Yupa's TMNT Walkthrough
Version 2.0, November 16, 2002

You will need:  2-3 Advanced Players

From Market Square: 3s, d, s, all e, 2n, e, n, d

A. Easton Batbag, Bebop's Groovy Shades

   1. 2n: rats 

   2. e, n, e

   3. Send an unequipped druid 2n, e, n, open wall n, close wall s
a. Scare mobs as you go.  Mobs are aggro w/out rune and sac, so just blow
  past em.

   4. w: Cobwebs <aggro>
a. This part is all 2 person rooms til Splinter.

   5. n, e
a. Clearing the cobwebs as you go

   6. s: Splinter <aggro w/out rune, maims>, *Key*
a. This is the end of 2 person section.  Bring the rest of the group to here, then kill.

   7. Using an unequipped druid w/ the Key: n, w, s, e, open wall s, s, w, 2s, unlock/open manhole, u, e, s, e, s, w:  Casey <aggro w/out rune>, Easton Batbag
a. More mobs to scare as you go.
b. Summon group in when you get to Casey, or right before
   8. Get all dumpster(key), unlock/open door n, 2n, all w: Reporters <wander, aggro>

   9. n: Vern, *Key*

   10. s, all e, s, unlock/open door e
a. more reporters.

   11. e: Rocksteady <aggro/stun>, Bebop <aggro/stun>, Bebop's Groovy Shades

B. Mark of the Foot Elite, Shredder's Claws

   1. Send an unequipped Druid for this one.

   2. ent hole, slide, n, e, d, n, s, e, d, w, u, w, s, w, n, n, u

   3. u, all n
a. Run past the foot soldiers.  If you're fast enough, you won't get pegged.
b. #12 sacs, which is why I say send an unequipped char.

   4. When druid is past them, summon group in, get elite.

   5. e: Krang <aggro>, Shredder <aggro, Speed>, Metallic Claws

C. Turtles

   1. Enter screen: Donatello, Brain
   2. n: Michelangelo, Whirling Numchucks

   3. e: Raphael, Blood Red Armbands

   4. s: Leonardo, Leonardo's Unmerciful Blade

EQ Mobs

Casey: Easton Batbag
Bebop: Bebop's Groovy Shades
On Ground: Mark of the Foot Elite
Shredder: Metallic Claws
Donatello: Brain
Michelango: Whirling Numchucks
Raphael: Blood Red Armbands
Leonardo: Leonardo's Unmerciful Blade

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