Veleprocation Palace

From m[], 5e, open gate 3e, 5n.
From there up are the Fifth Evolutions.  Have your group together
THERE.  Do NOT try to get through this part without at least 3
stunners.  They have about 1,000 hitpoints and do about 800 hps a
round.  They have about 250 hitroll.  Partition your group with one
stunner a mob.

Get your crs done quickly. =) Then head all north.  You should
encounter some "Fast Travellers." They are dispellable etc, however
it would probably just be faster to just kill them outright.  They
are blk_envenom.  Attack with your primary tanker and have your group
assist.  This is just because you often have these guys flyin in and
spankin up your party.  These guys do about 250 hps a round through
sanc.  They get 2-3 attacks. Head east (remember this by going against
the way the room desc tells you too.)  Head all east and then go south
killing the travellers along the way.  Then go up.  Post a druid/summoner here to summon you.  This is where the drop_to for the whole zone is going to be.  Rest here and drink some Gatorade. =)  Its an oliveroom to boot!

Ok, after you post your summoner head down north and west.  Keep heading west (killing the travellers) until you hit the Intersection.  When everyone is there, take a head count and make sure everyone is there. When you feel you are ready, SLIDE north.  (Also, if you miss the inter-section and accidentally go to the cattle, have your druid summon you out of there.)  After you slide north, you encounter elementals.  These bitches REFLECT.  The best thing to do is sleep them.  You can't dispel or envenom the mothers, so you will just have to take it.  They each have about 1000 hps.  Its good to have a group healer do about 4 or 5 group heals.  At least thats all I think you will need.  After these guys are dead, take stock.  Then head north . . .

This is where the first group (ie "us") died.  Up ahead are the dogs. They each have about 500 hitpoints but do about 400 a round.  It should follow the 2 3 2 order. One of the dogs through here has the key to the apocalypse. Have your summoner in the mattress room get the key from the corpse of the dog that falls into the room.

In the first room there should be 2 dogs, second room north there are 3 and third room 2.  In the next room, you can peek but I believe there are 2. Each of these rooms are NO_MAGIC except for the second or third one.

Just rest or heal up there.  After you kill all the dogs,
(split up your group with stunners on each one) head all north and you will see 4 corpses.  One of those corpses is not like the others.  It has a Crystal of Light in it.  (There isn't really a COL in there, its just something the creator of the zone put in as some cruel, evil joke.)  After you enter the corpse, you will see some photographers.  Make sure all your group is with you, because you can't blind these guys.  The photographers GROUP and they MAIM.  One of my blades got his head maimed off here so make SURE your group comes in.  Assign your group wisely as well.  After you enter the portal and kill the photographers there, head north.  Kill them too.  West is a DT so watch yourself.  Go east and kill photographers, open darkroom north, and go north.  Kill photographers again and head east, north, east, and unlock office down.  When you are ready, head down and kill stuball. He breathes fire and is pretty much like any other big mob you've ever fought.  He has the Fire of Eternal Glory (5 hit 5 dam light) and a key.

After you kill him, go north and you are back to the Veleusian Palace Entrance.

The next phase is the Me'lach's Double Banded Ring.  He also has a key that will open the treasure chest which holds the Veleprocation Crystal, but we'll get to that in all good time.  When you are at the entrance you would want to go west.  You will be at the Pool of Death.  When you have your group together enter pool.  The first mobs you see will be the Balisongs.  They can be rather bothersome, since they are essentially just like the photographers.  Head north (what other direction does he use?) and kill some more until you get to the soundproof cavern.  This is a hot room but you will be in here for quite a while.  Unlock stalagmite n and open stalagmite.  Have your group rest here and get a really good blade to kill the rabbit 2 north.

The rooms ahead are 2 person and 1 person rooms respectively.  My suggestion is to have a druid come with you to miracle you as you are fleeing out. So in the 2 person room north, have a druid and a blade.  Have the druid spell up the blade before he goes in.  Have the blade set his wimpy to %80.  When he is ready, the opponent he is fighting is the most foul, cruel, and bad tempered rodent you've ever laid eyes on.  He's a killer! (for you monty python fans).  Envenom the bastard and start trashing.  He hits about 500 through sanc so be ready with the
druid's miracle as he is fleeing out.  (Make sure you don't have any lag before you go in to avoid any messy crs.)  If you die here, which is a possibility with lag, get another character to head north and go after him.  The rabbit doesn't sac, but i believe he does scavenge.  He has the JanSport Backpack.  It is rent reducer and you can wear it on your arms.  It also holds 3-400 midgets so its pretty good.  After you get done here you have 2 options.

You have a underwater section ahead.  The directions through it from the soundproof cavern are all n,2w,d,u,d.  After you reach these directions there is a mob here which SACS.  He is the Second Evolution (SAC).  My suggestion to you is to either have a druid or an archmage cast their most damaging spells you can and have the whole group summon them back. Since the mob only has about 500 hitpoints, he will die quick if you can get a system going.  Wrath or Wizfire and summon him back.  He should die with about 10-15 hits.  While your group is growing hair, building a house, or god help them, doing another zone - you will be saving their asses from a serious saccing. oh, btw, the stream is a 2 person maze.  If you can get your group through here and want to take him on, be my guest - but it's not advisable in my opinion.  After the Second Evolution is dead, either summon or wake your group up and go u.  The mob to the north is Me'lach, so be on your guard.  He ACIDS so put on your non-upped, whatever eq before you go in.  Keep him stunned and he should be no problem.  This mob has the Key for the treasure chest and Me'lach's Double Banded Ring.  (5hit 5dam 15ac) After you kill him, head out to the Entrance.

Make sure all your group is ready again and get ready to fight the Raptors.  They are east from the entrance.  Each of them have about 5000 hitpoints and can do some damage if not fought and stunned properly.  There is a max of 4 in each room so just watch yourself and make sure you split your group up well. =)  When you get to the Concrete thing you are at the foot of the Castle Entrance.  When you are ready, go up.

The Veleusian Palace (The Castle Part I)

Know that in this direction there are Veleprocation Guards and these mothers can tear the fuck out of your group.  Split up your group wisely because they each have about 10,000 hitpoints each.  They group and are anti-rune.  They pretty much breathe everything but acid.  So like I said, come in stunning.  After all these guys are dead head west.  (One more thing, they also scavenge, so if you die here, mobilize another group to get your corpses and equipment.)  When you head west, you will encounter many fiends.  There are wandering acid fiends and veleprocation fiends. They group and assist with their own kind, and the acid fiends are anti rune.  My advise would be to just come in stunning and kill as many as you can find, because they will tear your group up in a hurry if they wander in and attack a non-tanking member of your group.  The directions are as follows after you head west from the entrance:
2n and east.  (This is the quickest route, but if you want to kill all of them to avoid walk ins, the format is just a 3x3 square.  Kill all of them you can find.)After you do the 2n,e thing, get ready to attack more evolutions.  These mothers SAC as well so be on your guard.  There should be 2 or 3 up.  Divide your group wisely and put a stunner on each of them because they do about 500 damage through sanc.

You may want to post a summoner *HERE*.

To the west are the Crystamar Guards.  To the east is Temptation.  Go to the east and kill temptation mobs first.  One of them has a key.  Get a stunner on each of the 3 of them.  They each have about 5000 hitpoints and do 300 damage through sanc.
These stats mirror those of the Crystamar Guards.  After all the temptation mobs are dead, go 2 west and kill all of the Crystamar Guards.  After they are dead you are ready to go through the maze to the cage where Dan Marino is being held hostage. ;-)

This is a tough part because all of the mobs in the maze SAC.  The mobs have about 800 hitpoints though, so they aren't that tough.  They don't do too much damage, but they can get to be a handful because they GROUP.  The directions through this maze are:


You will have to kill hollow hoarders along the way.  They aren't aggro, but keep in mind that they do SAC.  After you are to the room that says "Out of the Hollow!" you will find Dan Marino 2 north.  Get the key to the bearcage out and unlock cage n.
Dan Marino is a toughie.  He has like 30,000 hitpoints and can kick some major butt if you let him.  He hurls balefire through sanc, and he breathes frost and stuff.  He does not spit acid though, so thats good.  Just come in wielding hell and brimstone and you should kick ass.  Dan is modeling the lovely and yet professional Isotoner Gloves which retail at K-Mart and Dillards for 19.95. (hit 6 dam 6 ac 8).  You can exit east and head back to the entrance.  Have your summoner at the Foyer summon you to where they are.

When all of your group is summoned to the foyer, go east.  Its time to go after the VELEPROCATIONIST!

The Veleusian Palace (Part II) (aka the short part)

After you go east, go north and you are in the morgue.  (Read the room
descriptions here they are really cool!) ;-)  The directions through this maze are:


As soon as you are here, you should be at the bloody floor.  To the north is a door.


You need to get the key for this, of course, so head east.  You will slide to a small maze.  It is "Hanging Over the Bloody Floor."  One of the zombies through here have two keys.  When you kill the zombies, their corpses fall to the bloody floor. The zombies group.  They do about 200 hitpoints damage through sanc.  They are not aggro, so you can look at each of them and see which one has a key.  Be prepared though, for the group attack.  Have your summoner look through all of the corpses you kill to get the key and you can either kill the zombies to get out.  (From the drop from the slide room, you can go north and west and pick citrene west) or once you've found the key to the Venerum, have your summoner summon your group out.  The Citrene is the other key, but you don't need that one.  All you need is the Key to the Venerum. Either way you choose, (summon or north, west, pick citrene, west) you will end up back where you first slid.  Take roll, and then unlock venerum n.  Open it and get ready to face the Veleprocationist.

North is the Veleprocationist.  He is a nasty mob which is the reason for the whole zone.  He is a lot like Dan Marino, but he breathes frost and fire.  He has about 30,000 hitpoints as well.  Go in stunning and then after he is dead, unlock chest and open it to get the Veleprocation Crystal and Vitavitavegemen.  Crystal is (6 6 9d5 bite weapon.)  Vitavitavegemen is a Cumulus Nimbus potion with armor and magical vestment.

Make sure you are grouped with someone before you use it.  Also the chest is a container you can take with you.  It is a 400 midget container too.  Not bad. ;-)
After you are done looking at everything and making sure everyone has all thier limbs in tact, enter way.

Veleusian Palace (Part III) (The End)

You should be at the Veleusian Palace's Glorified Entrance.  This can be the hardest part of the zone right here.  There are RIOTER'S north.  The Rioters have 250 hitroll and can do roughly 400 hitpoints a hit.  Get a stunner on each of them.  Then Tear them up.  The directions through this maze are:


When you get here, open carpet down.  north from here are the veleprocation pins. (300 midget containers you can wear as insignias; like SW insignias).  Get them and come back. When you are ready, you have Chaos Rapians down.  You can take a choice.

1.) You can kill each of these mobs with your group and risk a severe
decimation, because they can hit really hard.

2.) You can speedwalk past them and kill the last set of rapians before

The directions are as follows:


Either one you choose, be on guard, because they are all anti-rune.  They will attack you right off the bat and do about 800 hitpoints damage.  When you get to the last room you will find apocalypse down.  Unlock and open apocalypse.  If you are looking for the key,
it was on one of the dog spector's corpses.  Get the key from the matress room or fromyour box if you have it in there and unlock apocalypse d.  Get ready to face Tribulation.

Tribulation is a nasty mob which I would recommend you come in stunning.  He has about 30,000 hitpoints and can wipe the floor with you because he SACS.  This isn't that much of a problem since the room is drop_to anyway.  If you die, your corpse will drop into the mattress room.  You can exit and go to the matress room if you want, or you can face one of the ultimate terrors - The 50 DT.

The 50 DT is special.  The reason it is called that is because you have a 50 percent chance of sliding into a DT and a 50 percent chance of getting to the mob you want.
This would turn back pretty much every group, but there is that haunting piece of equipment ahead of you called the Abercrombie Cap.  It is a 6 dam 6 hit 20ac head piece.  It also has a minlevel.  Abercrombie also has the Timberland Boots which are 5 5 15ac.
Not bad eq to risk a dt for, eh?

A trick I've found is to have a naked druid slide and if he dts, just summon him back.  He will slide into a dark room and abercrombie does not have infravision.  Cast infravision on the druid and have the group remove their lights before summoning them in.  Cast infra-vision on the rest of the group and summon them in.  Since the dark code was changed, you also may not be able to see.  Drow Assassin/clerics are best since they can summon in dark places really well.  When you are ready, you can either wear your lights and start fighting Abercrombie, or you can fight him with infravision.  It's your choice.  After you kill Abercrombie, the corpse will slide to the matress room.  Have your summoner summon you to the matress room and get the Abercrombie Cap and the Timberland Boots.  You can rest up there and get your last drink of Gatorade before you split up the eq in mallins.  Open the matress to get to mallins from the matress room.


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