Yupa's TimeQuest Walkthrough
Version 1.0, September 12, 2002

You will need:  1 Character; a mid-level dual should be able to handle this.
Recommended: Bring an additional post (summoning) character, it'll save you some walking.

From Market Square:  13w, 2s, e, n, 2w, s, w, 2s, n, kill guard (time key), 
2u, unlock/open hatch s, s, open hatch s, s, w, s, kill bandits (timecontrol),
u, unlock/open door w, w, s, say code <4th digit agent>, post summoner, then:

> Drow <   

w, open boulder, say code <3rd digit agent>, summon back

> Klingon <   

e, pick/open barrier, w, 2n, open wall, w, open metal, w, s, open door w, w,
kill shipmaster (engineer's key), e, n, e, s, unlock/open hatch s, s, w, use 
switch, e, 2n, e, n, w, open hatch w, w, 3n, open hatch n, n, kill commander
(captain's remote), 4s, 2e, 3s, unlock/open glass, s, say code <2nd digit agent> 
(aztec symbol), summon back

> Galaxy <

3n, e, 3n, u, s, kill Aries (spring shoot), 3e, kill Capricorn (winter branch),
3e, kill Libra (autumn leaf), 3e, kill Cancer (summer flower), n, unlock/open
forcefield, u, unlock/open you, u, n, w, 2n, unlock/open you, 2e, s, w, 
unlock/open you, s, w, 2s, w, 2s, say code <1st digit agent>, summon back

> The Finish < 

s, n, unlock/open throne, d, kill king (schokolade), unlock/open door w, w,
enter _ _ _ _ (the 4 digits you obtained from the time agents), open barrier,

...then summon in the poor sap who hit the DT, or if it's you, my condolences.

Yupa's Notes:

1. TimeQuest is for when you hit a DT.  You can recover SOME, but NOT ALL, or 
your equipment.  But hey, better some of it than none at all.

2. You need to obtain 4 digits from Time Agents.  The codes they give are 
random each time, so the numbers you get from one TQ run will be different from
the next.

3. Use "say code" to the agents; they will reveal the secret code digit and then
attack you.  Using the ' mark for say, or some alias or whatever won't work.  You 
have to type the word S - A - Y.

4. After getting the code from the agent in the Time Machine, there are 3 other
agents throughout the mud.  I've noted each area separately, in case you want to
walk to the zone instead of using the gates in the Time Machine.  It's alot 
easier to leave a summoner though. 

5. There are a few DTs to watch out for:  On the Klingon Ship, there's a hatch
somewhere that will suck you into a DT, but it should be marked....also, I think
that it won't open until you shut down the generator (use switch).  In Galaxy,
there's also a DT somewhere, but so long as you stick to the directions, you should
be ok.  And Drow, ok, unless you totally skip the simple directions to the Drow
agent, you could find yourself in way more trouble than you should be getting
into for a simple task.

6. In the past, I've run TQ and found that one or two agents are missing, usually
the Drow agent, and sometimes the Galaxy one as well.  If you're short 1 digit, just
guess it, it'll take 10 tries tops.  Short 2, well, that'll take a 100 guesses at 
most... might want to see if an imm can see why the agent's were missing.

Bonus Note:  In the treasure chamber, there's a few items that are normally in there, that
 didn't belong to the DTed person.  Most of it's crap, like wing boots and Consequence Sufferor,
 but there is one nifty little gem....the Olive Leaf!  This is basically a portable Mallins;
 drop it on the ground wherever you are, and you'll regenerate every tic as if you were in 
 Mallins/Club Resting Room!  Just don't forget to pick it up when you're done.

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