Yupa's Drow Walkthrough
Version 1.1, December 6, 2002

You will need:  1-2 Advanced Players (or group of high duals)
Recommended:    Cloakers
Acid EQ

From Market Square: 8e, 4s, 2e, 2s, 2e, d, w, s, d
*Note: This zone is teeming with drow guardsmen.  They wander and are aggro.  They 
       also can't see cloak, can be blinded/slept, and are easy.
       In the southern part, there are other mobs that wander too.  One type sacs, 
       but only the guards are aggro unless otherwise noted.

A. Adamatine Bracers of Darkness, Boots of Speed, A blackened adamantium flail

   1. d: Guard *tiny key*

   2. unlock/open gate, 3w, n: Imperial Guard <aggro, scavenge>

   3. n: Drow Armourer <aggro, flame>

   4. 3s: imperial guard

   5. s: Drow Weaponsmith <aggro, flame>

   6. 2n, 2w, s: imperial Guard

   7. s: Drow Cleric

   8. 2n, e to Center Square

B. Ring of the Ancient Wizard, Battlemaster's Gauntlets, Shadow Leggings, Holy Relic 
   of Dai'Shan

   1. s, 2w, n: 4 Apprentices <aggro w/out rune>, Arch-Wizard

   2. 2s: 4 swordsmen <aggro w/out rune>, Battlemaster
   3. n, 4e, n: 4 pick-pockets <aggro w/out rune>, Someone

   4. 2s: 4 Drow Priests <aggro w/out rune, flame>, High Bisop of the Drow

C. Bag of Holding, Wristband of the Goblin Army, Shadow Belt

   1. n, 2w, s: guard, *key*

   2. unlock/open gate, 3 goblin girls hunt in 

   3. s, w, s: Mother

   4. n, 2w, n: Psychotic goblin, hamster <block>

   5. 4s: 3 Goblin Guards <scavenge>

   6. u: Sergeant-At-Arms <aggro w/out rune>

D. Armor of the Underworld

   1. d, e, s: A small, helpless child <flame, scavenge, frost, bolt, gas>, *a tiny key*

   2. unlock/open trapdoor d, d, get *moldy cheese*, u, n, 3e

   3. unlock/open door e, 2e: 4 goblin guards <block, assist>

   4. e: King's bodyguard <aggro>

   5. e: Goblin King <aggro>

E. Fire shield, Pitchblack Robe

   1. After goblin king, you end up back at the center of drow, w/ the drow merchant.
  work your way back all s, 3w, 3s, all e: 6 starving goblin <aggro, don't see cloak>

   2. 3s: baby dragons <wander, block, assist, disarm>
a. baby dragons will be wandering in the next parts.

   3. u: A Hill giant, *A multi-colored phoenix feather*
   4. u, 2s: Zalakharani'a Al' Lan Mandragoran <scavenge, aggro, flame, no magic>

F. Belt Twist Dagger
   1. 2n, 2d, 3n, 3w, 2n, 3e, all n: Drow Gate Guard <frost>, *key card*

   2. unlock gate, open gate
a. When you open this gate, the Weaponsmaster <aggro, hunt> will hunt in.  Either
  Cloak up so he can't see you, or just get ready to fight.

   3. 3n To Courtyard

G. Ring of the Waterworld

   1. Enter fountain, 3w killing fishes <assist,block>: King of the Waterworld

   2. Gotta recall, walk back to zone, get back to courtyard for the rest.

H. Palace

   1. n, u: 5 Elite Drow Guards <aggro w/out rune, assist>
a. 3.elite has *a golden key*

   2. n, d, unlock/open golden n, n
a. Area has belldayncers <block>, and Throne Guard <aggro, hunt>

   3. n, w: King Dai'Shan <flame, frost, bolt, sacvenge>

   4. w: Treasure Chamber, get all

   5. e, 2s, u, 2s, d, s to courtyard

I. Executioner's Axe and Scale of the Acid Worm

   1. From Courtyard, all w, unlock/open picture, 3n
a. rats are nothing. King of Rats will hunt you though, gotta kill him, get *key*

   2. unlock/open cell w, w: Queen Saliakezan, The Executioner <aggro, 6 obliterates>

   3. pick/open dangerous w, w: The Acid Worm <Acid, 2 person>

EQ Mobs

Drow Armourer: The Adamantite Bracers of Darkness (AC 10, 3/3 Arm)
Drow Weaponsmith: the boots of speed (AC 5, 3/5 Feet)
Drow Cleric: A blackened adamantium flail (6D6, 5/5 2-Attack Weapon)
Arch-Wizard: The Ring of the Ancient Wizard (AC 5, HP 50/Mana 50 Ring)
Battlemaster: The Battlemasters Gauntlets (AC 8, 4/4 Hands)
Someone: The Shadow Leggings (AC 12, DR 4/HP 25 Leg)
Drow Bishop: The Holy Relic Of Dai'Shan (Light, HR?/Mana)
Mother: A bag of holding (Limited Container)
Psychotic Goblin: The Wristband of the Goblin Army (AC 10, DR 3/HP 50 Wrist)
Sergeant-At-Arms: a shadow belt (DR 3/HP 50 Waist Container)
Goblin King: Armor of the Underworld (AC ?, 4/4 Body)
Mandragoran: The Pitchblack Robe of the Dragons (AC 12, DR 4/HP 50 About)
the fire shield (AC 15, 5/5 Shield)
Drow Gate Guard: A black twisted belt-dagger (4D5, Dex 4/Str 4 Wield/Hold Waist)
King of the Waterworld: Ring of the Waterworld (AC ?, 3/4 Breathe_water Ring)
King Dai'Shan: a spider shaped rune (AC 4, DR 2/Mana 35 Rune)
Treasure Chamber: The Ancient Badge Of The Seven Kingdoms (HP 25/Sav_Sp -5 Badge)
The Helm of the Four Winds (Sav_Sp -10/Sav_Br-10 Breath_Water Head)
The Executioner: the executioner's axe (9D7, 5/5 2-Attack Slash Weapon, Wield/Hold)
The Acid Worm: The Scale of the Acid Worm (AC 13, 5/5 About)


 - Thanks to Wilder, for confirming the directions to Mother and Goblin King, since I 
   was too lazy to do it on my own.

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