Simpsons WT (by Wilder, w/ Corrections by Yupa)
Version 1.1, April 19, 2003

You will need: 2+ Advanced Players
      Druid with Cloak

NOTE: This entire zone is no summon, which can get very annoying.  Closest place you
      can summon from is before entering the tv

From Market Square: 3s, d, s, d, w, 4s, 3d, open wall, n, u, open grate, u, e, enter tv

A. Khakis, Bart's Sneakers, Lisa Simpson's Necklace

   1. 2n, 4w, 3n: Willy <flame> *Yet Another Strange Lookin’ Key*

   2. unlock/open trapdoor, d: Doris <blocks>

   3. u, open door n, n: Skinner <aggro, reflects> *The Bathroom Key*

   4. 7s, unlock/open door, e: Nelson <aggro, bolt, disarm, 2-person room>, 
*The Playground Key*

   5. w, unlock/open glass, s: Bart Simpson <aggro w/o rune>, 
*Yet Another Strange Lookin’ Key*

   6. 2n, e: Ms. Krabappel, *The Key to Mrs. Hoover’s Room*
   7. w, 3n, unlock/open door, e: Mrs. Hoover <aggro w/o rune, frosts>, Lisa Simpson 
   8. w, s, 4e to get out of school.

B. Simpsons’ House

   1. n, 2e, slide e, n, open simpsons, n: Grandpa, *nuke plant key*

   2. u, w: Snowball II <maims, reflects> *bedroom key*

   3. e, unlock/open door n: Maggie <aggro, sacs, frosts> 

   4. s, w, n, unlock/open closet, e: get Tuxedo

   5. w, s, e, d, 2w: Santa’s Little Helper <scavenges> *Kitchen Key*

   6. 2e, unlock/open door n, n: Marge Simpson <flame, sacs>

C. Nuclear Power Plant

   1. s, w, 2s, e: Chief *Another Strange Lookin’ Key*

   2. unlock/open roadblock s, s: Mayor *Yet Another Strange Lookin’ Key*

   3. 4n: Guard <aggro>

   4. e (into parking lot): Employees, Smithers <reflects, flees> *Mr. Burns’ Key*
A. Employees and Smithers wander, block; need to find and kill Smithers

   5. all n, all e, 2n: more Useless mobs 
A. Bloodthirstys are Aggro, there's 3 or 4 of em wandering.
B. Deranged's block

   6. n, e, open trapdoor d, d, open bleep d, d

   7. From here on in, it's a 1 person maze; each person's gonna have to walk individually.
A. If you end up in the cell, recall out; of couse, since the zone is block summon
  in, you're gonna need to walk all the way back make sure you don't 
  take the wrong path.

   8. Maze: d, s, w, n, 2e, n, d, u, d, s, w, d, u, s, e, n

   9. You should all be in a room called End of Maze, with no open exits. Wait til everyone
      gets here, then continue.

   10. unlock/open titanium s, s: Mr. Burns, 9 Lawyers <aggro>, *key*
A. Fun part; End of Maze room is hot, next room isn't. Lawyers are aggro, but don't
      see through cloak.  Send a druid south, and quickly cloak; then blind or put the
  lawyers to sleep.

   11. n, unlock/open metal w, w, open door n, n: Homer Simpson <reflects, aggro> 
A. No Magic Room

EQ Mobs

Doris:        Khakis Pants (AC 13, 5/4 Leg)
Closet:       A Rotting Tuxedo (AC 15, HR 5, HP 75 Body)
Maggie:       Maggie’s Pacifier (AC 12, HR 7, Ego -10 Ring/Head)
Lisa:         Lisa Simpson’s Necklace (AC 10, HR 5,  HP 50 Neck)
Bart:         Bart’s Sneakers (AC 12, 4/5 Feet) 
Marge:        Marge’s Skillet (AC 15, 6/6 Shield)
Homer:        Homer’s Flaming Donut (HR 5, HP 50 Light)
              A Rod of Uranium 235: (7d7, HR 5, Armor -10 2-Attack Weapon,  Wield/Hold)

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