Underwater Desperation
Dirs to zone: 9es
(FYI: This zone is PK-ONLY, equip & rooms)

Cross Necklace      - 40adv, 12ac, 75hp, 5hitr  (NECK):breathe-water
Band of Vengeance   -    25, 10ac, -5ar, 6dam   (WRIST):anti-summon, masterpiece
Crimson Badge       - 30adv,  7ac, -5ar, 3dam   (BADGE): 
Red Leather Sleeves - 40adv, 12ac, 5dam, 5hitr  (ARM):anti-summon
General's Cigar     -    20,  8ac, -3ar, 5dam   (HOLD):berserk
Schultzdeig's Crown - 44adv, 15ac, 5dam, 5hitr  (HEAD):inv, sneak, haste

Guardian      - 10k, flees, reflects, see shadow, switches, 3 hits for 150
Goblins       - 2.3k, scavenge, maim, blk walk/blind/parry, hit for 300
Maiden        - 20k, reflect, maim, 2 hits for 320, blk dispel/blind/steal
blk dp/gust, fleeable
General       - 20k, reflect, maim, switch, 2 hits 300dam
  blk env/sink/dispel, berserk
Minister      - 20k, SACCING, flees, fleeable, reflect, switches, 3 hits for 322 
Servant       - 2.6k, aggro, reflect, maim, berserk, hits for 200
Ghouly Fish   - 6k, blk n/e/w, hits for 320
Hungry Ghouly - 6k, maims, switches, 3hits, aggro through rune, hunts you, ignores no mob, hits for 150
Darkwater     - 6khp, sentinel, scavenger, aggro through rune, sacs, 3hits for 200 (DOES NOT SEE SHADOW)
Drakhleon     - aggro, dt, breath lightning, vicious, 3 hits for 300, scavenge
blk gust/scare/dp/sleep, parry
Slug          - 2.5k, blk dirs, aggro, reflect, blk env/gust, berserk, hits 
                for 400
Trythe        - 20k, dtouches, aggro, blk_recall/sink/dp/sleep/blind/d,
                berserk, 2 hits for 300
Irsmuth       - 20k, aggro, reflect, 3 hits for 150, blk sink/sleep
                blk guin/d

mob:guardian, s, heal up, enter crack, wait here until
the mob hungry ghouly hunts in and attacks, kill it
go north, walk around this area and be wary of the darkwater snakes,
the will kill you and sac your eq, but they can be avoided, use peek and
don't walk into a room with one, kill the ghouly fish until you get a key.

go to the farthest north east corner of this ghouly fish area and unlock/open the
bronze door
mob:drakhleon(BADGE) NO-MAGIC, .s2wn
enter crack mob: 2goblins,n mob:2goblins, n mob:2goblins, n mob:2goblins, n,
e mob:2goblins, set wimpy, s mob:lady(SLEEVES), n, e mob:2goblins, e mob:2goblins, e,
s, s mob:2goblins, w mob:general(CIGAR), e2s mob:2goblins, 2w2n mob:2servants,
n mob:minister(CROWN) SACCER!, .3s2w, enter crack, s3e mob:darkwater SACCER, 2se,
enter current (ALL UNDERWATER)
In this area mobs called stingray who are comparable to hyenas in gilgamesh
will attack you, there should only be 5
n, mob: slug
2n, mob: slug, 2nes, mob: slug, 2s, mob: slug, 2se3n, mob: slug, u
mob: Trythe (NECKLACE)
dn, 2ne, mob: 2 slugs, 4s, mob: slug, se2n, mob: slug, 3n, mob: 2 slug, u
mob: Irsmuth (BAND)

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