Yupa's Ranma 1/2 Walkthrough
Version 1.0, October 28, 2002

You will need:  2 advanced stunners
Recommended:    Also, Druids/Arch, characters that can cloak. No magic rooms in 
                some portions, so druid/arch recommended for spelling up the 
                tougher mobs.

From Market Square:  11w, n, all u, open passageway, w, all n

A. Mousse's Glasses, Key to School, Ukyou's Giant Spatula

   1. 2w, n: Cologne <blocks>

   2. n:  Mousse (School Keys)

   3. 2s, 2w, n:  Ukyou

B. Five Yen Coin, Ryouga's Tiger Striped Headband, Ryouga's Backpacka

   1. s, w: Kuno

   2. open gate, n, unlock/open door, all n, up, s, open door w, w:  Miss 
      Hinako <aggro>
    a. If you do Hinako first, close the door when you enter the room.  
           It'll keep Ryouga from wandering in.  Also, watch out for Ryouga 
           when you enter the school, he can be anywhere.

   2. hunt/find Ryouga:  Ryouga <wander, aggro>
a. Ryouga wanders the school, like previously mentioned.  Very 
           aggressive, doesn't see cloak, hits pretty hard; make sure you know 
           where he is so that he doesn't sneak up on you.

C. Akane's Black Belt, Genma's Wooden Sign, Ranma's Shirt

   1. go back out of school, 9e, 2n, w: Happosai (key)

   2. 2e: Kodachi (key)

   3. w, 2s, 2e, unlock/open door n, n, open door w, w, hunt/find Akane: Akane 
      <wander, aggro>

   4. back to the the first room inside house, e, s: Genma

   5. n, 2e, unlock/open the ladder, u:  Ranma <aggro, maim, wanders>

EQ Mobs

Mousse:       A pair of Mousse's Glasses (AC 2, DR 2/Mana 20 Eye)
Ukyou:        Ukyou's Giant Spatula (5D6, 5/5 2-Attack Weapon)
Miss Hinako:  Five Yen Coin (AC 5, 4/4 Ring)
Ryouga:       Ryouga's Tiger Stripe Headband (AC 10, 5/5 Head), 
     Ryouga's Backpack (Non-Limited Container, About)
Akane:        Akane's Black Belt (AC 4, 5/3 Waist)
Genma:        Genma's Wooden Sign (5D6, DR 5/Armor -9 2-Attack Pound Weapon)
Ranma:        Ranma's Shirt (AC 10, DR 6/Con 3 Body/About)

Yupa's Notes

1.  Students and Teachers in the school are aggro if you don't have rune.  

2.  Ryouga wanders throughout the school.  Watch out.

3.  The school and the Tendo household are both no magic.

4.  Cloak/Shadow/Camo works wonders here.  Take advantage of it.

5.  This is a good practice zone for budding zoners/leaders.  Also a good place to grab dual EQ.

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