Yupa's Red Light District Walkthrough
Verion 1.0, October 24, 2002

You will need:  An Advanced Player
Recommended: Cloak, Envenom, Decay

From Market:  s, 7e, enter train, s, 2w 

A. Getting to the District

   1. n, kill 3 French Tourists
   2. n: Willy, *A ticket to the Metro*

   3. 2s, 2e, s, 2e, unlock/open metro, d

   4. 2n: Rats <aggro, scavenge>
a. Rats wander in this tunnel, just clear em out.

   5. Inspect e, open debris, e, u

   6. 2n, 2w, n: Junkies <aggro, coward, flame, scavenge>
a. Junkies are aggro and wander, should be cloak/gustable though.

   7. n - OK, I'm designating this 3-way Intersection as RETURN ROOM.  It's  
      sorta nonlinear for the rest, so there's some things you can skip, etc.  
      Hence, directions for the stuff will be given from this spot.
a. Next area, oggling tourists and Big Brawlers wander.  Brawlers block.
B. Pound of Hash

   1. From Return Room, pick/open door e, e: 3 Dope Smoking Guys <aggro, 
      assist, block>

   2. e: An Old Hippie <aggro>, A Pound of Hashies

C. Leopard Skin Suit and High Heels

   1. From Return Room, go 2n, e: 7 Disco Freaks <aggro w/out rune, assist, 
      flee, flame, block>
   2. s: 3 Naked Guys<aggro w/out rune, gas, scavenge, assist>, 3 Naked Girls 
  <assist, scavenge, gas>, *A Freebie Ticket*(to asian)

   3. n, 2w, s, pick/open door e, e: Kareltje the Bartender <scavenge>, *A 
      Freebie Ticket*(to blonde)

   4. Back to Return Room

   5. 2w, unlock/open doors west and south

a. w: The Asian Blonde, Leopard Skin Suit

b. s: The Blonde, High Heels

D. The Video
   1. From Return Room, go 2w, n, pick/open door e, e: Dominatrix <aggro, 
      reflect>, *A SexShop Credit Card*

   2. w, n, unlock/open door w, w: 5 Sex Shoppers <assist>
   3. n: Video Addict, The Video

E. Horns of the Satyr

   1. From Return Room, 2w, n, w: Guard

   2. w: A Statue of Brazen Images

   3. u: Roman Statue <aggro>

   4. n: Nun <aggro>, Monk <Aggro, flame>

   5. w: Queen Victoria
   6. s: 5 Hippies <assist>

   7. e, u: The Satyr <Aggro>, Horns of the Satyr

F. Yab Yum

   1. From Return Room, n, pick/open door w

   2. w: 3 Motor Miss, <block, scavenge>, 3 Motor Mouse <aggro, reflect>
a. Watch out, they disarm.

   3. s: The Piercer, *An Invitation to Yab Yum*

   4. Now back to Return, then 2w, 2n, unlock/open door n, 2n

   5. d: Dominant Domino, *A Doorkey*

   6. 2u, unlock/open doors e, w, s

a. e: Charming Carla, An Umbrella

b. s: Saliva Sue, Garter Belt

  c. w: Frank Anne, The Mirror

    7. n, unlock/open door e, e: 2 Thee Twins <aggro, assist>, Twin Paradox

    8. w, unlock/open door w, w: Big Bertha, *Master Key*

    9. e, unlock/open door n, 2n: The Blonde Babe <aggro, flame, frost, block,  
       reflect>, The Big Master Boss Mob <Aggro, frost>, Red Light

EQ Mobs

Thee Twin:             Twin paradox (AC 5, DR 4/Mana 50 Wrist)
Big Master Boss Mob:   Red Light (5/5 Light)
Satyr:                 Horns of Satyr (AC 8, DR 5/HP 50 Head)
Video Addict:          Video (AC 10, 3/3 Neck)
Old Hippie:            Pound of Hashies (DR 4/Mana 50 Hold)
Blonde:                high heels (AC 10, 3/3 Feet)
Asian Babe:            Leopard Skin Suit (AC 15, DR 3/HP 50 Body)
Frank Anne:            The Mirror (AC 10, 3/6 Hands)
Saliva Sue:            Garter Belt (AC 12, 3/4 Waist)
Charming Carla:        Umbrella(AC 12, DR 3/HP 50 About)

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