To zone: s,3e,2s,10w,s,3u,s,w,n
open darkenkeep w, w
open tristan n, n
ent spellbook
open valadan n, n
2w, n, 2e, n
mob: master
room: admission, this is one of the few summon in rooms in the zone so leave a post char here
n, 2e, n, e
mobs: wizard and apprentice
north of here is the stranger maze, everything sinks to a safe room, you need to wander
around and kill strangers until you see 2 keys sink.  Once you see the keys sink, recall
and get summoned back to the admission room.  By the way, there's a proc in that maze,
the pipe mob does damage to everyone once in a while, kinda like ramoth.
n, 2e, n
dir to the safe room in the maze from here is, 2n 2e, get the keys and recall and get summoned
back to the admission room again.
unlock/open gate n
north is a 2 person room, what you need to do is get your whole group 2n and there will be
2 non aggro blocking mobs in there called thief.  4 mobs called shadow will hunt in so kill 
them.  Then kill the thiefs.
mob: master (reflect, no magic, maim), he has the knife which is a key, and omen(pk only tattoo)
e, 2s, 2e, n
again 2n 2e through maze to the safe room
unlock/open door s, s

mob: calliope (reflect, no magic, maim), he's got that proc and the shattred pipes(12ac, 5dr, 6hr)
unlock/open fence s, s

unlock/open curtain n, n
mob: wizard(acid)

s, 4e, n, 2n, 2e through maze (again)
unlock/open entrance e

Now you're entering the horses part.  There's 3 types of horses.
Angry (aggro), Friegthened (non-aggro, saccing), Fierce (non-aggro, blocking)
So get all the angry first then the fierce.
e, n, w
mob: valadan (maim, non magic, reflect) he's got mane (12ac, 6hr, 4dr)
it might be a good idea to kill any frieghtened horses in this room since they sac but that's
up to you.

Room called A Day's Rest  2nd summon in room, post here

Enter path
2 mobs: water, easy
2n, u
east from here is the foreman

he's in the room with 5 mason, they sac.  send a naked lich in a decay all of them, they should die
pretty quickly.  
mob: foreman (easy)  has visor(-9ac 10ac 5hr)

there's 2 portals in this room
first is called hole, this one is optional, on the other side there are 7 mobs called
brick.  They die fast, magic room, but there's a proc they deal damage you you constantly.
So go in kill them, pick up the brick(ego, pkonly) and recall and get summoned back to
A Day's Rest.

From there, ent path, w 2n, u, e
the other portal is called entrance/castle, on the other side there are about 8 mobs,
some called spore, some called bunny, it's magic and fairly easy.
mobs: 3 guards(easy)
mob: king(easy) has helm(20ac, 100hp, 6dr)

ent painting
this is 3rd summon room called moonrise, again leave post

n n e n dirs through winterwaste maze
slide n into the slide maze
if you end up in winterwaste go: n e n and slide n again, etc.

now you're at the begining of another maze
n n slide n kill mobs n
all n, exit d
open whatever d, d

2 w from here is the ghastly visage, he has shadowdancer (-15ac, 9dr, 7d8 stab), has all the nasty flags.

after that you go into a slide maze

slide n, you'll either end up in a safe room or a room with 5 mobs, they're easy so just kill them
then just take the only exit to get to the safe room with the other chars.
d, 5 more mobs,
now slide n, kill mobs, n, slide n, kill mobs.

now you're ready for the lizards, 2 person rooms, 
u 1 lizard, u 2 lizards, 
then all u
summon room!
2d is guardian, (no sac) has scales (18ac, 100hp, 6hr about) and orb (-15ac, 7hr light)
he has proc to sit and blind people
so beware, and you won't be able to hit him once he's bleeding awfully, gotta use shadowdancer to smite him, sword goes poof.  get ring scale and orb instead
use the scrools you got earlier on the princess to get the ring (6 6 15).


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