Tiwa WT by SICK  half asleep

from market.. s,3e,2s,2w,4s,e,n,2e,2n,4u,n,d,s, enter lava, d,n,e,n,e,n open obsidian east

next area is with ghosts, spirits, skeletons, and phantoms.. they are agro but not through shadow.. i think skeletons and phantoms maim.. might be one of the two. all of these guys have 2-3 screams through ac. ghosts do not wander.. spirit, phantom, and skeleton do.. clone's follow up to a few rooms in. then stop.. then follow again.. you'll have to clone up 3 different times.
ok so from obsidian, east, blind dispel constrict all mobs.. fortify so mobs dont walk in on you while fighting sometime's they walk in even if you have fortify.. and you get wiped out. re shadow up after each room. follow the path.
i think dirs from obsidian are e,n,e,u,s, clones stop following after this room. w,s,s,u,6s..  this should be dead end.  at the gates of tiwa in room title.. after the whole path is clear.. go back 4 north or so.. where it says something about a head on a stick.. hidden door to the east called head. (MAKE SURE YOU DONT OPEN THE HEAD TO THE WEST.. THAT IS A DT so ive heard)

now east is 1 person room just 1x1 room.. fleeable no magic. mob is witch doctor.. blindable. has bone bracelet.. and bone key to unlock tiwa gates. doesnt hit too bad. after witch go back west and all south.

unl gate e/open gate  east of here is princess warrior's clone's dont follow in until after you pass gates.. princess warriors are agro through rune/shadow their is a total of 3 warriors in a room that dont wander.. but some princess warriors do wander.. if their is more than 3 in a room or less than 3 in a room you can taunt them. follow path all east. 7 or so rooms, 2 north, east of here is 3 more princesses. but you have to reclone once you enter this room, after this room go east clone's follow

this room east of the warriors is no magic.. this is a 4x3 grid area with mobs that arent agro thru rune.. their are 3 boys and 3 girls who flee from you and die really fast.. they SAC! so kill them first.. also their is mob with string of charms name caregiver.. fleeable.. what i do is have clone's follow in from the last princess room which is a magic room.. just have them assist and not waste mana on boy's/girls.. then  i constrict and dispel the caregiver.. set wimpy to max.. and order clone's to either web or harm caregiver while i stun like mofo.. caregiver hits really hard. if you gotta flee and heal up go back to the last princess warrior room and heal up and clone up(magic room) and go back to caregiver for round 2..  after dead you get a key.. and charms 

next follow path back all w,2s,2w, south of here is 3 more warriors.. i dont think clone's follow in.. then back north.. we'll come back here later. go about 5 more west and look north.. 

their should be a gate to the north. unlock that with the key u got from caregiver. once again 3 more warriors.. clone's dont follow in. after this their is a secret so you dont have to fight some hard mobs guarding the queen. elite guards or something.. if you dont know about this secret you gotta unlock a door or gate north and your in a 4x3 room with elite guards who block.. the far north west room is a safe room. the far north middle room is queen and 2 princesses. far north east room the elite guards can go as well as all the rooms south of the northern area. but safe room and queen room the elites cant go..  ok.. so that being said.. lets do the secret cuz those elite guards howl.. from our dead pile of 3 warriors.. go w, unl hidden up, u, open door north, 3n, open door north, open hidden down, down,  check this out.. were in the safe room! :) clone's dont follow from here but east is the queen and 2 princesses.. magic room princesses are agro through shadow so kill them first.. they're not too hard, kinda like princess warriors. you can blind these one's too and pick em off one by one.. i shadow up blind, feign, go back to safe room and repeat to pick em off one by one.. also make sure wimpy is off again.. u dont wanna flee into elite's. after they are dead. can only really constrict the queen.. this bitch is hard. tons of hp.. hits semi hard.. usually i hit turbo just to make it easier.. and the rest of the zone can be done before turbo runs out. after queen is dead grab her headdress.. and open the throne to get the bondage straps.. then go back w,u,3s,d,e,2s,5 east or so.. then back south to where we killed the warriors and said we'd come back :)

ok south from our previous dead warriors is a golden statue.. use the key u got from the queen to unlock statue down,...1 PERSON AREA except mummy rooms. this area has fire scarabs.. 2-3 screams.. die in a few rounds.. wander.. agro through rune/shadow. this area also has 4 mummified matriarchs.. 3 of them wield fake alma's.. they arent agro.. howl.. and are fleeable.. cant spell up.. just constrict.  one of these fire scarabs has an ivory key.. and corpses fall to the room north of the golden statue. the real alma is on the mummy all down.. then theirs a mummy to the east and west.. the mummy to the west is the correct mummy for alma.

k.. after that go back to golden statue room. north and grab your loot. now hurry n,2e,3n,unl gate w with ivory key. ok west of here has 2 princess warriors in each room.. that dont wander and a male tiwa guy.. who isnt agro but SACS..  clone's dont follow after the first room with them. west from this room is another room with 2 warriors and 1 male.. now clone's will follow west from here..

ok west of here is high priestess with eye of god.. non agro can spell up.. doesnt block.. howls..  but be carefull their are also regular priestess that are agro through shadow.. they are about as tuff as a warrior.. high priestess might block south and north exits.. i forget.. but east isnt blocked.  from high priestess(eye of god) go north east.. east from this room is nacimeto.. keyword god. agro through rune/shadow howls.. thru sanc.. clone's follow through this last area.. spell up and take advantage of turbo.. this is hard fight without it.. even with it..  dispel blind constrict that mofo.. and order web on him and throw in a few harms when u can. he's got the bloodstained ethereal armor. after that bitch is dead. go 2 west 3 south, east.. east from here is Muerte.. key word god.. same deal as Nacimeto.. get glorious random from muerte and thats it :)   

this is written just off the top of my head at 1:30 am.. so maybe ill organize it a bit better sometime.  if your bored.. read the description while your zoning this place.. its got a cool storyline

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