and Silicon Chip.

To get to SN, go from M[]:  6w,3n,2e,5n,3e,2n,e,
                            go north till you can go east to viewpoint


Flowers block but are NOT aggressive.
Birds are aggressive, hits kinda hard, and is a SACCER.  Make sure to kill
them first!
>From entrance to SN, go north till you can go west.  Kill the tree since the
tree blocks(not aggro).  Then kill the Doe and get the shovel off the doe
(you can flee from the doe, and doe hits hard, but if you haven't killed the
tree, then you can't flee the doe  :)  Take shovel, go east, unlock hole,=
 open hole, go down sliding passage.  Make sure not to go all the way down=
 until you have eveyone with you!  When youare ready, go all down to...

The Infinite Grid:
The grid is a 4x4 grid with the top, bottom, and sides linked to the other
side, making it look like an infinite grid :) When you enter the grid, go
south, then east and look down, and there should be a chip door down there.
Gate a demon to mark this room to make this room easier to find after you've
gotten the key..  In the grid, NONE of the mobs sac, but there are 3=
 wandering drunken
immortals who spits acid.  They are NOT aggressive, so leave them alone
until you are ready.  There are 4 different types of mobs on the grid:
Resistors, Capacitors, Span, and the Drunk Immortals.  Only the Capacitors
and Span are aggressive.  Make sure to kill Capacitors when you see them as
they hit quite hard and can walk in on you.  Also these mobs SNEAK, so do
NOT use the name "mob" since you might avvidently hit an immortal as he
sneaks in and acid you all.

In total, there are three immortals.  You only HAVE to kill one of them (the
one carrying the Chip Extractor, its a key).  The other two just carry maps
through the mazes further into SN.  Once you have gotten the chip extractor,
go back to the chip door and open it...
Down is the Great Spark, which is an aggressive mob, blocks pummel and
dpunchs and backstabs.. so use circle.  You can flee upwards from it though.
After you kill the spark, you have a choice...(from now on, I will refer to
this room as the Spark Room)
You can go north to fight the infamous Pentiums *OR* you can skip them and
go east to kill the Whirring Fan to get the Fan Blade (which is a key to
unlock the cables on the west wall of the Spark Room).
If you wish to skip the Pentiums then don't read the following part and skip
straight to the part about the Fan and Cable Door...


Be VERY careful in this part.  There are three chips:  The P5, the P6, and
the P7.  The P5 is fairly wimpy, has only 2 swings or so, the P6 is tougher,
has 3 or 4 swings.. and the P7 is the toughest of all with 6 swings.. but
their hitroll aren't as good as the other SN main mobs, so make sure to have
-100ac or more  :)  Also, there are Intel Employees guarding the chips.  The
Intels are SACCERS, so these MUSt die ASAP.  They aren't that strong, only
have 2000 hps each, and 2x disintegrate per round, but the chips are ALSO
aggressive, so watch out!  Also, be warned that this whole area is NO-MAGIC.
Only the Spark Room is safe, the mobs can't hunt you there, and you can
quaff in the Spark Room.  You can flee from the Intels and chips, but the
chips are hunters so you DON'T want to flee into the chip rooms before you
are ready and have them hunt you back to your group and wreak havoc...

There is 2 ways to do this:  Kill the P5, then the P6, then finally the P7
(the safest way), or you can take your chances and go directly to the P7.
Be warned that there are links from the P7 to the P5 and P6 rooms, so if you
happen to flee from the P7 without killing the P5 and P6 first... you get
the picture.  Here's the safe way:  From the SPark Room, go n, w, have
someone take on the Intel, while the rest of the group pummel the P5.  Oce
this room is cleared, go e, s back to Spark Room and heal up.  Then for the
tricky part..go 2n to wipe out the 3 intels in this room.  If you manage to
clear out these 3 intels without anyone fleeing then bully for ya and go
back to Spark Room and heal up again.  Go 2n again, then e to the P6
room...have someone take on the Intel, while the rest of the group pummels
the P6...after that, go back to spark room, heal up, then finally go all
north to the P7 room, kill intel and P7 (safe to use wimpy now as the other
intels and chips are dead).  The P7 gives you the Exoskeleton Armor.  Once
you are done here, go back to spark room to continue...

>From the Spark Room, go east, and go all east till you stop sliding.  Wait
till everyone is with you, then switch to your non-piercing weapon as the
Fan is varnished, and can resist piercing weapons  :)  When you are ready,
go down to kill the Fan.  The fan blocks pummel, so dpunch it.  After the
fan's corpse sinks, go down then the loot.  You'll be back in the infinite
grid again.  Make your way through the grid back to the spark room (see why
I said to gate a demon to mark that spot?)


>From the spark room, unlock (cut with the razor-sharp fan blade)  the cable
door to the west, then open it.  Then go w, w, w, u, e to get through the
bus maze.  This is a good spot to gate another demon.  From this room,
you'll need to go north into another NO-MAGIC spot (only safe quaffing spot
is the end of the bus maze).  All north, then east is the Flaming Chip, who
holds the Wire Cutter Key.  All north, then west is the CRAY super-computer,
who holds the magenetic key.  The wire cutter key unlocks the door to the
mobs with the Axe, so if you want to skip the axe part, then skip the=
chip as well.  You HAVE to kill the CRAY and get its key though.  Flaming
Chip blocks dpunch and CRAY blocks pummel, so plan your strategy accordingly
(remember that this is all no-magic, but you can flee back to the end of the
bus maze).  After you have killed them, you can go back to the end of the
bus maze then go get the Axe if you want to, or if you want to skip it, then
skip this next part...(just go all south of end of bus maze to continue)

>From the end of the bus maze, go s, then unlock the wiring to the east.
Open it, go east.  The the south are 3 wires:  Omega Wire, Gamma Wire, and
the Main Power Cord.  The Omega and Gamma are relatively weak with only 2000
hps but the hit ***HARD***.  Trust me, you and your group will probably die
many times in here cuz they all hit so hard :)  In fact if anyone misses a
pummel on a mob, you are likely to die in a round if you are being attacked
(2 at the most).  Its easier to get rid of the Gamma and Omega wires ASAP
then focus your attack on the Main Power Cord.  Max out your wimpy(and then
some) then rush in and fight till they are dead!  (Don't worry, they don't
sac so dying isnt a big deal).  The Main Power Cord has the Axe of Negative
Infinity and also wearing a varnish so you will have to attack the main
cord with non-piercing weapons.

Go all south from end of bus maze and unlock the barrier with key you got
from the CRAY.  To the south is the Goofy Wizard.  He's not anti-rune, but
he spits acid.  He's pretty weak so go kill him and get his key.  After you
have gotten the key, go north, unlock and open the wafer down...

Before you go down, choose some 50 level avatar as a postman and have that
person stay above the wafer, as its all NO-MAGIC down there and once you
enter, you CAN"T get back out until you have killed the Borg.  Once you have
decided on someone, then go down and backstab the electrons FAST!  And I do
mean FAST.  The electrons are pretty wimpy as tehy only have 90-100, and are
not sancted.  However, there are a LOT of them and they hit kinda hard once
they gang up on you (yes they are aggressive).  They are also SACCERS, so
whatever you do, make sure that they die!  What I do is set an alias to
"Backstab electron", then I run down and hit that alias like mad.  The
electrons also wander around, so be careful not to get jumped.  Go all down,
then all south(clearing out electrons).  This is a safe room, mobs cant
enter this room, so catch a breather here or if you fuck up and miss a
backstab and cant help but flee, then pray that you flee to this room.  Its
still NO-MAGIC in this room, so you will have to have the postman summon you
out if you are low on hps.  From the safe room, you can go west to the Mega
Proton (holding the Atom), or you can go east to the Borg.  I strongly
recommend that you go east and kill the Borg first since he has the key out
of this no-magic place.  Clean out the electrons to the east FIRST (the
Borg's not aggro so don't worry about him till electrons are dead).  You can
then call in your postman for extra help against the Borg but he's pretty
weak anyway.
Once you kill the Borg and get the wire key off him, you can go 2w back to
the safe room, unlock the glass floor down to the Infinite Grid where you
can quaff up if needed.  Make your way back to the wafer and postman and
then everyone can go down and south back to the safe room to the take on the
Proton.  Kill electrons to the west, then you can either wait for the
electrons in Proton's room to come out, or you can run in and have one
person backstab electrons while the rest pummel the proton(yes the proton is
aggro).  Once you kill them all, get the Atom, then east and down back to
the infinite grid...


>From where you went throught the glass door back to the grid, just go east
and look up...unlock the box with the Borg's wire key, and go up.  You are
in yet another maze (directions are given in a map carried by a drunken
immort but here they are: e, w, u, s, e, n, w, d, u.  Don't worry if it
looks like you passed throught the grid agian.. its an illusion  :)  You
should be at the end of the maze (DONT drop anything here, its a drop-to
room, drops back to the grid)  Up from here is the Lazy God.  Its a 2 person
room, so choose 2 people to go up and take on the god.  You can flee from
the god back downwards to quaff.  However, the God reflects and can cause a
bit of span, and he also dpunches and disarms, so watch your weapon.  Once
the god is killed pick the Alpha door to the west and open it.. Now you are
ready for...

Because of the 2 person room the god was in (I'll call it the God Room), you
are going to have to feed your group through 2 at a time :)  Plan your group
out so that you can make an organized rush up and west to fight the three
DATS (its ok to use the name 1.mob, 2.mob, 3.mob here).  The DATs are
aggessive and will attack the first two people who enter the room, so make
sure to plan this as well (plan your rescues etc).  Once you have killed the
DATs, you are ready for the next EQ mob:  The Gigantic Magnet.  Just down
from the 3 dats is the magnet and another DAT.  Choose someone to take care
of the DAT, while everyone else pummels the magnet(and make sure to kill the
magnet before your whole group dies as the magnet hits hard and SACS!)  The
magnet's also vanished...meaning don't use piercing weapons.  Get the Sticky
Data Tape from the Magnet and the Beta key from the DAT's corpse.  (At this
point Im not sure if you can burn keys by breath attacks, so if the DAT dies
before the magnet, try to drop the key ASAP before it fries to be on the
safe side).

You are now ready to go up and send someone out to unlock the beta door to
the south with the beta key (duh!), and open the door.  Now plan your rush
throught the god room again, going east, then south to the 3 electrical
arcs.  This'll be trickier because the arcs hit HARD so if the group is slow
in going in, then itll just be like a meat grinder here with 2 avatars dying
at a time :)

Also, this room is underwater, which spams you a little with the drowning
messages.  Once the arcs are dead, you are ready to go down where there is
another arc guarding the fusebox.  Choose someone to take on the arc, while
everyone else pummels the fusebox (same thing as magnet...fusebox has to die
ASAP before the whole group!)  Fusebox is also varnishied, so no piercing.
Get the Weird Fuses from the fusebox, and Chi key from the arc corpse and
get out of there (up, north, down for example).  Now have someone go into
the god room, unlock the chi door north, open it, then plan yet another
organized group rush to fight the 3 Win95 mobs.  Kill em and you are ready
to go down to Bill Gates and another Win95 mob.  SOmeone take on the Win95,
everyone else pummel Bill (again, Bill HAS to die before group does, he
SACS).  Yep Bill's varnishied too, no piercing.  Get Dorky Glasses from dear
old Bill's corpse, and Delta key from WIn95.  Finally go up, send someone to
unlock and open the Delta door, leading to the 3 Binary Nubers.  Plan your
group rush as usual, but be wary, as the Binary Numbers SAC, but they are
not that tough (quite a bit easier than the Win95 mobs).  Clean em out and
congratz!  You have killed all the saccers in the zone!  Now you are ready
to laugh and smash Unknown's face so and get his password (heh-heh),
unlock tghe account up from the god room, then go up there and re-group up
there... now you are ready for the Dreaded Prisms.


This part is probably the nastiest part of the zone and has claimed the most
deaths, but yet at the same time, arguably the most fun part  :)  Its ironic
too since the prisms dont really hit all that hard.  However, they do
reflect, and cause one HELL OF A SPAM!!  For the first prism, just pummel it
and keep an eye on your hps, quaffing every now and then to stay alive.  Try
not to lose link or you'll die!  Once the prism is dead, the next room has
two prisms.  Split your group up to take on the prisms separeately and this
time the spam's a LOT worse.  Most likely you wont even be able to tell
what's going on, so just keep quaffing even though you think your hps full
up (and this is NOT the time be miserly with your ambrosias because dying
and losing a con point is a LOT more expensive than using up 200
ambrosias!).  When the two prisms are finally dead, gate a demon and get
more vials as the next room has three prisms!  Split your group up again,
and just run in and try to have one prism per person and just basically
start quaffing blindly as the spam will even be worse than ever.  You are
probably going to use up around 200 ambrosias or more here.  You are also
probably going to lose link if you have a slow connection.  When they are
finally dead, take a well-deserved depp breather :)  You are now ready=

This part is either naster or easy, depending on how you play it.  Jobe's
got 10 shards in the room with him, and the shards hit a little hard and
group up against a single person.  I'd probably suggest having 2 people deal
with the shards (they only have about 500 hps each) while the rest pummel
Jobe (also a varnished mob).  Get the Cyber Cloak from Jobe (whoohoo!)
Finally you are ready for the last battle...

At long last you are finally able to kill that stupid bug who's been
taunting you the whole time!  From Jobe's room, go up.  Do NOT even try to
take on Chaos (Chaos spits acid, SACS, and its a slide room to Ancient Evil,
The Curse, Midnight Macabre, and other nasty spots).  Read the sign, heed
its warning and just go back down :)  (Dont worry, you are not REALLY going
back the way you came, its an illusion :)  Once again, from Jobe, go up,
down, then south.  Look up and you'll see a barrier.  Pick the barrier and
open it, then gate a demon as the room above is a NO-MAGIC room and doesn't
lead back down once you go up.
When you are ready, all healed up, and spelled up, go up and you are ready
to take on the Bug!  The bug blocks pummel, so dpunch him.  Also he can
blind everyone in the room, so set up an alias to heal yourself if (when )
you get blinded.  You can flee from the bug back to the NO-MAGIC room (how
nice).  However if you can get the bug to hunt you into the NO-MAGIC room,
evern better!  The bug's room is magic allowable so you can quaff in there,
so, if you can lure him out, then the room is safe for quaffing and remobing
blind after you flee from the bug in the no-magic room.  Once the bug is
dead get the silicon chip.

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