Mantra's Spider-Man Walkthrough
Version 1.0, October 28, 2002

You will need:  4 GOOD Advanced Players (2/Stunners apiece)
Buncha Druids
Recommended: An equipped Druid wouldn't hurt
    5-6 Players would be safer.  More the better.

From Market Square: 5w, u, w, 3n, e, d

**NOTE** I think every mob in this zone maims.

A)Main Streets
   1) Have everyone slide down.
   2) North are the main streets.  There's 3 types of mobs here
       a)  Cops - Not agressive thru rune
       b)  Citizens - Aggro thru rune, wandering, etc...
       c)  Dirty Thief - Thieves steal/sac eq from players, even if you're
                        wearing it.  They die quick though.
   3) Best way to do this is designate one person in the group to spam stun
      thief the entire time you're doing the main streets.  No matter what,
      he spamms stun thief, otherwise you're gonig to get eq sacced.
   4) Head all north taunting citizens, killing cops/thieves.  Once you
      get to the condemned building, go back all south.

B)Feathered Wing
   1) From the first room "SPIDER-MAN to the rescue!" of the zone go 2nw.
   2) West are 3 Young Reporters, they aren't agressive.
       a) kill them
   3) unlock/open n.  north is a secretary, kill her.
   4) unlock/open w.  West are more young reporters who
      wander.  They aren't agressive, but they assist.
   5) go 2u, killing reporters along the way.
   6) go d unlock/open door e.  Inside are 3 more young reporters
   7) kill them and go into the room.  unlock/open n.
       a) north is a mob jameson.  Kill him.
   8) Go swu and unlock/open e.
       a) East is first eq mob.  The Vulture.  he reflects and is
         in a no magic room, so have druid group heal.  Kill him and
         go back to the beginning.

C) Spidey Tracer
   1) From the first room "SPIDER-MAN to the rescue!" go 3ne.
       a) From here go east and unlock/open n.
       b) North is Aunt May, she's like the vulture.
         **NOTE** You can't actually get the tracer yet, but it's
                  easier to get may out of the way here.
   2) Go back to "SPIDER-MAN to the rescue!"

D) Electrical Burn
   1) From "SPIDER-MAN to the rescue!" go 5nw.
   2) West are Scared employees. Head west killing them
       a)  You can taunt scared employees.
   3) Once you've made it 4w, there's a exit down with some employees
      and two thugs.
       a)  Taunt the employees out first.
       b)  Split the group, kill the thugs.
   4) Once thugs are dead have the group rest.
   5) The rooms east and west are both two_person.  Send equipted chars
      in there to kill the thugs.  They're both no_magic.
       a)  Inside of these two_person rooms are panels.  The panels are portals
   6) Once the thugs are dead have 4 equipted chars simutaniously enter the
      portals and stun electro, then send other equipted chars/druids through
      the bottle neck and through the panels.
       a)  Electro is like the vulture.  No magic, reflect etc...etc...
   7) Go back to the first room of the zone "SPIDER-MAN to the rescue!"

E) A Line in the Sand
   1)  go 6ne from "SPIDER-MAN to the rescue!"
   2)  East are Bank Clients (tauntable) .  They're not aggro and die quickly.
        a) Once they're dead, go east and kill more.
        b) Once they're dead, go north and kill more.
   3)  Now you're in a room with 3 doors.  unlock/open the doors
       east and west, and kill both the mobs in there.
   4)  Now unlock/open the door north and kill the thug and teller.
   5)  Now go all south and there's a door east. DON'T OPEN IT!
        a) Inside of the room are 3 guards.  They hunt you as soon as you
           open the door, and they SAC! so split your group up prior and
           when you're ready, open the door and spam stun.
   6)  Once the guards are dead go all n and unlock/open n.
        a) Inside is sandman.  Sandman is like Vulture/May/Electro.
        b) The room sandman is in is a sinking room.  It sinks into
           the room the security guards were in.
   7)  Once he's dead, go 5se and get all from sandman.
   8)  Go back to the first room of the zone "SPIDER-MAN to the rescue!"

F) A Shimmering Illusion
   1)  From the first room of the zone "SPIDER-MAN to the rescue!" go 7nw
   2)  West are 10 kids.  They aren't aggro.  My advice is to envenom/decay
       them and wait for them to die.
   3)  west from the kids is a tour guide.  Kill it
   4)  Unlock/open w, go west (empty room)
   5)  Unlock/open n. north are 4 museum employees, all aggro.  Kill them.
   6)  Unlock/open e.  East is a mummy, kill it.
   7)  East is a farmer and a knight, kill them, both aggro and HIT HARD.
   8)  North is a sun god, a moon god, and a rain god, 3 mobs.  Kill them, all
   9)  West are 5 roman gladiators.  Kill them.
   10) North is a random slide room, on the other side of the slide room
       is mysterio.
         *NOTE* If you slide incorrectly, you're in the same room, so try 
         sliding again.
        a) Mysterio's just the same as the rest, no_magic, reflect... etc.
   11) Once he's dead go back to the mean streets, and go all north.

G) Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin
   1)  This is all north from "SPIDER-MAN to the rescue!"
   2)  Up are 2 types of mobs, whores and roaches.
        a) roaches are agressive/tauntable
        b) whores are non-aggro/ blocking.
   3)  Go up and kill all the roaches first, then taunt more out of the north.
   4)  Go north, then east, killing all the roaches/whores you find.
   5)  South is a slide room.  On the other side of the slide room are 3
       roaches.  Split your group then all simutaniously slide south and 
       kill em'.
   6)  unlock/open n.  North is a Dog.  Kill it.
   7)  Open grass/g all grass.  unlock/open d.
   8)  Down is hobgoblin.
        a) he spits acid. but is otherwise like every other eq mob.
   9)  Once he's dead go n, s, e and unlock/open cover.

H) Spider-Man's Mask, Spidey's Web-Shooter
   1)  Down are the NYC sewers.  directions from the cover are d, e, d, s, e, 
n, s, e, d 
   2)  Along the way there are rats.  Rats don't see through shadow and
       are sleepable.  But they're also tauntable.  So taunt if you can,
       otherwise sleep em.
   3)  Once you've made it through the maze you're in a room with a portal
       named "pipe".  On the other side of the pipe is spiderman, who's aggro
       so everyone enter the pipe simultaneously and stun spidey.

I) Massive Metallic Arm.
   1)  From the room with spiderman go down.
   2)  From each eq mob you got keys named "key one" "key two" "key three"
       "key 4"
       **NOTE** the mobs you get them from are: Mysterio, Electro, Vulture,
   3)  Get out the keys and unlock/open n. 
        a)  North is 1 Robotic Guard
   4)  Once he's dead unlock/open n.
        a)  North again are 2 robotic guards.
   5)  Once he's dead unlock/open n.
        a)  North again are 3 robotic guards. One has A Serial Number.
   6)  Once they're dead unlock open n.
        a)  Inside is Doctor Octopus.
        b)  You need to maim him.
        c)  He wears resist piercing eq.
   7)  Doctor Octopus has 4 massive metallic arms.  1 is the real one.
       the others are fakes.  if you like, you can just type drop all.fake.

J) Getting Tracer.
   1)  Recall and go back to Aunt May's house.
   2)  unlock/open u.  unlock/open desk.  the tracer's in the desk


EQ Mobs
Vulture:         A Feathered Wing (Armor/AC 20, HR 5 Arm)
Aunt May:        Spider-Tracer (6/3 Neck)
Electro:         Electrical Burn (AC 11, 2/3 Rune)
Sandman:         A Line in the Sand (HR 3/ Dex 1 Tattoo)
Mysterio:        Shimmering Illusion (7/5 Ring)
Hobgoblin:       A Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin (HR 5, Armor -15 Hold container)
Spidey:          Spider-Man's Mask (AC 15, Dam 5/ HP 100 visor)
                 Spidey's Web-Shooter (AC 15, 6/5 Wrist/Hands)
Robotic Guard:   A Serial Number (AC 12, 2/3 Brand)
Doctor Octopus:  A Massive Metallic Arm (8d8, HR 8/Armor -15, 3-Attack Bite PK 
3 Fake Metallic Arms (Mob-Only Resist Pierce EQ)

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