This is a quest designed to remove the aliens flag.  I am not sure if it could also give you alien
s flag but it is possible.  The zone is 2_person so you need to either take 2 characters of your own or bring a friend.  I find that it is best to have a 
cloaker of some sort in order to blind and dispel some mobs.  This whole zone is NO_SUMMON_IN so if you need to go out for some reason you 
need to walk back to where you were.

In order to get to the zone you must go 5wu4w3s2n from Market Square.  From here 'enter TV' and slide
down 2 rooms.

To the north is a terrorist.  He is anti-rune but you can shadow and blind him.  To the north is another terrorist and he carries
 Molotov Cocktails, which are traps so just drop them.

Ok, now there will be wandering FBI agents.  They are anti-rune and group so
 I usually use a cloaker to blind them so I can take them out one at a time.  They block all directions except south.  From the terrorist room, go
 n4es and get the key.  Then go ne and unlock the door.  Skinner is to the north.

The room is one_person, quaffable and she blocks flee.  
The room also is a drop_room which drops to the room right outside.  It is not hot so you can cloak and dispel, etc.  After killing her, go south 
and get the Fox's Passcard from the corpse.  Now go 8w2ds and unlock the door.  To the south is Fox Moulder.

This room is quaffable, fleeable 
and 2_person.  He is anti-backstab but you can cloak and dispel like you did Skinner.  Go in and take out Fox and get the key from his corpse.  
Then go 2n2u3e4n and unlock the door.  Go n4e and then to your east is Scully.

This room is quaffable, no_flee, 2_person, drop_room to 
room west.  Skinner is also anti-backstab.  You can cloak and dispel and then kill Skinner.  Go west and get the key from Skinner's corpse and 
then go 8w4n and kill the sergeant (Packer).  He is quaffable, anti-backstab.  Now to your east are 2 soldiers, cloak and blind one of them and 
then kill them.  Then to your east are 2 more soldiers, same thing.

Now there are wandering scientists.  They are anti-rune and group so 
cloak and blind them so you can take them out one at a time, just like the FBI agents.  They also block all directions.  From the second room of 
soldiers, go 5ed.  There is a blind trap when you try to go down again so be prepared to heal yourself.  Now slide down past the scientists.
  Unlock the door and then go 2w2u.  There are wandering aliens who are non-aggressive and don't group.  They only block north I think and 
they are easy to kill.  You must now go 2n3w and get metal.  Go 5e and unlock the door.  Now go enese and get the key from the avatar.  Now 
go wnws2w3nw and unlock the hatch.  Go 2ne and there are 2 scientists to the north.  After killing the scientists to the east is Cancerman.

He is quaffable, no_flee, 2_person.  Again, cloak and dispel and then kill him and get the key from his corpse.  Go w and unlock the door.  
Now go n and then to your north is Lord Kimbo.  He is quaffable, no_flee, 2_person, drop_room to the room south.  Since he is already dispelled 
you don't need to dispel him.  After killing him, go south and get the key from his corpse.  Go n and unlock the door.  Now go e.  
To the south is the Evil Comm, which is the last mob of the quest.

He is quaffable, no_flee, 1_person, reflect.  You can cloak and dispel him.  
He is coded like the mazekeeper so that you lose your aliens flag upon the deathstrike.  So make sure if you are using clones that you cast
 Wrath of God or something when he's at bleeding so that you get the deathstrike.  Or what I always do is just let a GOD know right before 
you attack him, so that if you don't get the deathstrike, they can remove the flag for you.

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