Yupa's Shotokan Monastary WT
Version 1.1, April 18, 2003

>> Note 1: Brightness level is super high in this zone.  Go after 7pm mud time,
   and get out before 6am. 

   Note 2: EQ mobs will be carrying it in inventory.  Several types of the same
   mob wander around, so use a character that can see inventory, and look at 
   the mobs before attacking.  You can probably save time if you only kill the
   ones with the EQ, and not everything that moves. 

   Note 3: Mobs get progressively tougher by floor/color rank.  Whites are 
   totally easy, while Black Belts are one of the tougher ones and really meant
   for advanced characters only.

   Note 4: This is a No Magic/No Quaff zone. Heh. <<

From Market Square: 6w, n, w

go all w, 3n to the first grid.  The floor is 3 x 3, 9 rooms total.  1 Key 
mob (Hui), and 3 types of other mobs - white, yellow, and orange.  Door to
the next level is in the NE corner.  Unlock/open second, u, close second
(I recommend closing it, so that mobs don't wander up and down; it'll be easier
to keep track of things)

2nd Floor - Lang has the key; mobs are red, green and blue.  After getting the
EQ, go the the SW corner, unlock/open third, u, close third.

3rd Floor - Fuigi has the next key; Mobs are brown and black.  Door is in the
NE Corner.  ***I don't recommend going any higher, unless you have a good group
and you know what you're doing***

4th Floor - Master Shotokan.  He wanders in a block of 4 rooms (2 x 2).  He's
got speed, hits hard, and will kill most players in a round or two.  You'll need
some of stunners, healers help (esp. that can miracle), and preferrably a 
few characters that have speed as well.  Good luck.

Special - Get the key from Master, go all the way back down to the First Floor.
In the center of the block, there's a door down.  This leads to Grandfather
Shotokan, possibly one of the more difficult mobs ever made.  Insanse HP,
ridiculous speed, hits stupidly hard, etc.  I wouldn't recommend chancing it,
not even to see what it's like.  You'll definitely get killed, and most likely
will have an impossible time getting your gear back.  You'd be lucky to last 
half a round against him, really.  You wouldn't even be able to get a command
in, cause his speed is pretty cranked up.

EQ Mobs

White Belt:    A White Martial Arts Uniform (5, 1/2 Body)
Yellow Belt:   Yellow Cloth Armbands (6, 2/2 Arm)
Orange Belt:   An Orange Pair of Cloth Gloves Pair (8, 2/3 Hands)
Red Belt:      Red Ninja Shoes (10, 3/4 Feet)
Green Belt:    A Baggy Green Pair of Pants (14, 3/4 Leg)
Blue Belt:     A Blue Runic Headband (12, 4/4 Head)
Brown Belt:    A Brown Stitched Wristband (4/5 Wrist)
Black Belt:    A Black Belt of the Shotokan (4, 5/5 Waist)
Master:        An Ornate Obisidan Cloak (15, HR 6/Speed 1 About)
Grandfather:   The Shotokan Sword (Uhh, something like 10/10, 4-Attack Cut Weapon)

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