Yupa's Krandon's Point Walkthrough
Version 1.0, September 30, 2002

You will need: 4-5 Good Advanced Players (Stunners, w/ Druids)
Recommended:   More
      Acid EQ

From Market Square: 11w, n, 3u, all n, u, n, u

A. Acid Sleeves

   1. w: Howling Moldoonese Imps <aggro, wander, disarm>, Rabid Tree Nymphs   
      <Aggro, wander, acid,flee>
a. Both aggro, trees acid, both wander.  Pick a good time to go in.    
           Clear this area.

   2. w, s, e, w, n, s, w

   3. d: 2 Glo-Worms <not aggro, assist, reflect>

   4. d: 3 Glo-Worms

   5. u: 5 Glo-Worms

   6. u: 2 Glo-Worms

   7. u: 3 Glo-Worms

   8. n: 9 Rabid Tree Nymphs <aggro, flame, acid, maim>, Druid Alchemist  
      Chichini <scavenge, aggro, reflect>

B. Black Stripe

   1. u: Tree Nymph, 2 Mighty Winds

   2. 2n: 3 Mighty Winds

   3. n: 4 Mighty Winds

   4. slide n, u: 2 Stench

   5. e: 3 Stench

   6. n, d: Branson

   7. u <this is a sink room for the next key, leave a post here>, s

   8. e: 2 Stench

   9. 3u, e: 2 Phantom Ensigns <aggro, reflect, sink room>
   10. 2w: 2 Phantom Ensigns, *Wakizashi* 

   11. e, send a druid all d, w, n, get Wakizashi from corpse, back to group, 
       e, unlock/open mind,  d: 3 Phantom Ensigns <not sink room anymore>

   11. w: Phantom Ensign, 2 Private Phantoms

   12. w: 2 Private Phantoms, 1 Corporal Phantom

   13. w: 3 Corporal Phantoms

   14. w: 1 Corporal Phantom, 2 Phantom Sergeants <reflect>

   15. w: 3 Phantom Sergeants

   16. u: Phantom Sergeant, Phantom Major <3 Conjures>
   17. e: 3 Phantom Majors

   18. w: Phantom Major, Phantom Commander

   19. e: 3 Phantom Commanders

   20. w: 2 Phantom Ensigns, Phantom Commander

   21. e: Phantom Admiral <reflect>, Phantom Commander, Phantom Major, *Penis   

   22. u: 2 General's Guards <maim, flame, 3 obliterates>

   23. unlock/open penis (use cream), u: One-Star Phantom General <reflect>

   24. n: Four-Star Phantom General <reflect>

   25. u: Five-Star General <reflect>

   26. n: 2 General's Guards <aggro w/out rune, flame, maim, scavenge>, 
       High Phantom Master <aggro, gas, scavenge>, *The Key to Thought*

C. Crystal Rope, Balisong

   1. unlock/open thought u, u, n, d, u: 2 Samurai Warriors <screams, bolts>, 
      Enchantment of Drarcladesin <reflect>, *Armor of the Seven Plagues*

   2. unlock/open enchantment n, n, u: 2 Samurai Warriors

   3. n: 3 Samurai Warriors

   4. u: 2 Samurai Warriors

   5. n: 4 Samurai Warriors

   6. u: 3 Samurai Warriors

   7. e: 2 Samurai Warriors

   8. d: 3 Samurai Warriors

   9. u: 5 Samurai Warriors

   10. d: 4 Samurai Warriors

   11. e: 3 Samurai Warriors

   12. n: 5 Samurai Warriors

   13. n: 2 Samurai Warriors, Toshiro Mifune <reflect, maim, aggro?>, *Black 
       Worn Robes*

D. Contacts and Keys

   1. unlock/open inscription e, e
a. Foyer.  3 Sash Portals here.  Leave a post.
   2. Ent Yellow
a. send a druid sliding east; looking for a room called Serenity..., 
           with exits South and Up, up should have 2 mobs: The Vision and  
b. Have everyone recall, summon to the druid.

   3. u: Blacksmith <can repair EQ>, The Vision <aggro, reflect, maim>

   4. Ent black to return to Foyer

   5. Ent Blue
a. Wandering mobs in the maze, use caution, Clear Charging Troopers 
           <aggro, wander, maim, 4 summons>

   6. w, n, u, d

   7. e: 3 Troopers, King <aggro, scavenge, bolt, reflect>, *The Number "2"*
   8. Ent Throne to return to Foyer.

   9. Ent Red: The Cityguard from Hell <aggro>

   10. n: The Unrepeatable Bug <high AC, maim, aggro>, *The Number "3"*

   11. s, u, unlock/open Two, u, unlock/open Three

E. Okehazama's Cross, Samurai Sword

   1. u: Okehazama <aggro?, reflect>

   2. u: Sumo <aggro, reflect, howls balefire>

   3. n: 2 Sumo

   4. d: 3 Sumo

   5. u: 2 Sumo

   6. e: 4 Sumo

   7. u: 2 Sumo
   8. e: 2 Sumo

   9. w: Sumo

   10. u: 3 Sumo

   11. Slide 1e (only 1!)
a. Probably good to Equinox a druid or three.

   12. e: Krandon Sensi, Master Samurai <aggro, reflect, probably other bad 

   13. Recall, you're done.

EQ Mobs

Druid Chichini:      The Acid Repellant Sleeves of Chichini (AC 10, DR 5/Str 10 
                     Resist-Acid Arm)
    Steve Martin's Penis Cream (Ego 50/Sex 100 Non-Limited
                     Hold Container)
Bransom:             Loom of the Clouds (Non-Limited Container)
High Phantom Master: Black Stripe of the Phantom Regiment (AC 15, 5/6 About)
Enchantment:         The Crystal Rope of Drarcladesin (AC 12, 5/4 Neck)
Toshiro Mifune:      Balisong (12D4, DR 6/Armor -13 1-Attack Hold Weapon)
The Vision:          Contacts (AC 10, HR 4/Mana 100 Visor/Eye)
Okehazama:           Okehazama's +Cross+ (AC 8, 3/2 Badge)
Krandon Sensi:       Samurai Sword (6D9, 9/7 3-Attack Pierce Weapon)

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