Yupa's Star Wars Walkthrough
Version 1.0, October 30, 2002

You will need:  3 Advanced Players (2 stunners each)
Recommended:   More stunners never hurt

From Market:  6e, 3n, 2w, 5n, all e, all s, all e, all u, 3n, e, ent display

A. Power of the Force

   1. 2n: 2 Jawa <aggro, assist, stalk, see cloak>

   2. open hatch, n:  3 Jawa 

   3. e:  3 Jawa

   4. u:  4 Jawa

   5. w:  4 Jawa

   6. open door, n:  C3P0, R2D2 - blind/dispel (w/druid), *A Shiney key*
a. No magic room.  Spell up as much as you can;  There's a proc in that 
           C3PO will attack you when you attack R2, whether he's blind or not, 
           so just kill both.

   7. s, e, d, w, unlock hatch, open hatch, 2n:  4 Tuskan Raiders <Aggro?, 

   8. open rock, e:  Obi Wan Kenobi <reflect>

B. Wookie Belt

   1. open door, 2n:  2 Stormtrooper <aggro, assist?>

   2. open door, w: 5 smugglers <Aggro, coward, scavenge, gas, see cloak, not 
a. One of these guys has a *Smelly Key*, which you will need to get.

   3. Once you have the key, work your way all w & s, unlock/open door w, w, u

   4. w: Chewbacca <aggro>, Wookie Belt

C. Flowing Silk Dress

   1. e, pick hatch n, open hatch n, n: 4 Stormtroopers 

   2. n: 2 Stormtroopers

   3. w: 2 Stormtroopers

   4.bash door west until it breaks, w, n:  2 Stormtroopers

   5. pick & open cell n, n:  Leia <2 person>
a. 2 person room.  Pick your best stunners, and go in.

D. High-Powered Spotlight

   1. s, open grate e, e: acid mob

   2. e, s (flying dt), s: 2 Troopers
the flying DT is a 1-person room; just move fast and take your targets

   3. s: 5 troopers

   4. s, ent doorway, n,w,n,e,w,2n,e,s,n
a. Going east is a slide; send a naked druid east, you'll either end up 
           somewhere lost, in which case summon the druid back and try again; 
           or you'll be in the cave; if you make it to the cave, summon the 
           other players in.

   5. e, s: Wampa

   6. open ice, w, n: Imperial Probe Droid

   7. 2n: 3 Imperial Troopers <Kill Imperial only>
  a. From here on, there's two trooper types: Rebel and Imperial.  Rebels 
           are the good guys, don't fight em.  Just kill imperials, and the 
           rebels will actually help you!
        b. From here on in, loot all corpses.  There's a few on the ground 
           initially, they have frozen rations in em.  1 will eventually have a 
           key, so loot em all.

   8. n: 2 Imperial Troopers 

   9. n: Imperial Trooper

   10. e: 2 Imperial Troopers

   11. w, n:  AT-AT

E. Python Necklace, Master Control

   1. w, n, unlock door, open door, e, d, w, n, enter doorway, 2e: A Swamp 

   2. (optional?) s, open cave, e:  Yoda <2 person>, Python Necklace

   3. Otherwise, go 3s, w:  Image of your Fears

   4. enter tree, open door, s, e, open door n, n, open door e, enter 
      730619476, open n, n, pick door, open door n, n:  Lando <aggro?, sacs>

   5. get key strongbox, 2s, w, s, 2w, n, e, n:  3 Stormtroopers

   6. unlock door, open door, n:  3 Stormtroopers 

F. Rancor Claws   

   1. n, slide d, 2s:  Bib Fortuna, *Key to Jabba’s Palace*

   2. unlock gate, open gate:  Gammorean Guards <aggro, wanders in>
a. Taunt em if you can.  Get em all killed, then continue, taunting and 

   3. 2s: more guards
   4. open door, w:  Han Solo <sacs>, Boushh, *Key to the Throne Room*

   5. e, unlock & open door, taunt 2 Gammorean Guards s

   6. s: Jabba, 2 Smugglers, Salacious Crumb
a. This is why you should taunt the 2 guards out first; You'll need to 
           keep Jabba and the 2 smugglers stunned.  Don't worry about crumb 
           though; Just put 1 person each on smuggler, 2.smuggler, and Jabba
b. This is a sink room, down.  Mobs there, I think sac, so don't die at 
           Jabba. Heh.

   7. open grate, d: Half Eaten Corpse <aggro, think they sac>

   8. w: 2 Half Eaten Corpse

   9. w: Rancor

G. Ewok Spear

   1. enter doorway: 2 Speeder Biker <aggro>, AT-DT <not aggro, assist>
a. The next part: Bikers are aggro, AT-DT aren't.  Take out bikers 
           first, then deal with the AT-DTs.

   2. e: 3 Speeder Bikers, AT-DT

   3. e: 4 Speeder Bikers, AT-DT

   4. e: Speeder Biker, 2 AT-DTs

   5. e: 2 Speeder Bikers, 2 AT-DTs

   6. e: Imperial Commander   *Wooden Key*

   7. 3w, u: 5 Ewoks
a. Annoying little buggers; assign a char on each to stun. 
   8. unlock & open wood w, u: 3 Ewoks
   9. e: 2 Ewoks

   10. u: 5 Ewoks

   11. e: Wicket

H. Mask of Vader, Dark Force Ring, A Jedi Lightsaber

   1. w, d, w, d, w, enter doorway, n: 2 Royal Imperial Guards

   2. 2n: 3 Royal Imperial Guards  *Key to the Emperor’s Throneroom*

   3. unlock & open door, n: Darth Vader <aggro, reflects>

   4. n: Emperor <aggro, reflects>

   5. n: Luke Skywalker <reflects>

   6. n, enter doorway, get (6) Star Wars Pins, d to Town

EQ Mobs

Obi Wan:        Power of the Force (2/3 Rune)
Chewbacca:      Wookie Belt (AC 15, DR 5/HP 100 About)
Princess Leia:  A Flowing Silk Dress (AC 20, 5/5 Body)
AT-AT:          High Powered Spotlight (HR 5/HP 50 Light)
Yoda:           Python Necklace (DR 5/HP 75 Neck)
Lando:          Master Control (2/3 Badge)
Rancor:         Rancor Claws (AC 10, 6/6 Hands)
Wicket:         Ewok Spear (6D8, 6/8 2-Attack Pierce Weapon, Wield/Hold)
Darth Vader:    Mask of Vader (AC 20, 6/6 Head)
The Emperor:    Dark Force Ring (AC 15, HR 6/Mana 100 Ring)
Luke:           A Jedi Lightsaber (6D11, 6/8 3-Attack Slash Weapon, Wield/Hold)

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