Robotics Factory  (5eu14en) from market square

A) Getting Started
   1) 2n4w, open door n, go north
   2) there's a stall east, open it.
   3) East is a 1_Person room/no_magic room with a mob in it
       a) Best way is send in a nekkid druid and dispel it
          then quit with the druid and send in a Hero to kill
   4) Once HH2 is dead, go ws and unlock/open door w
        a) East are 3 Securo bots in a magic room (one of like
           3 or 4 magic rooms in the zone.)
   5) Once Securo bots are dead go 3u
        a) Up from here are 6 robots.  Split the group up.
        b) 5 of these robots are pussies, one is different and balefires
   6)  Once they're all dead east are 6 more
   7)  Once they're all dead east again are 6 more
   8)  Once they're dead, there's 6 more east.
   9)  Now unlock/open door s.  Go south and kill the guard.
        a) He has 2 keys. go north.
        b) Now unlock/open door n.  north are 2 robots, kill them
        c) North again are 2 more robots, kill them.
        *NOTE*: In this room you'll notice that the rooms east and north
              are loaded with mobs, don't go in there.
   10)  Go back to the hallway and go all w and unlock/open door n
        a)  This is the General Assembly Area.  There's only one type
            of mob here that's agressive, the worker robots.  It's
            smart to kill the HH2's though since they block.
            *NOTE*:  All of these rooms are sink.  They sink to the
                   garbage dump.
   11)  From "The Top of the Stairs" directions through the 
        assembly area are 2n/2e open chute n.
        a)  The chute is a slide room.  On the other side of the
            slide room are 3 Metal eaters or something.  Split the
            group and slide north and kill them.
   12)  From "Garbage dump" go 2u (which are both 1 person rooms)
        and unlock/open door s.  South is a stationary ELITE robot,
        and possibly some worker robots (they wander).  It's a bottle
        neck, so do it smart.  The ELITE hits hard.  
   13)  Once you get this first room cleared HOLD IT.  most likely people
        died and corpses went back into the Garbage Dump.  Wait for them
        to get equipted.  Once your group is intact again....
   14)  In every one of these next rooms is going to be a elite robot
        and possibly some worker robots.  My advice is to taunt the worker
        robots out of the room before killing the elites.  Anyways.
   15)  Go 2e/s.  Unlock/open door e.  East is that room with 20 mobs in
        it.  Yeah, not pretty huh?  There's 3 elites in there and I think
        10 or so, scraps or something.  Anyways, taunt the scraps out and
        kill them.  Then go on the elites.
   16)  North from here are 3 more Elite Robots.  Kill them.
   17)  North from there is a door unlock/open it and kill whatever is inside
        i forget.  This mob has a key.  
   18)  Go south from here the room is called "the security station" and 
        unlock/open door e.  East is a 1_person room with a acid spitter
        inside.  Kill it.
   19)  now's a tricky part.  In this 1_person room is a portal (elevator)
        on the other side of the elevator is a destroyer class robot and
        2 other robots who's name are either nano and/or microscopic. 
            a) There's a hitch, as soon as you enter that room, 2 nano's
               are going to hunt you down.  So be careful.  Make sure your
               group knows what they're doing and make sure you tell them 
               not to clog the one_person room.
   20)  So now you're on the other side of the elevator.  head east killing
        all that you see.  2e is a door.  On the other side of this door is
        1 or 2 nano's that will hunt you as soon as you open the door.  Be 
   21)  Inside the room are 4 security guards.  Kill all of them. (also, this
        room is a magic room.)
   22)  Now go w and unlock/open door n.  go north.  Now is another tricky 
        bottle neck part.  The room west is one_person.  west from there are
        3 nano's and the robo securo-bot or something.  So split the group
        and do the best you can.  People are gunna die by the way.  Just try
        and keep it to a minimum. 

   23)  Ok, go back east (to the one person room) unlock/open door n.
        a)  North is a random slide room.  You randomly slide into like 4
            different rooms.  Each room has a CYBORG in it.  All of these
            rooms are sinking too.  The corpses sink to the 1_person room.
        b)  Tell the group what's going down, and have them slide and kill
            all of the cyborgs.
            *NOTE*  Make sure that they know if 3 or 4 equipted chars slide
                    into the same room that means that there's someone out
                    there tanking one of the cyborgs solo.  So once they kill
                    their cyborg, make sure they know to go find the other
        c)  How do you find the other people?  Simple.  Tell them to just start
            sliding around.  This is one gigantic slide maze/part whatever.
            There's no saccing/acid etc.. just connected slide rooms.  Once
            all the cyborgs are dead get everyone except the post into the same
            room, it dosen't matter which room.
   24)  Now take a naked druid and start sliding around closing chambers.  In
        every room there are two exits.  One of those exits is a open door named
        "chamber"  so close all the chambers.  Once all the chambers are closed
        go back to the room with the group in it.  
        a)  Now open the chamber in the room with the group in it and send a
            naked char through the chamber.  Once that char is through, close
            the chamber behind him.  The naked char is now in a breathe_water
            slide room.  Only he can't slide anywhere because all the chambers
            are closed!  Tricky huh?
        b)  Now very quickly with the naked char open the portal and quit out.
            About 12-18 mobs are going to be hunting through that portal as
            soon as you open it.
        c)  Keep all the chambers closed.  Get that naked char back to the
            group.  Send him a couple slide rooms away, and have him open 
            a chamber and quit out again.
        d)  Get ready now.  Those mobs are going to be hunting your happy-ass
            like there's no tommorow.  I'd almost reccomend using black
            scimitars.  Anyways.
            1)  First type of hunting mob is going to be Incomplete Robots.
                They die quick, but hit hard.  Second type is going to be 
                POWERFUL CYBORG.  He's a asshole who balefires.  It'll take
                a while, and you can even open the chamber in the room the
                group's in and taunt some of them out.  Anyways.  Once
                the mobs are dead, get your group back to the security station.
                by having them slide south a whole bunch, eventually they'll
                end up in the "TEST AREA" one person room.  From there tell
                them to go ese.  BTW, get all from the corpse of the powerful
                cyborg, which is in this room.
   25)  Once the group is togeather go 2w and unlock/open door s.
   26)  This part's easy.  There's 4 types of mobs.  Fidos, Cityguards,
        technicians and furballs.  They all hit hard as fuck.
          a) Cityguards only have 1 hp
          b) Furballs aren't agressive
          c) Technicians Sac
   27)  start heading south killing everything you have to (techs, cityguards, 
        fidos)  There is a key on a technician somewhere.  Get it.  And 4s from
        the entrance is a door named "vault" unlock/open it and south from 
        there is dredd.  he's simple.  AND YOU'RE DONE!

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