Tolkeen by waylander

Go to rifts u 4n w open gates u 4n ent rift n kill rpa w kill rpa
open rubble n
N u

Southern Quadrant
Go s kill warlord get key ent rift look for cyber knight with a pass
find and kill him(they assist but arnt agro and can be spelled up)
Return to rift

Northern Quadrant
N kill warlord ent rift unlock door kill keymaster
2s all w d give pass to kueda receive Mobius

Eastern Quadrant
E kill warlord
Ent rift open door e
When u go e 2 hunting mobs will hunt in daemonixs ( be careful they
disarm maim and burn as well) kill them
From entering rift go 2 e s u is 2 rpas u can quaff and flee kill em
1 u from rpas is Fury kill him for wings or fury(about with fly)
Feet Iron from rift room 3 e n and kill mob he isn't agro but is in
a no magic
Reflect mob
From rift all e and peek s Warlord Scarb make sure have fly for
flying dts
Kill dogs with a naked druid they die one solar flare just spam it
Warlord is agro but not anti trash 2 blades kick his ass no quaff no

Western Quadrant
Ent rift u randomly slide into diff rooms only agro mobs are grunts

Sword wristband(5 dam -20 ac) hunt Malik open door w 1w 2 agro
guards kill em
S pick noentry open e malik not agro no magic

Dynamo armor(6dam -20 ac) hunt smith open hidden let defenders
wander out
d no magic no flee hits hard

Yoricks skull and Ring of theElder
Back to nexus unlock secret u ent rift u u d d w e w e (non agro
blocking mobs on the way that assist expendables) n n open chamber
n king agro no magic
Open secret follow path eventually u have to slide to right room
treasure room
If not have to go back and try again
N Salkind agro no magic Yorick skull like 5 dam -13 ac blade holdable

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