Most of the equipment rooms are maxlevel 35 advanced (marked with a *), but
  up until you get to the mob with the zephyr belt you can take advanced with
  to help you out.  After that point you are on your own since the entire zone
  is block summon, block visit, block gate and any other block possible.

1.     14e 3n 2e 2n w 2n u 4w 3n w

2.   * 2w s 
       - Liza (Lace Petticoat - 9ac, 3 hit, 3 dam)
       - Mule (saddlebag - waist, about container)

3.     n w 2n - (3) Altar Boy (1 backstab should do the trick)
       open door e - Sylvia, very hard, and blocks flee(amethyst rosary: )

4.     The door in 5 is pickable so you can skip this part by going w,2s,w,n
     * w 2s w s - Allie(shot: liquid container)
     * u - Sheb (carving knife: & key)

5.     d, 2n, unlock/open backdoor , n
       This is the front porch - from here is scorpions, they roam, agro, and gas
         and the rooms after this are all hot

6.     4w, n, w, n, 3w, s, 3w, s, open trapdoor, d, kill daemon, get key
         room is not maxlevel and mob does not see shadow so bring an advanced
         druid, shadow him, then go down and spell the mob up.

7.   * u n 2w n w w, kill Spirit (zephyr belt: ).  This mob blocks magic, and 
       remembers so don't die or there is a nasty cr

8.     Unlock/open stone 2n, u, open hole n, n
       The next few rooms are a 1 person bottleneck so peek before you enter.
       2d, n  This is the first regular room of the maze.  Two kinds of mobs,
       mutants and mutant leaders, both roam.  Mutants are pretty easy and don't
       see invis.  Leaders are sanc, agro, scavenge and see through invis.  One
       of the leaders has the gatekey but he should be on the way to the gate.

9.     Here's the directions for the mountain maze, watch for mobs on the
       way, since they roam and are agro and leaders scavenge but not sac.
       2n, 2e, then follow the path.  Watch for the flying dt.  After the flying
       dt there are no more mobs so go all north to the gate.

10.    Unlock/open gate, go north.  Set wimpy to about %50 and spell up and
       have druids make charmies.  Next mob is Walter.  He blocks magic, blocks
       most attacks (pummel, dpunch, etc), blocks backstab and hits real hard.
       He also maims and casts archy spells.  Once you flee out (hopefully, you
       flee out), just wait for your charmies to either die or kill him and go
       in and clear out the corpse.
         gold pendant: ac 10, 5 hitroll, 4 damroll
         tarot cards: wisdom 6 constitution 6 - great levelling eq
         basalt staff: 6d6, damroll 5, hitroll 4, 2 attack
         Jawbone of Walter the Wizard: 7 ac, 4 hitroll, 75 mana, earring, eye, visor

  I'll go back and fill in the equipment as I get it again and remember what
  the new stats are.

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