Yupa's Rifts Walkthrough
Version 1.0, November 18, 2002
version 2.0, Repaired by lohe April 3, 2007

You will need: at least one Advanced Player (several, depending on which part of Rifts you are doing)

From Market Square:  s3e2s5w4nen4w3de4ds, enter rift, open cover

A. Bionic Arms and Legs

   1. u: Shiny Borg (flame, no magic room)
a. I'm designating this room RETURN ROOM. Directions to everything will basically start
  from this room.

B. Federation of Magic (Globe of Daylight, Psi-Shield, Runic Scrolls, Ring of Ithan Armor)
   1. From Return Room, s, open bush d, d. Designating this Federation Center Room. All dirs for 
      this portion from here.
a. Avatars (wander, aggro, sleepable, don't see cloak) move all about this area; this room 
    is safe, but anything else (other than the eq mob rooms) is fair game.
   2. From Federation Center Room, w2n, n is Ley Line Walker
   3. From Federation Center Room, e2s, s is Mind Melter
   4. From Federation Center Room, s2w, w is Shifter
   5. From Federation Center Room, n2e, e is The Mystic (hits like hell - 3-4 balefire!)
a. Mystic's got wicked AC, maims, sees cloak.  You'll want a few players for this
    guy and you'll definitely need to maim him to win.

C. Chi Town (cybernetic hands, vibro-claws, laser scalpel, vibro-sword, Imperial Signet Ring)

   1. From Return Room, 2n, pick/open hatch u, u: Military Specialist, *Coalition ID- Colonel*
 Technical Officer (5 scream)
      No magic room.
   2. d, unlock/open gates
a. Next area has wandering mobs. They don't see cloak, so cloak up and put em to sleep.
   3. denese2nw
a. Dog Boys (aggro, wander, assist)
b. City Rat (wander, flee, steal)
   4. u: Shelob (aggro, frost, 4 obliterates)
b. Pretty much no magic from here on in.
   5. uenw, n is Cyber-Doc (not aggro, maims, hits 3-4 balefire)
   6. ses3e, s is Psi-Stalker (aggro, hunts)
   7. nwne, n is Operator (flee), *Work Order*
   8. sws2w2de2swnwsw, slide n, e is Garbage Serpent (aggro)
   9. pick/open grate d, d
   10. wn3es: Grunts (aggro, assist, wander)
a. Follow the path, clear the grunts, watching out for wanderers
   11. unlock/open forcefield (with work order), 2s, w is Prosek (aggro, flee, 3 screams)
   12. e3n3w,all s,e: Recall Room - u need to recall and re-enter Rifts from m[].

D. Tolkeen (RMK Potion, Plasma Pistol, Juicer Collar, MOM Implant)

   1. From Return Room 4nw, open gate u, u
   2. n2e, open door e, e is Body Fixer (frost)
   3. 3wn, all w, open door w, w is Headhunter
   4. 3en, all e, pick/open door s, s is Juicer
   5. n2w, pick/open door n, n is Crazy (aggro no-magic room)

E. Naruni Camoflauge

   1. From Return Room, you'll have to wander to the west/northwest area.  
  a. Skelebots (aggro, wander, sleepable, don't see cloak)
    b. Look for Wilderness Scout (wander, flee)


   1. From Return Room, you'll wander to the east/northeast
a. Skelebots again
  b. RPA wanders in this quadrant. He sees cloak, is aggro, and hits hard, so be careful.  

G. Psi-Sword (may need repairing, not done it myself)

   1. Find the Vagabond, wandering eastish of Return Room. Kill him and get the 
      *Newbie Hammer*
   2. Find the Xiticix Scout, usually wandering in the same area. Get the *Xiticix Gland*
   3. From Return Room, go 4n, w, and head NW, until you reach a room called Hive.
   4. A cloaked, unequipped druid is best for this.  Give the druid the gland, unlock/open hive,
      u, hunt queen.  Open wax if you lose trail, there's about 4 levels to the hive.
      When you get to the Queen, blind/spell her.
   5. Summon group in. Queen is aggro, in a no magic room, but if you spelled here earlier, no
   6. Unlock/open cell u, u is Cyber-Knight (HARDEST MOB EVER! Heh.)

H. Lazlo

   1. From Return Room, go 4n2e, open gates u, u2n2e.
   2. N of here is a 4 room square, w/ Naruni Repo Bots and the Scholar. It's no magic,
      and they don't see cloak. Repo Bots maim, wander, aggro. Best to use an equinoxed,
      cloaked druid to put them all to sleep, then spell up the scholar.
   3. all n, w is Scholar (aggro, maim)

   *4. South of the Scholar Area is Burster Boots; I've never done it. Looks like you need
      to get past several rooms with 3 aggro mobs in each, then the EQ mob.
   *5. Also in this area is Mystic Power Armor, to the north after you enter Lazlo. Again, 
      I've never done it, so you're on your own.

I. Boom Gun

   1. You'll need the Signet Ring for a key (check part C). From Return Room go 2w. Unlock blastdoors d
      (Coalition ID is needed for that), d.
 Several agro mobs in this part. They don't see cloak and don't block.
   2. First you need a key, so go s. From here starts circle - senw, somewhere is a mob - Rogue scientist
      (flee) - kill him and get a key.
   3. Go back where did you came in - n from start of sicrle road. From there: 2e2su, unlock/open freezer w.
 New agro mobs, don't see cloak and don't block.
      From here go n and unlock/open freezer e, en2wd2e2s. Unlock/open prison w (with Imperial Signet Ring).
 Looks like mutants, that start from here on, are not agro.
   3. From here starts hot zone, so you need to fight, cause your cloak won't hold. So go wn, w is Glitter
      Boy. Kill him, cause that's why you here!
   4. If you have anyplace else to go in zone, follow path back. Else go ese and recall. Note! some agro mobs
      may still be around!

J. Mechanoid Power Crystal

   1. You will need:
a. Runic Scroll (see: Federation of Magic, Shifter)
b. Recomended is a cloakable, unequipped druid to bypass multiple DT.
   2. From Return Room n3e, open hole d. If you have druid, use it here, otherwize cloak/camo and
      and speedwalk: ds2wn2w2sw2nwnws, open vent s. S is bottleneck room so send them through by one: sd,
      open pedestal d, d. If all are here, close pedestal u. This is room u can use magic. Spell up, if
   5. Unlock/open rift, n: Mechanoid (aggro). After killing, recall.

EQ Mobs

The Borg:          Bionic Arms (DR 5/Str 5 Arm)
                   Bionic Legs (DR 5/Move 100 Leg)
RPA:               SAMAS (4/5 Body)
Wilderness Scout:  Naruni Camoflauge (5/5 About)
Technical Officer: cybernetic hands (5/5 Hands)
Cyber-Knight:      psi-sword (6d6, 6/6 2-Attack Slash Weapon, Wield/Hold)
Glitter Boy:       Boom Gun (10d15, DR 10/Dex -3 or so, 1-Attack Wield)
Crazy:             MOM Implant (AC 1, DR 5/Mana 100 Head)
Juicer:            Juicer Collar (DR 5/age 25 Neck, Liquid Container)
Headhunter:        Plasma Pistol (Solar Flare Wand)
Body-Fixer:        RMK (No-Rent Miracle potion)
Scholar:           force field (DR 5/HP 100 Waist)
The Burster:       Burster Booster Boots (think it's like 5/5 Boots)
Techno-Wizard:     mystic power armor (AC ?, HR5/Mana 100 or so, Body)
Dog Boy:           vibro-claws (5/5 Wrist/Wield)
Cyber-Doc:         laser scalpel (6d6, 7/7 3-Attack Pierce Weapon)
Psi-Stalker:       vibro-sword (8d7, 7/7 1-AttackSlash Weapon, Wield/Hold)
Emperor Prosek:    Imperial Signet Ring (AC 0, 5/5 Ring)
Ley Line Walker:   Globe of Daylight (5/5 Light)
Mind Melter:       Psi-Shield (AC 20, 5/5 Shield)
The Mystic:        Ring of Ithan Armor (AC 3, DR 5/HP 100 Ring)
Mechanoid:         Mechanoid Power Crystal (AC ?, 4/5 Neck/Hold)

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