Yupa’s Narnia Walkthrough
Version 1.0, October 28, 2002

You will need:  3+ Advanced Players (2 Stunners apiece)
Druids, Equipped wouldn't hurt
Recommended:    Breathe Water EQ

From Market Square:  13w, 2s, w, s, w, s, 2w, s, w, n, e

A. Clearing the Mansion

   1. N: 3 Tourists
a. The bulk of the first half; clearing out rooms w/ aggro assisting 
           mobs.  Not much to say here; just assign splits and keep em 
           stunned.  Follow the path, don't stray.

   2. N: 3 Tourists

   3. N: 3 Tourists

   4. N: 2 Tourists, Guide <reflect>

   5. S, unlock/open shed, e: 2 Pit Bulls
a. Leave a post here, sink room destination for the next chunk of the 

   6. W, n, w: 3 Tourists

   7. S: 4 Tourists

   8. S: 4 Tourists

   9. D: 4 Tourists

   10. U: 3 Tourists

   11. S: 3 Tourists

   12. u: 3 Cleaning Lady <reflect, no magic room>
a. No Magic, watch the mana.

   13. n: 3 Cleaning Lady

   14. n: 4 Cleaning Lady <magic room>

   15. e: Mrs. McReady <not aggro>

B. The Wardrobe and Beyond

   1. ent wardrobe, e, s: 3 Rats

   2. e: 4 Rats

   3. e: 4 Rats

   4. s: 4 Rats

   5. e, w, s, 2w:  Gust Winds <not aggro, gustable, block>
a.  Don't bother killing em.  Gust awhole lot.

   6. Equip Breathe Water EQ, all slide s:  4 somethings <assist, reflect, 
a.  Next part's underwater.  It's rough.  Mobs reflect, won't be able 
            to quaff.  If you've got an equipped druid, give him breathe water 
            and watch his mana.  
b. Next part's all sink rooms til you get to the last room.

*note: last time I went thru, some of the following were off.  The 
         directions are solid, just not sure if it's 3 or 4 mobs in some 
         rooms.  Either way, it's gonna be either 3 or 4, no more, no less*

   7. E: 3 somethings

   8. u: 3 somethings

   9. E: 3 somethings

   10. W: 3 somethings

   11. W: 3 somethings

   12. D: 4 somethings

   13. E: 3 somethings

   14. S: 4 somethings

   15. D: 4 somethings

   16. W: 3 somethings

   17. S: 3 somethings <end of sink rooms, 1 of them has a key>

   18. Unlock/open sheet, u (magic room, next few aren’t)

C. Storming the Castle

   1. 2n: 2 barriers <aggro, reflect, no magic>
a. Note: Most of this is no magic rooms.  When low on HP/Mana, go back 
           to the room south, take time to heal.  Also, most mobs maim around 
           here, so watch your EQ.

   2. N: 3 barriers

   3. N: Wall <reflect>

   4. E: Wall

   5. 2w: wall

   6. 3e: 2 Wolf Pack

   7. n: Wolf Pack, Maugrim <reflect>

   8. s, 3w, n: Castle Guard, *A ring of keys* 

D. The White Witch

   1. unlock/open gate e, e: 3 Stone Giants <aggro w/out rune, assist, reflect, 
      hit hard>

   2. open door n, n: 3 Stone Giants <same thing>
   3. s, unlock/open stairwell, u, s: Castle Guard

   4. all slide e: White Witch <reflect, aggro>

E. The Infamous Servants of Narnia

   1. OK, this next part totally sucks.  On the other side of the portal in 
      this room is servants; a whole ton of em.  Servants aren't aggressive 
      thru rune, and have relatively low HP;  the big problem is that THEY 
      STEAL REALLY FAST.  In fact, your character will be stripped of EQ
      WITHIN A ROUND!  To confound the matter, they also breathe fire, so if 
      you were stripped, killed a servant and autolooted, chances are the next 
      one will burn all your gear.  By the way, servants also assist and gas, 
      so if you try to kill one and it takes longer than a round, you're toast.
   2. More servants to the north.  From there, clear the path to the west and 
      you're ok.  There's also some to the east branch as well;  you don't have 
      to go there, just make sure nobody accidentally walks into there or flees.

   3. Once the servants are dead, have the group enter portal;  The path is n, 
      2w, n: Guard <aggro, sacs>, *Key*

   4. s, open kitchen s.  Now another fun part
a. South is a slide;  there's a cloaked mob that has to die in the 
           slide.  Problem is, you can't fight in a slide room.
- Unless you have no rune of protection;  then the mob will 
                  attack you, uncloak, and you can fight it.
- But that's only 1 character; everyone else will keep sliding 
b. Best solution?  First, send a non-rune char w/ max wimpy to uncloak 
           the cook.  Once you flee out, the non-rune char's job is done.  
           Next, break out the Black Scimitars.  It's a cute little weapon from 
           Avatar Graveyard; it automatically forces you to attack any mob in 
           the room!  Anyone w/ scimitars should wield, wimpy up, and slide.  
           You'll attack the cook, even if you're in a slide room.  Just 
           attack, flee, quaff, go back for more.

   5. Once the Cook's dead, slide back to the rest.  Then send a char 2e, s, to 
      get the *key* from the corpse, then back n, 2w to meet up w/ the group.

F. Past the Narnians

   1. OK, another fun part.  go N, unlock/open door.  Send only a naked, 
      cloaked druid for this next part;  have everyone else sit, and close the 
      door after the druid goes in.

   2. Mr. Druid's gonna have to move fast.  Aggro mobs here that see cloak.  
   3. Run e, n, 2e, n.  If you're not dead, you'll be in a room with no visible 
      exits.  That's good, cause there's a door to the east.

   4. Now, have everyone _except_ the druid in the no exit room recall, then 
      have that druid summon them all in.  When you're all there, unlock door 
      e, e, and SIT!

G. The Throne Room, aka How I got My EQ Sacced

   1. OK, congrats for getting this far.  Now for the tough part.

   2. There's 5 mobs in the room.  I'm gonna list em as follows:
1. Royal Jester <not aggro, scavenges>
        2. Queen Lucy <aggro thru rune, maims>
        3. Queen Susan 
        4. King Edmund <aggro thru rune, maims>
        5. King Peter <aggro w/out rune, sacs!>
Note: No magic room, naturally.

   3. So, what do you do?  BEEP! Time's up!
a. First, make sure everyone's got rune.  Equinoxing a druid or 3 
           wouldn't hurt either.
b. You're gonna have to split on Lucy and Edmund first off.  They're 
           the aggro thru rune ones, which makes them the bad ones.  Get the 
           splits down, go in stunning using their names! (not mob, dummy)
c. Edmund's dispellable, btw.  Have a druid dispel him when you go in.
d. OK, next.  Once Lucy and Edmund are dead, go after Peter.  He sacs, 
           so he must die quickly.  Odds are that Lucy and Edmund maimed a ton 
           of EQ off you.  Hopefully, the Jester picks it up first (he's like a 
           cleaner); but if Peter gets it first, he's gotta die before he can  
e. Now that Peter's dead, finish Susan off at your leisure.  Then do 
           the Jester; get any EQ from him or the corpses he's carrying.

   4. Last bit.  Send a char w, pick/open chest, get all.  There's about 80 
      million coins in treasure in there.  

   5. e, s, recall.

EQ Mobs

Maugrim:     Maugrim's Shadow (AC 9, HR 4/HP 50 Badge)
White Witch: Crown of Frost (AC 20, 7/5 Head)
Lucy:        Bottle made of diamond (Miracle Staff)
Edmund:      Crystal Ring of Power (AC 12, 5/7 Ring)
    Random EQ (Level: Saintly)
Susan:       Quiver of Arrows (HR 6/HP 100 Arm/Container), 
             Large Grey Bow (key for quiver)
Peter:       Gold Hilted Sword (7/7 3-Attack Slash Weapon) 
    Shield of the Lion (DR 6/Armor -30 Shield)
      Mighty Roar of the Lion (AC 12, 5/5  Worn almost anywhere)

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