Yupa's Tapestry Walkthrough
Version 1.0, October 30, 2002

You will need:  3 Advanced Players
Recommended: Lots of Potions
HP Gear
Acid EQ

From Market Square:  s, 3e, 2s, 5w, 4n, e, 4n, 2e, 5n, 3u, 2e 

A. Going through the Motions
   - This part of Tap is pretty easy to figure out.  Go in the only direction 
     that's safe (i.e. has a name that isn't like all the other exits, and 
     isn't the room you were just in), kill mob, repeat as necessary.  At some 
     point, mobs will start to reflect.

   1. d: The Yeti <aggro>

   2. n: A Zombie

   3. w: The Field Giant

   4. s: The Runaway

   5. d: The Mud Addict

   6. e: The Leather Shopkeeper

   7. u: The Incarnation of Tapis

   8. d: The Sand Crab

   9. s: The Congresswoman

   10. u: The Hill Giant

   11. n: A criminal

   12. w: A Spark of Electricity 

   13. w: The Tritan
   14. w: The Clock Worker

   15. e: A dainty deer

   16. e: The Librarian

   17. u: The Grand Master of Ceremonies <reflect>

   18. d: The Displacer Beast

   19. d: The Oasis

   20. u: The taker of lost souls, Charion

   21. e: Barney, the Purple Dinosaur

   22. w: A Witch

   23. d: The Pope

   24. n: 2 The Gate Guards <Not aggro!, reflect>

   25. e, n: A Thorn Bush <aggro, reflects, sacs>

   26. e, n, 2w, 2n, e, n  > 2 person rooms <

B. The Threads

   - Now you're in a room with multiple thread portals, each with a different  
     color.  Next part is where the fun begins; each portal leads to >>2   
     person<< rooms; with about 4-8 aggro mobs that wander in each thread.     
     You'll have to kill them, using 2 characters, to continue.  Each thread 
     consists of 2-person rooms all the way up to the EQ mob, where the room 
     has no character limit.

   - Once the mobs (acolytes and/or priests) are all dead (about 4-8 per 
     thread), you can continue along the paths as written, until you get to the 
     EQ Mob.  Use strategy here, since they're the tough guys that do fun stuff 
     like maim and sac.

C. Shroud of Turin

   1. Enter white, 2w, 2n, 2d, s, e, 2d, 4w, u: The Apostle <not aggro, acid, 
      maims, sacs>

   2. Enter tapestry

D. Feet of the Umber Hulk

   1. Enter cyan, d, n, d, s, e, n, u, s, u: The Umber Hulk <not aggro, 
      reflects, sacs>

   2. Enter tapestry

E. Gauntlets of Gorgon

   1. Enter red, d, n, e, s, 2d, w, 2n, d: Gorgon <aggro, doesn’t see cloak,  
      reflects, sacs>

   2. Enter tapestry

F.  Pitch Hood of the Mindflayer

   1. Enter green, 3e, s, e, s, 4u: The Master Mindflayer <not aggro, reflects, 
   2. Enter tapestry

G. Collar of the Krakan
   1. Enter yellow, u, n, e, n, u, 3e, s, e: The Krakan <not aggro, reflect, 

   2. Enter tapestry

H. Rainbow Wings of the Couatl

   1. Enter magenta, 2w, n, 2d, s, w, n, u, s: Couatl <aggro, sacs> 

   2. Enter tapestry

I. Decapitated Head of Tapis

   1. Enter black, 3s, 2w, 3s, u, 2e, s:  Tapis <aggro, sacs>

   2. Enter tapestry

EQ Mobs

Yeti: Pelt of Yeti
The Leather Shopkeeper: A pair of Leather Pants  (AC 8, 4/5 Leg)
A Criminal: Spiked Leather Wristband (AC 6, HR 3/Armor -7 Wrist)
The Librarian: Dictionary (Wis 10/Con 10 Hold)
Barney: Gleaming Tooth of Bahr'ne (HR 5/Armor -10 Light)
Thorn Bush: Ring of the Rose Bush (AC 12, 4/5 Ring)
Apostle: Bloody Shroud of Turin
Umber Hulk: Feet of the Umber Hulk
Gorgon: Gauntlets of Gorgon
Master Mindflayer: Pitch Hood of the Mindflayer (AC 13, 7/7 Head)
Krakan: Collar of the Krakan   (AC 11, 5/5 Neck)
Couatl: Rainbow Wings of the Couatl
Tapis: Decapitated Head of Tapis (9d6, 6/7 3-Attack Bite 

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