Vampire Quest - by SICK 8/2010
NOTES: bring a lot of quaffs.. and dont spam stun in this zone.. prepare to quaff and stun when possible.
you can also do this quest with any character.. and end the quest with whatever character you want to have the flag


---Section 1----

2n, open door north,
small spider - agro, dies in about 3 rounds (bunch of these wander around this main floor)
giant bat - agro thru all
2 giant bat
3 giant bat
3e, open door n,
p.o.'d typewriter - cloak/dispel him, kill and get key
6w, unl/open door n,
large werewolf - agro thru all, reflect, maims.. kill (hits pretty hard, fleeable, but pointless.. he hunt you down instantly)
get all from the corpse of the vampire hunter.. key and wooden stake  (possible trick.. i didnt try it.. but just get all from the corpse of vampire hunter and run like hell)
s,3e,2d,s,w,3n,open door w,
(this door leads to the butler.. this is where u buy VIALS OF BLOOD from)
5 small rat - agru thru all, maims, scavenges. (die 1 hit)

---Section 2---

w, (door to the north.. with a giant rat.. this might be pointless to do this part.. but has a box of fish food and bottle of poison.. not sure what its for. what i did was drop both in the pirhana room.. and only 1 agro'd me)
unl/open door w, 2w,  - this area is a maze.. if u mess up dirs. USE PEEK! (or recall and start over.. DT's all over this maze) and look for room with a fountain in it. maims and corpses sink to courtyard, the safe room before dogs..
2 dead dog - agro thru all, reflect, maim, blk's, breaths fire..
2 dead dog
2 dead dog
s, ent fountain
7 pirhana's - agro thru all, maims.. try flash asap.. (get fish fin key) 
ent portal,w

---Section 3---

unl/open door e, e
Big Book - agro thru all, maims
2 Big Book
3 Big Book - get key desk (trick here- send a naked char to get all from the desk, donate it quick and quit out.. grab key)
3w,2n,unl/open closet e,e
skeleton - agro thru all
unl/open trapdoor d,d   
4 small rat - die 1 hit
3 small rat
unl/open chamber w,
vampire lord - agro thru all, maims.  fleeable, blindable dispelable..  u can only take him down to like awful.. then fight will automatically stop.. after that.. wield the wooden stake. and type smite lord.. get your fangs.. and enjoy your new vamp flag. 

---THE END!---

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