>From MK[]:  s, all e, enter train, all s, w, all s, (working way to Rich's
Palace). s, e (elevator), all w, open door, s (Manager - no quaff - 2=
can take him - holds key) n, all e, 3w, all n (back up to dam), unlock/open
entrance, w.

Inside the Palace:  w, u, s, w, kill mob (queens robe), 2n, 2w, kill mob=20
(prince's charm), kill mobs (they blind and blk_recall - prince's favorite
scavenges, can bs - prince has key to cellar), down the stairs, North until second west - King (Royal ring)
Go back up the stairs, north, east, inspect north, open bookcase.
Slide north, slide down, gather group
Maze Dirs: uwsenswne
N: Boars (not aggy)
2N: Spectre

EQ IN ZONE:   =20
                QUEENS ROBE  -  DR5  HR5  AC15  WAIST EQ
             PRINCE'S CHARM  -  DR5  HR3  AC8   NECK EQ
                ROYAL RING   -  DR5  HR3  AC10  FINGER EQ
             GLASS OF DEATH  - =20

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