Yupa's Sailor Moon Walkthrough
Version 1.0, November 1, 2002

You will need:  3 Advanced Players (stunners)
Recommended:    Acid EQ
       Characters that can Cloak/Shadow/Camo
       More Stunners/Druids

From Market:  11w, n, 3u, 13n, u, 2n

A. Sailor Mercury

   1. Slide e, e:  Sammy

   2. d: Sailor Moon’s Mom, Sailor Moon’s Dad  <aggro mobs>

   3. 2n, 3e, 2n, w: 2 students <assist>

   4. w: 2 students

   5. w: 2 students

   6. w: student

   7. w: 2 students

   8. 4e, open door, n: Melvin, *Classroom Key No. One*

   9. s, 2w, unlock door, n: Miss Haruna, *Classroom Key No. Two*

   10. s, 2w, unlock door, n:  Sailor Mercury <aggro, frost, spec_proc BLINDS>, 
       *Mercury’s Magic Stick*

B. Sailor Venus 

   1. s, all e, all s, all w, unlock barricades

   2. 3n, w, n, e, n, 3e: Artemis
a. Negaverse Spies wander here.  They're extremely aggro, block, and    
           they howl balefire.  They don't, however, see cloak.

b. Once spies are taken care of, kill Artemis <Blocks>

   3. n: Sailor Venus <aggro>, *Venus’s Magic Stick*

C. Sailor Mars

   1. 3n, 4w: Spies
a. Yep, those pesky spies again.  I recommend clearing out an spies in 
           this intersected area first, before heading on to Sailor Mars, but 
           that's up to you.

   2. n: Chad

   3. Unlock/open door, n, e: Grandpa, *Key to Raye’s Room*

   4. w, unlock/open door, w: Sailor Mars <aggro, flames>, *Mars’ Magic Stick*

D. Sailor Jupiter

   1. e, 2s, 4e back to Intersection.
   2. 3e, unlock/open door, n: Andrew 
   3. e:  Patron
a. Patrons hit hard and maim.  
   4. n: 2 Patrons
   5. e: 2 Patrons

   6. s: 2 Patrons
   7. e: Sailor Jupiter <aggro>, *Jupiter’s Magic Stick*

E. Getting Through the Tower and Arena

   1. w, n, w, s, 4w, 2n:  Molly

   2. 2n: A Shadow Warrior <aggro>

   3. unlock, open door, n, 2u: Negaverse Guard <aggro>

   4. 2u: (2+) Negaverse Soldiers  <aggro, wander>

   5. e: Luna
a. Double check up before fight Luna; If there are still Soldiers   
           around, taunt em out and kill first; Luna's not aggro, and you don't 
           want to be fighting her while soldiers wander in.

   6. u, enter portal:  Youma <aggro, wander, ACIDS>
a. A Youma might be on the other side, if not, probably in the next  
           room.  Youmas acid and wander.

   7. 2n: 2 Shadow Warriors

   8. open door, 3n, 4d, 2n
a. To the North, is the Arena.  Youmas, Cardians, and Soldiers wander 
           here.  All aggro, and kinda rough if you don't use caution.  Wait 
           til the room to the north has only a few mobs, then go follow the 
           directions in the next step.  Taunt when possible, mobs will be 
           throughout the Arena

   9. n, w, n, 2e, s, n, w, 2n

F. Great Negaforce, the "'ites", and Tuxedo Mask
   1. 4u, 2n, all e (2 person bottleneck until guard): A Negaverse Guard

   2. open chamber, n:  Jedite, *rock key*

   3. s, all w (2 Person rooms), Unlock/open rock, 2n, Slide n:  Possible  

   4. e: A Shadow Warrior

   5. e, n, 2w, 2n:  Cardians, Energy Monsters <wanders, aggro, tauntable>

   6. 2e, n: The Great Negaforce

   7. u, n: 2 Shadow Warriors

   8. all w (2 person bottleneck until warrior):  Shadow Warrior 
a. I think there's a cardian wandering about in the 2 person rooms.  If
        he's w/ the Warrior, taunt him out first before going in.

   9. open chamber, n: Zoisite <aggro>, *The Dome Key*  

   10. s, all e (2 person rooms), n: Malachite <aggro>

   11. n: Tuxedo Mask <aggro, reflect>

G. Queens Beryl and Serenity

   1. n: Guard

   2. n: Queen Beryl

   3. d: 3 Guards
a. Anything that drops in this room will sink down, to Queen 
           Serenity's room.

   4. d: Queen Serenity

H. Sailor Moon!
   1. 2u, n, u, 2n, e, s, e,
a. Somewhere around here is guards

   2. 3n, e, s, w, s, 
a. Snowy Fields.  Youmas, and now Demon Bloom Girls.

   3. n: Invinicble Shadow Warrior <Aggro, sacs!>

   4. open door, n, open cell, n:  Moon <not aggro>

I. Neflyte
   1. Recall.  Neflyte was located back in the Park, at the first batches of    
      spies;  you had to go all the way to the end 'cause the Dome Key to get  
      to Neflyte was with Zoisite.
   2. Walk back to SM.  Get to the room where you fough Sailor Moon's Mom & 
      Dad, go n to the park, until you find a w exit.

   3. w, unlock/open, watch for mobs, eventually take out guards

   4. Neflyte <not aggro thru rune>

EQ Mobs

Sailor Mercury: Sailor Mercury's Bubble Ring (AC 10, 5/4 Ring)
  Ice Patch (AC 6, 2/3 Tattoo)
Sailor Venus: A Pair of White Gloves (AC 13, 4/5 Gloves)
Sailor Mars: Sailor Mars' Fire Scrolls (DR 5, Mana 100 Wand)
Rune of Mars (AC 8, Dam 2/Mana 45 Rune)
Sailor Jupiter: Sailor Jupiter's Suit (AC 19, 5/5 Body)
Zoisite: Homing Crystal (2-Hit Pierce Weapon)
Iforgetmobname: Imperial Badge of the NegaForce (2/3 Badge)
Tuxedo Mask: Black Cape of Tuxedo Mask (DR 6, HP 75 About)
Tophat (Armor -10/Age 10 Head/Container)
Queen Beryl: Silver Imperium Crystal (DR 5, HP 75 Light)
Queen Serenity: Star Locket (4/5 Neck)
Sailor Moon: Crescent Moon Rod (9D7, 7/7 3-Attack Whip Weapon)
Moon Tiara (AC 16, 7/7 Head)
Neflyte: Neflyte's Boots (AC 10, 6/6 boots)

Yupa's Notes

1. Don't underestimate the wandering mob areas;  spies can wipe out your group 
   in an instant, and the areas w/bloom girls/soldiers/cardians/youmas can    
   sometimes have too many mobs to handle.

2. Most of the big EQ mobs reflect, typically are aggro, and most have a spec 
   proc attack.  Not too big a deal for the most part, but Sailor Mercury can 
   blind the bulk of the group in one attack.  Watch out.

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